Feng Ci did not ask the answer to this question.

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The master of the city didn’t even bother to make it up.
He just gave him back a roll.

…… brat.

The headache from listening to it was so severe that he rolled with propriety.

He returned to the courtyard of the disciples through the teleportation spell, and as soon as he stepped through the door of the courtyard, the disciples who were gossiping, cleaning and practicing their swords in the courtyard all stopped immediately.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, all the disciples who were chatting, cleaning and practicing with their swords stopped.
Feng Ci strode straight through the courtyard as if they had seen a ghost, and sent the cleaners back to the utility room.

Cheng Bo sat in the utility room, holding a book and frowning.
On the table in front of him were some wooden figures, and behind him some young students were examining the objects and tools.

“Have you finished your work?” Noticing someone was coming in.
Cheng Bo looked up from his book but froze, “You, you, you – how come you’re back?”

Feng Ci was amused, “I can’t come back?”

This was the Lin Xian Terrace.
In their entire Outer Sect, almost no one came back from the Lin Xian Terrace unscathed, except for the occasional times when the City Lord was not in the faction.
The lightest occasion was when the City Master found a speck of dust in the corner and chastised a disciple for sweeping the long steps in front of Lin Xian Terrace three times.

Not to mention that sometimes, if you are unlucky enough to be caught cleaning up by the city master, you risk your life and cannot return for a day or a night.

This person has only been at it for less than half an hour, right?

Cheng Bo asked hesitantly, “The city lord is not with the faction today?”

“Yes.” Resigned, Wind put the paraphernalia back in its place and tilted his head, “You can check if you don’t believe me.”

He didn’t want to leave.

Cheng Bo coughed softly and stopped speaking.

It was Feng Ci who walked over to see what was in front of him, “You are building a sword formation? I am familiar with it.”

When Cheng Bo saw him looking over, he wanted to cover himself, but when he heard this, he frowned and asked, “You still know sword formations?”

Feng Ci : “Of course.”

He had even written the original manual for sword training.

Three thousand years ago, Feng Ci passed on his life’s work to six disciples who used the techniques they learned to form their own sects, which became the six sects of today.

The sword arts and sword formations that are mainly practiced in LangFeng City also originate from Feng Ci.

If we really count, all the disciples of LangFeng City would have to call him their ancestor.

Feng Ci understood, “Is this the test for the outer disciples? If you ask me, I can teach you.”

Cheng Bo did not believe him, “Bum, what are you bragging about, just you—”

Feng Ci reached out his hand and carefully pushed one of the wooden figures on the table half an inch to the side.

Heaven and earth merged and the magical entity took shape.

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Cheng Bo was instantly stunned.

“You ……”

Feng Ci smiled faintly and straightened up, “Take your time to practice, elder brother Cheng, junior brother will say goodbye first.”

After saying that, he paid no more attention to him and turned to leave the door open.


In the end, the outer disciples of LangFeng City were only sidekicks of the sect and could not attend the inner disciples’ classes.
They only had the opportunity to attend classes every three days, and the rest of the time they could only study on their own, just like Cheng Bo.

Therefore, the outer disciples were desperately trying to pass the examination and enter the inner sect.

Rather, it was convenient for Feng Ci Qu to move freely.

Originally, I thought that many things could be solved if I met with Pei Qianyue.
But who knew, after meeting him, he couldn’t ask many questions about what he wanted to know, but he had confirmed one thing.

He had failed as a master.

His Little Blackie hated him now.

Feng Ci was disappointed.

In this way, he dared not reveal his identity in haste.

Feng Ci ‘s connection with Pei Qianyue consisted only of the short six months they had spent together three thousand years ago.
At that time, Pei Qianyue’s spiritual consciousness had just opened up and he only kept him as a small pet, so it was not true that he knew him so well.

Just ten years in the mortal world is enough to completely change a person, not to mention the three thousand years that had passed between them.

And as for the spirit of Little Black, it’s really bad today.

To put it bluntly, it is still unclear whether he is an enemy or a friend.

