As Feng Ci emerged from the teleportation spell formation, the guard student checked his passage mark and gave him a sympathetic look.

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Feng Ci: “?”

Was this Lin Xian Terrace some kind of dragon’s lair?

The transmission formation was not open on the Lin Xian Terrace, but only under the long staircase, and one had to climb more than a hundred stone steps on foot to reach it.

The LangFeng Ci town sits on top of Kunlun, a bitterly cold place where 10,000 miles are frozen, with snowfields as far as the eye can see.
But up on the snowy plains, a majestic cultivation site has emerged from nowhere, as if it were a jade tower in the world of immortality.

The Immortality Terrace is located at the highest point of LangFeng City.

When he climbed onto the platform, he could not only see LangFeng City, but also the entire Kunlun Mountains.

But Feng Ci only felt five words.

‘The heights are unbearably cold.’

As he climbed the stone steps, there was a high and lofty hall before him.

The door of the hall was closed, and there was a dreadful silence in the surrounding area, except for a few cold plum trees in front of the hall, their branches trembling in the cold wind.

They say it is cleaned, but there is nothing to clean on the platform.
The floor is spotless.
Not even a single leaf has fallen.
If I had to find fault with anything, it would be the little bit of un-melted snow in the corner.

Enchanting the broom he had brought with him, the broom happily raised itself up and began to sweep away the snow.

He went up and knocked on the door of the temple.

There was no answer.

Feng Ci didn’t really know what the disciples had to do, and the younger disciples only listened to Cheng Bo, so no one dared to teach him.
But since he was cleaning the Lin Xian Terrace, this was the only palace, so it should be included, right?

Feng Ci pushed open the door of the palace.

A cold, gloomy wind came from the palace, and Feng Ci frowned, knowing what this place was.

With such a heavy, gloomy and cold demonic aura, he could not find a second person other than the Little Black of his family.

No wonder the teenager named Song Zhou, when Fang knew he would come here, looked so incoherent.

However, this arrangement was exactly what Feng Ci had wanted.

He really wanted to meet Pei Qianyue now, and even if he couldn’t see him, it would be good to see where he lived.

Feng Ci entered the hall.

Then he paused.

There was no light in the hall, and as far as the eye could see, books, scrolls and magical items were scattered everywhere, and the whole room was so untidy that he barely had room to put his feet down.

Above all, the magical weapons Feng Ci passed were all deeply filled with spiritual power, obviously a rare treasure, and yet they were so casually tossed on the floor.

The sight of them made Feng Ci ‘s scalp tingle.

With a wave of his hand, the candle lamps in the hall automatically lit up.

The hall was simply furnished, with no special arrangements, and the air was cold and chilly, empty and still, without a sign of life.

Only the mess on the floor showed signs of occupancy.

Feng Ci sighed and bent down to pick up the magic tools and books from the floor and went inside.

There was a table and desk in front of the main hall, with books and ledgers scattered everywhere.
On the wall behind the table hung several paintings.

Feng Ci stopped with the things in his arms and looked at them one by one.

These paintings are of the same person.

In the paintings is a young man in plain clothes, either wielding a sword to destroy demons, or fighting the floods of heaven, or preaching and teaching, and finally sitting and rising.

–This is the life of Feng Ci.

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Yet, strangely, there is no human face in any of the paintings.

Where there should have been five senses, there was only an empty space that looked eerie in the dancing light.

“…Does it look good?” A voice suddenly rang out from behind Feng Ci.

Feng Ci was stunned and looked back as Pei Qian Yue walked out of the dark inner hall.

He was no longer wearing the luxurious clothes of the city lord, but a loosely wrapped Xuan-colored robe, with his long hair falling downwards, giving him a rather languid appearance.

Feng Ci Xie’s brows drew together slightly.

When he entered, he had carefully checked out the hall and found that no other person was breathing inside.

Had Pei Qianyue’s cultivation level reached such a high level?

