Is it Okay if I Leave it Like This? (2)

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I grabbed Merson’s hand and dragged him towards the house.

“Don’t you dare.”

Merson moves his fingers and slides them between mine.
Are you trying to get me to hold hands right now? Merson didn’t care and walked, holding my hand tight.

“Are you okay?”


“Are you okay?”

I can’t understand what’s inside, he was just smiling brightly.
I’m dying of worry, but what makes him feel so good? Merson lowered his lips to my cheek.

“Don’t overdo it.”

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“Erina will fill it up.”


For a moment, I hated it and thought I was going to kick his shin, but I remembered the village chief’s lack of energy and gave up.
It would be nice if fireworks really make him feel better.

“Erina, where are you going?”

As I passed Merson, my arm was caught.

“To the mountains, looking for herbs.”

Merson followed me.
We searched all over the mountain.
It was full of greens, so I washed my eyes and looked for something blue, but I couldn’t find it.
In a nutshell, finding Mr.
Kim in Seoul*, or finding needles in a haystack.

I didn’t think it would be easy to find, but at a time like this how nice would it be if it suddenly came up! Before getting into the book, I’ve never been hit with a lottery number more than two digits, so I’m not sure how effective it would be to say I have good luck…….

The sunlight dimmed through the tall leaves.
I don’t think I’ve been here for a while, but the sun was already setting.
I don’t think I’m even halfway there yet…….

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“Merson, it would be really scary when the sun sets here.”

In the forest where nothing could be seen, unknown things touched my skin (although it was just leaves and twigs), and I was trembling with chills as I was digging through the uneven ground with the sound of stinging insects as a background sound.
Like… A horror atmosphere.

“I am weak against the occult things.”


Ghosts, demons, monsters… Well, something like this.”

Merson tilted his head.

“What’s so scary about that?”

“… I’m sorry, you were the occult king.”

After talking so much that I couldn’t hear them, I turned around and came down the mountain.
Once terrifying thoughts began to strike me, I got out of control, and I didn’t let go of Merson’s hem throughout the descent.

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The next day, the villagers were busy preparing for the party.
I was helping Aunt Aja, who had to decorate the front of the village chief’s house with flowers, weaving flowers, and left when the sun rose high above my head.
How Merson, who was harvesting fruit at Uncle Paul’s, knew, and he quickly took a spot next to me.

Today we climbed more than yesterday and reached the middle of the mountain.
But the herb was also nowhere to be seen.
It may not really exist, but my senses have signaled that the herb must be tucked away out of sight somewhere.

In fact, I was looking at it like looking for a needle, so there was nothing to back down.
It was a pity to give up, so I searched the mountain until the sun went down, and in the end I took a regretful step back today.

* * *

Despite the small expectations, the herb did not appear, hiding its appearance.
And, of course, the herbs were not available until the day of the party.
I did it, for nothing.

Contrary to my uncomfortable feelings, the party preparations went smoothly.
The flowers soaked in moisture while maintaining their freshness under the scorching sun created a bright path with their own scent.

As I walked along the flower path, round tables were sensibly laid out.
The food hasn’t come out yet, but soon, Sezaine’s rare high-calorie protein dishes will be served.

The village chief didn’t even step out of the house, so he probably couldn’t have predicted what was going on despite the commotion outside.
No, it seems like he didn’t want to know in the first place.

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I carefully opened the door to the village chief’s house.


Even the sound of the wooden door bumping was silent.
Even on a summer day when I was sweating just by breathing, the village chief’s house was a little chilly.

“You haven’t even eaten.”

It is the same as the food made in the morning.
The soup must have cooled down.

I moved my feet and stood in front of the village chief’s door.
The village chief could be seen lying helplessly through the crevice.
The sound of footsteps echoed through the floor as if he had removed the hearing aid, but the village chief did not move.
All I could see was the back, which was lying on its back, slowly rising and falling.

The person who showed enthusiasm to even take off his top when Chenin was coming and even did yoga…….

My heart became bitter.
And the image of me working hard on the mountain for the past 3 days has overlapped.
Finally, let’s really go one last time.

There was still some time before the party started.
The fireworks could be said to be the highlight of the party, so the sun had to be out of the way for a while for it to shoot up and shine.
In other words, the party will only start in the evening!

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