What about his physical body? ?

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The moon was clear and the stars sparse, and a bitterly cold wind brushed the hills.

The smell of blood permeated the fir forest as a young man in a Taoist robe dashed through the forest, tripped over the roots of a twisted tree, and fell hard into the snow.
A younger teenager sat on his back and was also thrown out with him.

The teenager took two steps on his knees and picked the man up in his arms again.

“Shīdì! Don’t die, Shīdì!!!”

The man’s bare skin looked as if it had been burnt by fire, and blood was still dripping from it.

The young man shook the person in his arms so violently that his cries seemed particularly harsh in the silence of the forest.

A moment later, a faint, hoarse reply rang out.

“…… Stop shaking.”

The teenager froze, “Shī….

Feng Ci pushed the person away, tilted his head, and slumped to the floor, coughing violently.

He felt all his internal organs were burnt.
His breath was blocked in his chest, and he could not stand up, and his nose smelled of blood.

Next to him was someone shaking him to death.

He almost lost his last breath.

He vomited a mouthful of black blood, gasped for air, and finally felt more relaxed.

It had been three thousand years since he had returned to the world in which he was born.
Three thousand years of change was enough to change everything he had ever known.
He had imagined many things when he came back, but he had never imagined this.

Three thousand years ago, Feng Resignation pacified the four seas, passed on the techniques he had learned from the Heavenly Dao to his disciples, and then announced that he would settle down and ascend.

— Of course, this was only a pretext.

The truth is that the war between Humans and the demons had devastated the world of cultivation, so Feng did not bother with the post-war tasks.
but found a cave where he sealed his body under the pretext of ascension, and then his divine consciousness left his body to enjoy his retirement in the Sumerian world.

According to common sense, now that his divine sense has returned, he should have woken up in the sealed land.

But now ……

Where is his physical body?


“Shīdì, so you’re really not dead!” The teenager lunged at Feng Ci again, and this body of Feng Ci’s was really badly injured, so it couldn’t dodge, but could only be knotted and flung into the teenager’s arms.

There was another violent coughing fit.

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“i-I’m sorry!” The teenager hastily let go of him.

“You *cough-cough*,” Feng returned half-heartedly before he could catch his breath, “Who are you?” he asked in a muffled voice.

“I’m Meng Changqing, of course, what’s wrong with you, don’t you remember me?” The young man asked forcefully, “Did your brain get cooked?”

The teenager said and once again tried coming closer, but Feng Ci now had a firm grip on him and hastily backed away.

The youngster made a pained expression.

Feng Ci cleared his throat and tried to say, “I …… can’t remember anything, what’s going on?”

The young man said, “My name is Meng Changqing, you are my Shīdì Lu Jingming, we are disciples of the Tianxuan Sect …….”

The Tianxuan Sect was wiped out many days ago, and more than 300 people from the entire sect were killed and injured overnight.
Only Meng Changqing and Lu Jingming, including more than ten brothers and sisters, narrowly escaped and saved their lives.

These ten orphans of the Tianxuan Sect were wandering around and came across a strange spell formation on their way here today.
All the other brothers perished in the formation and Lu Jingming fainted after deflecting a fatal blow to Meng Changqing.

Meng Changqing took him and fled to this place, but to his surprise Lu Jingming miraculously regained his senses.

“Shīdì, thank goodness you are all right.
I was beginning to think you would leave me alone.” As he said this, Meng Changqing grabbed Feng Ciby the sleeve and had tears in his eyes, “Great, you and I are still alive, as long as we can escape from here, the Tian Xuan Clan is not extinct!”

Feng Ci: “……”

Feng Ci: “I am not your Shīdì.”

Meng Changqing froze.

Feng Shu considered the causes and consequences and said calmly: “My divine soul has left my body, and something must have happened to my physical body for me to accidentally take possession of this dying body of your elder brother.
Don’t worry, when I find my physical body, I will return your Shīdì’s body to you.”

Meng Changqing looked at him in confusion, and after a long time, he raised his hand to touch Feng Ci’s head, “Shīdì, did you just …… hit your head?”

Feng Ci: “…………”

Feng Ci breathed a sigh of relief, but didn’t wait for him to explain further.
Instead suddenly a strange Sinister wind arose.

Behind them, deep in the darkness of the jungle, a ball of ghostly blue flames lit up, one after another.