All in all, the identity cannot be revealed for now, and as for the whereabouts of his physical body, I can only take one step at a time.

The most important thing at the moment was to find out the truth about the destruction of the Immortal Sect this morning.

Although Feng Ci was still unclear whether this matter was related to the calamity predicted by the Heavenly Dao, he had still borrowed this young man’s body from the Tianxuan Sect.
Even for the sake of this teenager, he had to find out the truth for himself and avenge his master’s death.

According to this, the meeting with Pei Qianyue was not completely fruitless.

It was interesting information that no one before the Tianxuan Sect had been spared from the destruction of their sect.

Why did the assassin let them go?

Was it an accident or was it intentional, or was there a more complex reason?

Pei Qianyue wanted to know, and so did Feng Ci .

The peaks of LangFeng City were connected by cloud bridges, and while he was thinking about it, Feng Ci had already crossed the cloud bridge at the back of the mountain and was squatting in front of a lotus pond in the square at the front of the mountain.

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A pond of koi had been fattened up, and when Feng Ci picked up a stone from the edge of the pond and threw it in, they were sent running.

The water rippled and then slowly sank.

A little boy’s face was reflected on the surface of the water.

Feng Ci held his chin and stared at the face in the water.

The young man was indeed a handsome boy, with bright and soulful eyes, a very pleasant look.
The beauty is perhaps because of young age.
The body has not yet grown, not tall.
A little thin, squatting by the pool is only a small group.

…… He still likes his old body.

Feng Ci is very demanding about his appearance, and in the past, every time he went to a world, it took him a long time to find a body he liked.

This time I don’t know how it happened, but he just happened to end up in such a small teenager.

His cute looks really hurt his reputation as the Saint of a Thousand Autumns.

Footsteps sounded behind him.

Feng Ci fiddled with the water with his fingertips without lifting his eyelids.

“Elder brother, so you are here.”

The visitor was an outer sect disciple called Song Zhou.

He should have run all the way here.
His breathing was still unsteady and his cheeks were slightly flushed, “I just heard that you returned to the disciple courtyard, are you alright-”

Feng Ci tilted his head and smiled, “Did Cheng Bo send you to address me again?”

Song Zhou was stunned.

Feng Ci was still smiling, but Song Zhou could see a certain serenity in that smile, and when he was looked at by those eyes, it was as if all his thoughts were hidden.

“No, it’s not ……” Song Zhou evaded with his eyes, “It’s not him, it’s me ……”

The teenager was only thirteen or fourteen years old, not that good at lying, yet, all thoughts were written on his face.

Feng Ci smiled faintly, did not say anymore.

At that moment, a strange roar suddenly sounded in the sky.

A flying boat came down from the sky in a white haze and swept over their heads.
The flying boat landed in the open space next to the square on the front hill, raising layers of wind and waves.

Several disciples descended from it.

The man at the head of the group, whom Feng Ci Resign had seen before, was the disciple from LangFeng City who had intercepted them that day at the Mountain of Spiritual Mist.
I believe his name was …… Xie Wuhan.

“What are you standing there for, why don’t you come over and help?”

The flying boat landed not far from where Feng Ci was standing.
Xie Wuhan went down and saw the two outer disciples standing by the side and called out, “Go and help carry things down.”

This was the status of the outer disciples in LangFeng City, so they could be called by anyone.

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Feng Ci Chiao did not move, but Song Zhou answered “Yes” and quickly went forward.

Two disciples carried something wrapped in white cloth from the flying boat.

Song Zhou reached out to pick it up, but the white cloth slipped off one side, revealing a thin, dried wrist.

“Ah!” Song Zhou exclaimed and unconsciously let go, but was caught by a hand stretched out beside him.

Feng Ci lifted the corpse firmly and said in a faint voice, “Little brother Song, be more careful.”

Song Zhou bowed his head and replied in a low voice.

The two helped carry the bodies to the open space of the square on the front hill.

There were thirty-six bodies in total.