As he slowly walked in, a breeze rose in the hall, largely extinguishing the candle flame Feng Ci had just lit.

“I don’t need so many candles in my house.” Pei Qianyue said, “It’s too bright.”

Feng Ci looked at him and did not reply.

When a cultivator has reached a certain level of cultivation, his perception of the outside world no longer depends solely on his five senses.
Even if both eyes could not see, this did not affect the perception of the outside world.

But in the end, it was different.

He could perceive the sunrise and the sunset and the candle flames, but he could never see the hazy sky or the glorious burning flames.

For a moment, Feng Ci’s mind was all over the place, and Pei Qianyue had already walked up to him.

“You have been watching here for a long time.” Pei Qianyue lowered his head and asked him, “You are interested in Ancestor Qianqiu?”

He was very close, so close that Feng Ci could once again smell the cold scent of his body.

Feng Ci silently took half a step back and said quietly, “Ancestor Qianqiu saved the world and preached the Tao, his achievements were countless, so naturally I admire him.”

“Admiration.” Pei Qianyue laughed softly, “You have many admirers.”

Suddenly, he mounted Feng Ci’s shoulder and gave a firm push.

The spell books in Feng Ci’s arms were scattered on the floor again, and his spine touched the cold tabletop.

Pei Qianyue pressed Feng Ci against the tabletop and leaned down, the black silk falling over his eyes and brushing the side of Feng Ci’s face.

“So who do you admire more, me or him?” he asked quietly.

Feng Ci: “……”

Now he understood why the students of LangFeng City were as afraid of Pei Qianyue as they were of a beast.

With such an unpredictable and occasionally sick city lord, who could not be afraid?

…… really wasted such a good-looking face.

Feng Ci stared at Pei Qianyue’s beautiful and unparalleled face.
It was really difficult to distinguish between the person in front of him and the little one back then.
He would climb onto his bed in the middle of the night and gently rub his fingers, asking him to hug the little one who slept with him.

He was such a good and affectionate little snake, how could he get out of shape?

Feng Ci thought ruefully in his heart.

As he was thinking about this, his wrist suddenly touched a cold object.

When he turned his head to look, there was nothing.

In the darkness it was as if a small, invisible snake had crawled up his wrist and into his sleeve.

The cold, sticky touch immediately gave Feng Ci Qiu goosebumps.

“You…” Feng Ci frowned slightly, and the latter maintained the posture of pressing him, and the sharply shaped lips curved a very shallow arc.

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As if this was just a boring prank.

Feng Ci ‘s body was still a teenager, thin and slender, and so Pei Qianyue bent down and embraced him almost from head to toe.

Anyone who saw him in this position would have found it very ambiguous.

However, this was not the case.

The invisible snake crawled up Feng Ci ‘s small arms, ignoring the existence of his clothes, and wandered directly over the smooth texture, inch by inch, sliding over his arms, shoulders, and finally the side of his neck.

The snake’s cold body coiled around his neck, its tail brushing his collarbone.
It tilted its head and spat out its letters, spraying its cold breath behind his ear.

He couldn’t help but shiver a little.

There was no enticement, and there was no ambiguity in the atmosphere.
Only an unseen threat.

It was as if this snake would bite off his neck if he said one wrong word.

Pei Qianyue really is a madman, isn’t he?

Feng Ci lowered his gaze, and his fingertips shone with a faint light that not even the other party noticed.

Now that he had lost his physical body, his cultivation might have been somewhat affected.
But he was not controlled by others yet.
For example, it was more than enough to pull that little black snake that had repeatedly insulted him off his body and give it a beating.

The two of them stopped for a moment, but suddenly Pei Qianyue tilted his head, “Aren’t you afraid?”

Of course, Feng Ci was not afraid.

If Pei Qianyue really dared to move, he would soon see what it meant to be beaten by his master.

Silly boy.

But Feng Ci didn’t want to make the relationship so deadlocked yet, so he thought about it and chose an answer that might not piss Pei Qianyue off so much: “I just feel that there is no need to answer that question.”