“Ah…!” Meng Changqing rolled in fear and pointed at the flames, “That’s it, that’s it, it’s catching up again!”

Wind Resignation asked, “Is that the thing that killed your master and brothers?”

“It was our masters and brothers!” Meng Changqing said, “This sinister fire is so powerful that no spell can stop it, it cannot be extinguished and it burns when it touches people.
All of them were burnt this way!”

Meng Changqing tugged him tightly, “Shīdì, let’s run away before it’s too late…”

But it was already too late.

The flames were getting stronger and stronger, and in no time it was already in front of them.
Meng Changqing, gathering up his courage, and he stepped in front, “Shīdì, you run first, I will stop it for a while, you are stronger than me, you can still help me take revenge if you escape!”

“It’s just an evil formation, Like hell, I’m scared of it!” shouted Meng Changqing, reaching for his sword at his hip.

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But there was nothing coming out of it.

He turned and saw that the young man behind him had already taken his sword and was holding it in front of him for a closer look.

“W-Why aren’t you running away, you idiot?” The teenager spat out idly and unsheathed his sword.

Suddenly, a sword flashed in the forest.

Feng Ci gripped the hilt of his sword with his hand and thrust it deep into the ground.

The pure white sword aura formed a barrier beside them, and the incoming flames collided with the sword formation, instantly turning into flying smoke.

The cold light of the sword’s shadows reflected the dark forest as if it were daylight.

“You …… you ……” Meng Changqing opened his mouth, so surprised he could barely speak.

The young man was half kneeling on the ground, the hem of his clothes torn by the fire.
The wounds on his body were even still bleeding, the blood running from his brow bone to his chin and then slowly dripping into the snow, looking a little sinister in the pale sword light.

Noticing his gaze Feng smiled gently at him, “You didn’t stumble into this spell formation by chance, did you?”

Feng Ci was very good at casting spells and formations, and he immediately realized when that sinister fire appeared that this was not the kind of formation that would actively attack people unless ……

Someone tried to dispel the formation by force.

Feng Ci: “Are you still not telling the truth?”

“Okay, Okay.” Meng Changqing was too weak-hearted to look at him, “Don’t be angry, Shīdì, but now that the Tianxuan Sect is gone, we are desperate and can only come to this Spirit Mist Mountain to try our luck.”

Wind frowned resignedly, “What mountain?”

“Spirit …… Spirit Mist Mountain.” Meng Changqing said, “I know that the Immortal Alliance has specifically forbidden setting foot in this area, but there are only a dozen disciples left in the sect, so how can we take revenge if we don’t get the magical treasures in Spirit Mist Mountain? It’s my fault for not telling you before ……”

Meng Changqing apologized profusely, but Feng Ci, however, didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

The Mountain of Spiritual Mist was where Feng Ci had sat three thousand years ago.

At that time, he pretended to sit in the name of ascension, to avoid the world.
And in order not to be disturbed, he had built hundreds of large and small Magic formations near this Spiritual Mist Mountain.

Feng felt confused again, “What is there on the Spiritual Mist Mountain that is worth your life?”

Meng Changqing looked at him as if he had seen a ghost.

He came up to him and examined him for a long time before saying, “Shīdì, have you really lost your memory? There are treasures left behind by Ancestor Qianqiu in the Spirit Mist Mountain!”

Feng Shu: “What?”

Meng Changqing spoke eloquently, “Before Ancestor Qianqiu died, he left thousands of secret magical tools on Spiritual Mist Mountain, each of which can greatly increase one’s power and let one rule the world!”

Feng: “……”

In his broken cave, there were only a few old books and a few homemade devices.

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Where did the thousands of magic weapons come from?

“Ancestor Qianqiu was such an amazing person back then when he saved living beings by his own power.
I admire him the most in my life, if I could get one or two of his inherited secret treasures, how amazing it would be!” said Meng Changqing wistfully.

“……” The patriarch Feng Ci – expressionless, “You worship people and still come to dig their graves?”

Meng Changqing touched his nose, “Isn’t because there’s no other choice….”

Feng Ci did not bother to tell him any more.

This group of youths had come to steal treasures, with crooked intentions.
And they had lost their lives in his spell formation, so it could be considered heavenly retribution.

It was not considered a sin he had committed.

While the two were talking here, the fire outside did not stop.
The blue flames came from far away and slowly came together in one place where they gradually merged into one.

