“I am Erina Holden.
This is…….”

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“Merson! It’s Merson! Merson Holden.”

I have no sense in naming.
He did his job well, he could be a merchant, he might be a merchant’s son… Yes, it’s perfect for Merson!

I could clearly feel the Demon King looking at me.
As the side of my face stung, I turned my head reluctantly, and his red eyes widened a little as he looked at me.
It was the eyes of realization that said, ‘My name was Merson!’

* * *

There were no days when I had three jobs a day like the day I first worked at Sejaine, but it became a daily routine for Merson to go to help from time to time at the request of the villagers.

As time passed, I adapted to the village, cultivated a garden in front of the house, and bought several used furniture at a low price from a merchant who came every four months with a small daily wage.

Time passed, and less than half a year was left until Serdebella appeared.

“Merson, get off.”

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“Don’t want.”

It’s hard to wash the dishes if you’re so close behind me! I tapped his body with my elbow and pushed him nervously.

“Kiss me.”


The whining has gotten worse these days.
The farm work was carried out with Merson’s single gesture as if he was gradually recovering his magical power, and the repair work of the old building was solved in seconds when Merson stepped in.
What if his memories came back?

Inwardly, I prayed very earnestly that this would not happen, and I was worried about it, but it didn’t seem like that would happen yet.
What kind of Demon King would whine like now.



The bowl I was holding disappeared from view in an instant.
Looking around reflexively, I saw that the dishes had been washed and placed neatly.

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“You can’t use magic.
Save your magic.”

I don’t know much about magic, but seeing him begging for energy every time, the emptiness of the magical energy that was still in Merson’s body seemed to be vast.
You should save it even a bit!

“Then kiss me.”

Merson begged, kissing me on the shoulder.

His stubbornness increased day by day, and it was me who ended up getting tired if I didn’t do what he wanted.
It was because it was a bigger embarrassment to see him staring out for days or looking strangely weak.

I grabbed his cheeks tightly and lifted myself in tiptoes.
And the mouth… can I reach it? Ohh, this punk.
He’s so big.

My lips can’t touch because Merson didn’t bow his head.
I had a hard time, pulled his neck out and tried to find his lips, but ended up staying in his chin.


“Are you laughing?”

Merson chuckled and looked down at me.
I wish I was taller.

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Looking at Merson displeased, Merson leaned over and kissed me very lightly.

Once, twice, three times…….

His small kiss lengthened, and then his tongue poked out.
Merson pushed me so hard that instinctively my feet moved backwards, and I felt the texture of the hard wall behind me.


He shoved his tongue deep into my mouth, churning it out like he was going to swallow me, and then kissing the corners of my mouth, chin, and cheek.

He bit and sucked hard around my mouth, then brought his lips together again.
The kiss that had just happened was such an intense and hasty act that all things were forgotten.
Merson’s saliva flowed naturally into my mouth.

My head became hazy and I lost my strength.
I am accepting this symptom as the essence of my body draining out.
Knowing that it was getting harder to control myself, Merson lifted my back and looked for my lips.

His lips ran up my cheeks and bit my auricle a little painfully.

Now stop…….”

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I turned my head away from his lips, but Merson persistently followed me in the direction I was moving.
While holding a smile.

“If I die early, it’s all because of you.”

“I will never let you die.”

Merson tightened his arms and he lifted me up.
Then he opened the door, carefully laid me down on the bed, and arranged my messy hair.

“I’ll do a little more.”

It has been two years since I fell into this world, but nothing has changed.

The change referred to here did not mean a change in body or the act of lifting a shovel instead of a smartphone.
It refers to a fantasy element that should only exist in a virtual world.

Let alone monsters appearing often, I’ve never even seen their excrement, (I’ve seen a lot of cow dung now to know what kind of cow they were), and I couldn’t even see dragons, spirits, magic tools, or anything like that.
Obviously, the book says that these things exist… Probably because this is the backwater of the countryside, it seems that it is far from such things.

Ah, there was only one thing here that made me realize that I was sucked into a fantasy book… The currently a farmhand-maybe-a-merchant’s son and former Demon King, Merson is faithfully fulfilling that role.

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