The main hall at the front of the hill.

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The walls on either side were lit with long-lasting lamps, but a black veil lay in front of the lamps.
The light was so dim that the main seat in front was almost completely hidden in darkness.

“Just a word, are you willing to answer it or not?”

Yuchi Chu paced back and forth in the hall.

His legs were made of xuan wood, and he wore no shoes, so he walked with a clattering sound, which seemed a little eerie in this dimly lit hall.

People with disabilities usually don’t want others to see their disabilities.

But Yuchi Chu was different.
On the contrary, he was even happy to show people.

After all, there was no other person in the entire cultivation world who could make a prosthetic leg that was so exquisite that it was even better than a real leg.

“I see that you have little interest in the boy with the surname Lu, what’s wrong with giving him to me?” Yuchi Chu was so angry that he blew out his beard, “And sending someone to sweep the floor, how outrageous.
Do you know he could be a magician too!”

“Just because he broke your instrument?” Pei Qian Yue, who was sitting in the main seat, spoke indifferently.

Yuchi paused for a moment and hurriedly denied it: “No, who said that, my equipment is in good condition and it hasn’t been broken!”

After saying that, he also stopped walking and sat silently on one side.

“I just feel a kinship with him.” Yuchi Chu said, “You don’t want him anyway, so why force him to stay? I don’t think you have a shortage of floor sweepers in such a big city.”

Pei Qianyue: “He’s staying here of his own free will.”

“Why don’t you just not take him?” Yuchi Chu snorted coldly, “How come I didn’t know that the head of the Immortal Alliance, the Lord of Langfeng City, has also started to respect the wishes of his disciples and become kind-hearted?”

“That’s because you don’t know.”

“Pei Qianyue!” Yuchi Chu rose haughtily, “I see that you are only fighting me.
If it wasn’t for the fact that you have a connection with Qianqiu Patriarch, I wouldn’t…”

Something whistling came along in the darkness.

Pei Qi Chu took two steps back, and a tea cup shattered where he had been standing, spilling the tea across the floor.

“Pei Qianyue, what’ are you doing?” Yuchi Chu cursed angrily.

The person sitting in the darkness adjusted his sleeves, his tone still calm, “I heard that you haven’t made good progress in practicing the Art of Immortality lately, if you don’t want to continue, this seat won’t mind helping you get free.”

Yuchi Chu: “……”

“Alright, I’ll go.” Yuchi Chu said, “It’s just a new student, I don’t want him at all.”

He cursed and started to leave when Pei Qianyue suddenly called out to him.

“There’s a report from Immortal Sect saying that you’ve hollowed three more spirit veins,” Pei Qianyue said.

Yuchi Chu’s footsteps stopped and he turned around: “So what? It’s not like you don’t know how many spirit stones I have to consume every day, the amount of spirit veins you gave me is just not enough!”

“How much more do you want?” Pei Qianyue’s tone was very patient, “Why don’t I give you all the newly discovered spiritual veins in Langfeng City?”

Yuchi Chu’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

Pei Qianyue said softly, “What do you think?”

Yuchi Chu: “…… Ah.”

Yuchi Chu waved it off, “These are all necessary sacrifices for technological development, why are you such a person who has no devotion?”

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Pei Qianyue: “How about you tell that to the immortal sects you robbed of their spirit veins?”

The air in the hall stopped for a moment.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve been doing some new research lately, If it becomes successful ……,” he gave himself a smile, his eyes hidden behind the glazed mirror glowing slightly, “just watch, you’ll be amazed.


The light in the hall was shadowy, and Pei Qian Yue leaned back on the main seat, almost melting into the darkness.

“Xiao though.” He called out in a low voice.

The door to the hall was pushed open a crack, and a young man quietly entered, dropping to his knees, “The disciple is here.”

As soon as he knelt, he saw the broken pieces of porcelain on the floor, “What has Court Master Yuchi done to anger the City Lord again? Could it be that he mentioned it…”

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly felt a tug on the back of his neck.