“The immortal has died and has not been seen, the so-called admiration is just vain, of course the person in front of you is more important.”


But the cold touch on Feng Ci’s neck disappeared, and Pei Qian Yue let go of him.

He straightened up and slowly adjusted his loose lapel, “The Ancestor Qianqiu..
Do you think he is dead too?”

Feng Ci: “Ancestor Qianqiu settled and ascended three thousand years ago, and everyone in the world knows it.”

Pei Qianyue: “It’s lie.”

Feng Ci was stunned.

Pei Qianyue walked around the table to the scrolls, raised his hand, and gently stroked them with his fingertips, “Ancestor Qianqiu was my master.”

“Before he sat down and ascended, I was the only one who accompanied him.”

“Everyone thought he was dead, but only I knew he was still alive and living somewhere in this world of thousand years ago .”

“He is a complete fraud.”

Feng Ci “……”

Damn, why did his little black snake seem to have a big grudge against him?

Feng Ci cleared his throat and tried to calm the family relations, “Just …… and yet he must have his reasons.”

“Reasons? There is no reason.” Pei Qianyue said coldly, “Nothing more than boredom.”

“Ancestor Qianqiu saved the world, the world admired him, loved him and worshipped him as a god of salvation and lifelong pursuit.
But these foolish mortals did not know that their gods had long since grown tired of everything in this world and had long since abandoned them to their fate.”

“…… Don’t you think they are ridiculous?”

At that moment, Feng Ci almost thought that Pei Qianyue had recognized him.

But Pei Qianyue had his back to him.
Half his body was hidden in the darkness so he couldn’t really see him, and there was no way he could tell.

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“I don’t think so.” Feng Ci said, “To the people of today, it makes no difference if Ancestor Qianqiu died or left.
Rather than worshipping Ancestor Qianqiu as a god, they should seek spiritual solace.”

“In the end, it’s just wishful thinking, so there’s no need to discuss right and wrong.”

Pei Qianyue’s fingertips moved.

He withdrew his hand, placed it behind his back, and said very gently and slowly, “…… Do you think this is wishful thinking?”

“Isn’t it?” Feng Ci’s eyebrows drew together slightly as he didn’t understand why Pei Qian Yue knowingly asked, “Whether they worship it as a god or a lifelong pursuit, they never asked Ancestor Qian Qiu if he needs it, they can’t blame him just because they can’t get an answer, how can that be justified?”

This was Feng Ci’s true thought.

He had done what he had to do three thousand years ago, and although he had left behind a pile of messes, in his opinion, the most he had done was to retire after completing his work, and there was no talk of leaving the world.

The followers of later generations had even less to do with him.

Pei Qianyue suddenly laughed.

Feng Ci couldn’t see his expression, and from his vantage point he could only make out the other party’s trembling shoulders and almost manic, somewhat raspy, silent laughter.

“You’re right.”

Only after a long time did Pei Qianyue take the floor, and there was a hint of mockery in his voice that resounded through the dark hall.

“Isn’t …… just wishful thinking?”

Feng Ci looked at his back, which almost melted into the darkness, and opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something else.

But Pei Qianyue did not give him the chance.

He turned around, sat behind the table, and said, “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to enter this hall without permission, and that those who trespass will be killed without pardon?”

Feng Ci : “……”

I really don’t know whether to say that Pei Qianyue was too reckless or that the outer sect children were reckless.

This was a genuine attempt to kill him.

“But ..” Pei Qianyue continued, “it’s been a long time since anyone spoke to me about the master, I’m in a good mood today, so I can exempt you from punishment.”

Feng Ci: “……”

He thought Pei Qianyue didn’t look like he was in a good mood at all.

Feng Ci: “I thank you, City Master.”

Pei Qianyue raised his hand and with a wave, a magic weapon flew out of the sea of books, piled up in layers, and landed in front of him.