Feng Shu whispered, “Something is wrong.”

Meng Changqing: “What?”

Feng Ci stared at the firelight, which grew more fiery as it merged, and drew his brows down slightly.

The formation he had set up then was only to stop outsiders and did not intend on hurting people’s lives.
This formation was not supposed to be like that ……

Yin and Evil.

Someone had misplaced it?

A deafening roar came from the depths of the flames, and a ghostly blue fire dragon leapt from the flames.
raising its head and flew into the sky.

The snow fell in torrents, and the fire dragon, high in the clouds, lowered its head slightly.
It stared with hollow eyes at the two youths standing lonely in the forest.
Then suddenly it roared and descended from the sky.

It was about to deal them a death blow.

Feng Shu’s ears were filled with the whistling wind, but even at this sight, there was no fear in his eyes.

On the contrary, there was only excitement.

The kind of excitement that makes the blood boil.

The sword formation shattered in response to the sound, and Feng Shu drew his sword amid the fierce winds, striking a sword trick with his left hand and swinging it upwards with his right.


In mid-air, the fire dragon let out a painful cry.
Starting from the dragon’s head and cracking and shattering piece by piece, the fine fire light fell like a meteor.

Feng Ci backed away a few steps and sank to one knee, barely able to stabilize himself.

His whole body looked as if it had been washed in blood, and the snow beneath him was stained red.
Feng Ci glanced at Meng Changqing, who was still standing beside him, and laughed softly, “Are you scared, silly? I just saved your life, won’t you come over and help me?”

“Shī-Shīdì ……” Meng Changqing’s voice trembled, and Feng Ci heard the difference and raised his eyes to look over.

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The fire, wind and snow in the sky slowly dissipated, and the outline of a huge “great ship” appeared above the sinking canopy.

The ship was about a hundred feet long, and its hull appeared to be made of wood with a crest carved into it that Feng Shu did not recognize.
The ship was rounded in the middle and had two wings, both of which were light and thin, and glowed silver.
And when they beat they made a booming sound and let out a faint white steam.

The snowy ground they were on was completely shrouded in shadow.

Feng Ci frowned, “What is that?”

“It’s Lang …… Langfeng City!” Meng Changqing’s face turned pale, “Langfeng City, which is in charge of the Immortal Alliance!”

As soon as he said that, several bright lights flashed from the top of the “great ship”, and after the light had dissipated, a long and fine magic sword was placed at Feng Ci’s neck.

“What should I do you for trespassing into the forbidden area of ​​Lingwu Mountain!?” The man with the sword said coldly.

Feng Ci raised his gaze and looked over.

They were surrounded by dozens of cultivation disciples, all wearing the same green upper shirt, jade crowns, and jade collars embroidered with cloud patterns.

From head to toe, they all looked like disciples of the righteous path.

Feng Ci is usually cool-minded, not bothered with trivial matters.

But today he returned to his homeland after a thousand years, and.
Not only did he receive a warm welcome and adoration by his descendants, but first lost his physical body, and then somehow broke a formation, leaving his body in a bad state.

Just thinking about it made people angry.

Feng Ci scoffed, “The Spirit Mist Mountain is the sacred place where Ancestor Qianqiu sat, and you juniors are worthy of marking it as a forbidden place? Who made the rules?”

“I did.”

A low, cold voice came from the back of the crowd.

It was as if the voice was far away.
Yet it was clear.
Feng Ci clearly saw that even the leading disciple pointing his sword at him had changed his face.

In the next second, the crowd of disciples standing directly in front of Feng Ci parted to either side, turned in unison, and knelt on the ground.

“Behold the City Lord!”

The air around them seemed void in an instant, the atmosphere so heavy it was almost suffocating.

When Feng Chieh raised his gaze, he saw someone slowly walking towards the end of the path laid out by the disciples.

This person was dressed in a thick, inky robe that almost melted into the cold night.
He wore a fringe of hair and a two-finger wide black silk over his eyes, and his pursed lips were extremely narrow and sharply outlined.

He was a very handsome man.

The man stopped in front of Feng Zhui and lowered his face slightly.
His eyes were clearly blindfolded, but Feng Chieh could clearly feel an extremely cold and dangerous gaze on him through the black silk.

It was as cold as a snake and a scorpion, and he immediately got goosebumps.

“Are you the one who broke into the magic formation of this one?”

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