In the darkness, it was as if something invisible had wrapped itself tightly around his neck, and the touch was cold and slippery and made him shiver.

It was like a …… snake.

The only thing that could be heard for a moment in the empty hall was the youth’s suffocating painting.

After a few moments, the force subsided.

The air filled his lungs again, and the boy crouched on the floor, coughing softly a few times.
A hint of awe flashed in his eyes, but he quickly hid it, “The city …… Master forgive me.”

Pei Qianyue did not reply, and the young man stood up, fetched a new teacup, and poured him tea.

“Speak.” Pei Qianyue did not touch the teacup he was handed and asked in a cold voice, “How?”

Only when he came closer did he see that the young man was meek and handsome, the disciple from Langfeng City who had led Feng Ci to the main summit this morning.

But Xiao said, “This disciple called Meng Changqing has an average cultivation level, nothing special, but this Lu Jingming.”

He paused, as if considering his words, “It doesn’t seem to be anything special, but there were some formation traps on the trek that he had expected before.
If it didn’t happen to be ……, it would be a talent very sharp about formations.”

“Just sharp-witted?” Pei Qian Yue smiled meaningfully.

His figure was completely hidden in the darkness, but Xiao could not sense his attitude, and could only continue.
“But he first broke through the Labyrinth Formation of the Mountain of Spiritual Mist and then made the master of the Ten Thousand Dharma Pavilion look at him differently, so he is not simple.
I don’t understand why the City Master doesn’t just take him into his care instead of making him a casual servant when he values him so much.”

” Valued?” Pei Qianyue said quietly, “Who said I value him?”.

“This seat is simply curious.”

“Curious …… about who he really is.”


The next day, the immortal sect selection was complete, and the newly initiated disciples of each sect followed their elders back to their respective departments.

Meng Changqing, who had been accepted by the Lingxiao Sect elders yesterday, also went with the Lingxiao Sect people today.

Feng Ci stepped back and accompanied Meng Changqing to the mountain gate.

“Shīdì, you must take care of yourself.” Meng Changqing hesitantly tugged on Feng’s sleeve, “I heard that the outer disciples of Langfeng City, if they perform well and are appreciated by the elders, have an even chance of entering the inner sect, don’t give up.”

“Also, you must be very careful when you act in the sect, ask questions if you don’t understand something, and you must be more careful in the future when elder brother is not with you.”

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“Elder brother will also cultivate well and try my best to avenge our Tianxuan Sect as soon as possible.”

He dragged Feng Chue to ramble on and on, and in the and he even had red eyes.

Feng Shu was helpless, but he still said reassuringly, “Don’t worry, elder brother Meng, there’s no need to worry about me.”

“How can I not worry?” Meng Changqing said, “Just look at you, running your mouth every day, and yesterday you were almost misunderstood as a cheater, and then you directly insulted the Wan Fa Court Master, I really don’t understand why you must stay in Langfeng City, how beneficial it is to go to the Wan Fa Court ……”

As soon as he started to speak and didn’t finish, Feng Ci hastily interrupted, “Senior Brother Meng, you should leave now.”

Not far away, the Lingxiao Sect had long since been fully loaded and ready to leave.
When Elder Ji Yun, who had been sent by Lingxiao Sect to attend the examination, saw that the two were still saying goodbye, he deliberately instructed the disciples to wait where they were instead of rushing them.

“Don’t keep elder Ji Yun waiting,” Feng Ci said.

“It’s alright.” A gentle voice suddenly interjected, “The Tianxuan Sect is affected by this change, you are interdependent, it’s only human nature not to endure a separation.”

The man in front of him was a child wearing a blue Daoist robe and holding a duster in his hand, with an elegant and scholarly look.
The Lingxiao sect was known for its Daoist spells, and hundreds of years ago it was so popular that even the princes and nobles had to respect the Daoist master when they saw him dressed like this.