The magic weapon looked like a wooden ornament carved into the shape of a book.
but Feng Ci Resign could tell that it was the same as the one he had seen that day at the Immortal League Selection, a kind of back armor instrument.

A booklet floated on the instrument by spiritual force and was automatically turned over, the first page being read aloud.

Surprisingly, it was still the voice of Yuchi Chu.

Feng Ci “……”

Since it was a book about building and breaking secret realms, Pei Qianyue did not hide it and played it right in front of Feng Ci.
But the little old man’s voice was shrill, and he spoke with an unfamiliar Mandarin accent, which made his ears hurt.

Amid Yuchi Chu’s magical reading voice, Pei Qianyue asked, “I heard you were looking for me, what do you want to ask?”

Feng Ci naturally had a belly full of questions he wanted to ask.

But he hadn’t expected Pei Qianyue to be so direct in addressing them, as if he really was a master of a school of good manners who would always answer questions.

Of course, Feng Ci already knew that he wasn’t.
He was a sick man.

When Feng Ci didn’t speak for a moment, Pei Qian Yue’s voice dropped again, “If there isn’t any, get lost.”

…… This attitude really made Feng Ci want to hit someone.

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Still, he restrained himself and asked he was most interested in, “I heard that the Immortal Alliance is investigating the repeated attacks on Immortal Sects in the Cultivation World, may I ask if the City Lord has found out who the real culprit behind it is?”

Pei Qianyue: “I don’t know.”

Feng Ci Chieh fell silent and asked, “Do you have any clues then?”

Pei Qianyue: “No.”

Feng Ci: “Details about the eradication of the Tianxuan Sect ……”

Pei Qianyue: “No comment.”

Feng Ci: “……”

Then what should I ask?

Little Black, you are really rebellious.

Feng Ci took a deep breath and asked patiently, “Why does the City Master want to keep me in the faction?”

Of course, it couldn’t be because of his “admiration” at the selection meeting, let alone a sudden lie that there was a shortage of disciples in the outer sect.

In fact, he had already asked this question when he and Meng Changqing were brought back from Spirit Mist Mountain.

Why had Pei Qianyue left him behind?

But this man’s attitude was so unpredictable that Feng Ci was not even hopeful about this question.

Unexpectedly, Pei Qianyue replied, “Because you are the orphan of the Tianxuan Clan.”

…… is really like listening to the words of a gentleman.

Pei Qianyue: “So far, twelve immortal sects in the cultivation world have been plundered, and the elders and disciples who have been killed total three hundred and fifty-seven people.
And you and Meng Changqing are the only two survivors among those three hundred and fifty-seven.”

Pei Qianyue spoke lightly, but Feng Ci immediately understood the deeper meaning.

As far as he knew, the Tianxuan Sect was not a great sect in the cultivation world, and their cultivation level was not any good either.
But only the Tianxuan Sect had disciples who had survived the scourge of their sect’s extermination and had come to Mount Kunlun unscathed from their division.

If he were Pei Qianyue, he would also be interested in these survivors.

Feng Ci suddenly remembered something else.

Why would he happen to acquire one of the orphans of the Tianxuan Sect?

Was this just a coincidence?

Feng Ci asked again, “Why did the City Master choose me instead of Brother Meng?”

Pei Qianyue: “When there are two choice, chosen at random.”

Feng Ci: “…………”

Without waiting for Feng Ci to say anything else, Pei Qianyue suddenly raised his hand.

The reading speed of the instrument accelerated greatly, and the sound of the reading became even more magical.

Feng Ci: “…………”

One could not help but think that this person was doing this on purpose.

The background noise made it really hard to concentrate further on thinking, but Feng Ci also had no more questions he wanted to ask.

He was tired.

This bastard was even harder to handle than the group of seven and eight year olds he had met in the previous world.

No, there was indeed another problem.

Feng Ci lifted his gaze to the man sitting in the darkness and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong with your eyes ……?”

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