That was already the number of people in a small to medium-sized cultivation sect.

When Feng Ci casually examined the corpses, he saw that there were even young children as young as seven or eight years old.

The news of Xie Wuhan’s return to the mountain spread quickly, and many people gathered in the square at the front mountain, and even some elders who had rarely been seen in the past rushed over.

However, Pei Qianyue had not come.

Feng Ci stood silently at the edge of the crowd as Song Zhou walked towards him.

“Elder Brother Lu, thank you for earlier.”

Feng Ci Resign was thinking of something else and froze for a moment before replying that he was talking about the matter of carrying the body in Fang.

He hadn’t noticed that little thing for a long time and waved it off, “It’s no big deal.”

“It was actually Senior Brother Cheng who asked me to come here.” The young teenager’s cheeks flushed as he swallowed, “But I was really worried about you, and I’m glad you’re okay.”

This was a sincere statement.

Song Zhou continued, “I’m really sorry about earlier, but my elder brother Cheng forbade me to tip you off, and since the City Lord has been away from the sect a lot lately, I thought you wouldn’t necessarily meet …….”

Feng Ci Resign’s eyes moved slightly, “Did he leave the sect to investigate the Immortal Sect matter?”

“I don’t know ..” Song Zhou sighed, “Immortal Sect has suffered this misfortune, everyone is in danger, I don’t know when we”ll be able to find out the real culprit.”

Feng Ci pointed at the corpses lying all over the ground, “The last time the Immortal Sect was killed, did people die in the same way?”

“Yes.” Song Zhou nodded, “Earlier, elder brother Xie and the others also brought some corpses, most of them died like this, and from what they said, this is …….”

“Lost spiritual energy and died.” said Feng Ci in a low voice.

Usually the murder, either to seek money or revenge, or for the pursuit of fast.
The feeling would definitely demand something.

Feng Ci had always been curious about what the killer behind the curtain wanted this time.
How could he not be satisfied after killing so many people.

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Now he finally had the answer.

‘What he wanted was spiritual power.’

Feng Ci looked at the noisy crowd in the distance and asked gently, “Did you say that… Pei Qianyue left LangFeng City many times during this period?”


It was night.

A glaring sword light pierced through the dense clouds, falling from the sky and landing in the pitch-black forests.

Pei Qianyue left the sword light without stopping and walked straight towards the depths of the forest.

Behind him, a golden butterfly quietly followed.
The butterfly’s pattern was as beautiful as a mist, but its wings were extremely thin, and it trembled slightly as it circled behind Pei Qianyue several times before finally landing on his robe.

The latter did not notice any of this.

Pei Qianyue’s figure soon disappeared in front of him.

Feng Ci emerged from behind the tree.

He held a faint glimmer of spiritual energy at his fingertips, connected like a silk thread to the butterfly in the distance.

When Pei Qianyue said that the Immortal Alliance had not followed up on any clues, Feng Ci thought he was just talking nonsense.

But since he wasn’t going to say anything, Feng Ci didn’t bother to circle him any further, so he might as well go over and see for himself.

What is this place?

The village is not at the front and the shop is not at the back.
How did Pei Qianyue get here?

The forest is very large and Pei Qianyue walks slowly in front of him, with Feng Ci following not far behind.
After walking about with a stick of incense, Feng Ci finally yawned unbearably.

It was the middle of the night and this man was walking around?

Did you know that sleep is very important for the elderly?

As he swayed, the trees around him swayed and the wind blew with a cold sword energy coming from behind.

Perhaps it was because the blow was so violent and cold that Feng Ci ‘s instinct to defend himself forced him to raise his hand and condense his qi into a sword in his palm.

Only later did he realize where the breath was coming from.

The spiritual energy condensing in his palm suddenly dissipated and a tall body emerged from behind him, pushing his arm behind his back.

A slender pale hand stretched out, holding the struggling golden butterfly, and held it up in front of him.

“In centuries, you are the first human to have the courage to stalk this me.”

The hand contracted a little and slowly crushed the butterfly to ash.

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