The two bowed to him.

After accepting the greeting, Elder Ji Yun said in a gentle voice, “But if you really don’t want to separate, why don’t I ask Lord Pei for a favour and have Jing Ming come to my Ling Xiao Sect, how about that?”

He said this with a light laugh and a light-hearted tone, but Feng Ci could see that there was no trace of joking in this man’s eyes.

Meng Changqing’s eyes lit up, “Is it okay?”

But he didn’t wait long to be happy before he came back to his senses.

For some reason, his younger brother had fallen in love with the Lord of Langfeng City, and had even declined the invitation to the Pavilion of Ten Thousand Dharmas, not to mention the Lingxiao Sect, which had been in decline lately.

Of course, he saw Feng Ci’s eyes narrow, and his manner was humble and polite: “Thank you for your kindness, elder, I am ashamed to I can’t accept it.”

This was the meaning of rejection.

Meng Changqing feared that his younger disciple would offend the Lingxiao Sect again, so he did not dare say more to Feng Ci, and left after a few words.

Before he left, however, he gave one more instruction.

“…… You caused quite at test yesterday.
Beware of some people looking unfavourably at you and deliberately seeking revenge.”

The words of the wind are naturally clear.

Although selection for the League of Immortals ultimately depends on one’s ability and the attitude of the elders, there are no set criteria and no set number of people, but there are always people who think they have more chance if they pull off those at the very front.

If they couldn’t, they would be jealous, or they would make up accusations, or they would get together and deliberately exclude them, or they would do something about it.

Feng knows this, but he doesn’t care.

He had stopped caring about such childish pranks 3,000 years ago.

He was now just a disciple of the outer sect, and he didn’t feel he deserved any retribution.


After seeing Meng Changqing walk away, Feng Ci walked straight to the Outer Sect Disciple’s Court.

The Immortal League selection had ended and he could no longer live in the former courtyard, but fortunately he had nothing to pack and could go straight there.

The outer disciples lived on the same back mountain as the inner disciples, but the inner disciples had their own courtyard, while the outer disciples could only stay in one disciple’s courtyard.

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Feng Ci walked into the disciple’s courtyard.

With one glance he saw that there were more than ten houses, and in the middle a large open space with stone tables, lawns and rock gardens that was much better than he had imagined.

As he entered the courtyard, he was greeted by someone.

“Lu Jingming, right?” The visitor appeared to be in his twenties, tall and slim, with a few youthful disciples behind him.

He eyed Feng Qiu from head to toe and said, “I thought this Lu was a great talent, but doesn’t look like that.
it’s true, if you really were really a incredible talent,, why would the city lord let you come to us, don’t you think?”

After saying that, he even laughed to himself, and the young disciples followed suit.

Feng Rui: “……”

Isn’t this still coming?

Perhaps because of Feng Ci’s indifferent expression, the man also felt bored, cleared his throat, and said, “My name is Cheng Bo, I am the elder in the outer disciple court, you must listen to me from now on, understand?”

Feng Shu: “Pfft.”

Cheng Bo frowned, “What are you laughing at?”

Feng Shu: “Nothing.”

After all these years, didn’t this man think his name sounded wrong?

Feng Rui asked, “And where do I live?”

“Speaking of which, little brother doesn’t know anything.” Cheng Bo said, “There are seventeen houses in our student courtyard, each with two people living in it, making a total of thirty-four people, and they are all full now.”

Feng Shu frowned.

Was it full?

Then why did Pei Qianyue say yesterday that the outer disciples were still one short?

Little Black, Little Black, after years of separation, you have learned to lie.

Daddy is very disappointed in you.

Cheng Bo continued, “But little brother need not worry, we know little brother will move in, we have already packed one for you in advance, independent living, a quiet environment, you will definitely like it.
Song Zhou”.

A young teenager of 13 or 14 came forward, “Older brother.”

Cheng Bo ordered, “Take our little brother to his residence, and hurry up with cleaning up, you have work to do later.”

Song Zhou: “Yes.”

It was likely that the house this group had prepared for Feng Ci’i would not be too good.
Feng Ci followed the boy named Song Zhou all the way inside, passing through more than ten student rooms before stopping at the door of a wooden shed in the innermost small courtyard.

“This is, this is the place ……” Song Zhou was born clean and like a little rabbit, not daring to speak aloud.

This little courtyard was not bad.
It was just that it had not been used for too long, and was covered in dust and rubbish everywhere.
A dead plum tree stood in front of the house, and there was even a dead rat in the corner.

What a peaceful environment.

Song Zhou stepped forward to help Feng Ci open the door and was hit by the kicked up dust, causing him to cough.

Feng Ci had expected this and had not stepped forward at all, so he escaped disaster.

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The room was very cramped, with only one bed inside, and the rest of the room was filled with various items.
The only window in the house was half-broken and hung over the stretcher, which creaked in the wind.

Feng Ci looked up and saw that even the roof was broken.

Song Zhou said, “…… Elder brother Lu, you will stay here for now.
…… Elder Brother Cheng said that you can move out as soon as the room outside is free.”

“No need.” Feng Ci entered and looked around: “It’s quite nice here.”

With this attitude, Song Zhou became even more intolerant and said appeasingly, “Every two years, there is an examination for outer disciples, and if they are appreciated by the elders, they can be promoted to the inner sect.
The next one will be in three months’ time, which will be soon, so hang in there.”

Feng Shu: “Understood.”

After he finished, Song Zhou didn’t hurry to leave.
Feng Ci looked back at him and the latter whispered, “You should be careful of Senior Brother Cheng.”

Feng Ci was curious, “I don’t seem to have offended him?”

Song Zhou glanced outside and saw that no one was there before he lowered his voice and said, “Senior Brother Cheng has a cousin who also participated in the Immortal Alliance Selection this year, but he didn’t even pass the first stage of the Six Doors Examination, so ……”

Feng Resign understood, “So he thinks that I have passed the six examinations and found another way, which is unfair to other disciples who participated in the examination?”

Song Zhou nodded his head.

Feng Ci was helpless.

Pei Qianyue had not disclosed why he and Meng Changqing had passed the Six Doors Examination, and if he were in his place, he would be unhappy, too.

He did not blame these children.

While the two were talking, another student came in.
The visitor didn’t even enter the small courtyard, but stopped at the door, and called out to Feng Ci, “Lu Jingming, elder brother Cheng told you to water the Lin Xian terrace as soon as you’ve finished cleaning up, here’s the pass.”

As he said this, he tossed the coin in his hand into the courtyard, where it landed on the ground, kicking up a layer of dust.

Song Zhou was stunned, “Lin Xian Terrace? But that’s…”

That was where the city lord lived.
A place that even the outer disciples did not dare to go too easily.
Since no one dared to go there, every time Lin Xian Terrace needed to be cleaned, an internal lottery was held.

This draw was also called the draw of life and death.

Song Zhou wanted to say something else, but he heard the visitor say, “Song Zhou, why are you here still idling, have you finished your work for today?”

Song Zhou: “Coming!”

He gave Feng Ci another hesitant look, but finally said nothing more, turned around, and left.

The courtyard became silent.

Standing in the dilapidated wooden shed, he raised his hand, and the token that had landed in the courtyard was lifted by a gust of wind and flew towards Feng Ci.

The token spun in the air, and a stream of spiritual energy, invisible to the naked eye, swept through the courtyard.

As the spirit power passed through, the dust disappeared and the broken walls, tables and chairs were automatically repaired so that the wood looked like new.

In the blink of an eye, the woodshed was transformed into a clean and elegant cottage, with new sprigs of flowers hanging outside the window and smoke rising from the center at the table.

Feng Ci held the token in his hand and flipped it open.

On the token were two large words.

– Lin Sendai.

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