What a coincidence that you are also the first person in three thousand years who dares to crush my spiritual butterfly in front of me.

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Feng Ci thought expressionlessly.

The moonlight filtered through the clouds and the wind in the forest died away, leaving only fallen leaves flying and scattering around them.

The spirit butterfly broke on Pei Qianyue’s fingertips and turned into tiny pieces of golden light that slipped through his fingers.

Pei Qianyue’s hands were indeed very beautiful.
His fingers were slender and long, but not as soft and boneless as a woman’s.
When he strained, the backs of his hands were pale but heavily veined.

But Feng CI was only now going to chop off this claw.

It was rare to find such a beautiful butterfly spirit today!

Son of a bitch!

His arm was still trapped behind his back.
The boy’s bones were small, and Pei Qianyue could hold his arm with only one hand.
With a little more strength, Feng Ci heard the soft sound of an unbearable weight on his bones.

“City Lord.” Feng Rui warned, “If you keep twisting, my hand will break.”

With today’s medical technology in the world of cultivation, it shouldn’t take much effort to heal a broken bone, but it was better to do more than less.

He didn’t want to run after Pei Qianyue all the time with a broken hand.

Instead of letting go of him, Pei Qianyue held him even tighter.

“But you’re not afraid.” Pei Qianyue tilted his head, his voice cold, “You don’t seem to be afraid of anything.”

Whether at the Mountain of Spiritual Mist.
Lin Xian Terrace or now, Pei Qianyue had never felt even a bit of fear inside him.

Feng Ci smiled, “How can someone not be afraid of anything?”

“Then i’m not worth being afraid of.” Pei Qianyue grabbed Feng Ci’s wrist bone and slowly exerted force, so strong that he almost crushed it.
But his tone remained light, “Do you think i won’t kill you, or do … you not fear death?”

Pei Qianyue seemed very eager to ask such a vital question to others.

Feng Ci said, “I am still valuable to the city lord, the city lord will not kill me.”

“You are not the only orphan of the Tianxuan clan.” Pei Qianyue said, “Besides, I heard that you lost your memory after you managed to escape from the mist formation of Spirit Mountain.”

Feng Rui: “……”

Meng Changqing, that loudmouth!

Feng Ci said sincerely, “It’s only temporary.”

Pei Qianyue: “Can you remember?”

Feng Ci: “I will try.”

The grip on his arm loosened and Pei Qianyue let go.

Feng Rui rubbed his wrist, wondering if Pei Qianyue had a sadistic desire and liked to feast on other people’s pain.

In the last world he was in, this seemed to be some kind of mental illness that needed medical treatment.

If he had the chance in the future, he must advise him to seek treatment as soon as possible, otherwise he would sooner or later harm others and himself.

Feng Ci thought silently, but Pei Qianyue ignored him and continued walking forward.

Feng Ci ran after him, “Lord of the city, what exactly is this place? Why have you come here? It doesn’t even seem to be inhabited here?”

He pursued him and asked a series of questions, but Pei Qianyue suddenly stopped.

Feng Ci groaned an “ow”, and rubbed his forehead, “Are you made of stone, so hard?”

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When he was young, he was soft and cool, and it was very pleasant to hold him.

Pei Qianyue turned around, his handsome face seemed frozen by frost and snow.

“Why are you following me?” asked Pei Qianyue.

Feng Ci didn’t hide, “I want to know the details of the Scourge of the Immortal Gate, but the City Master refused to tell me, so I can only make up my own.”

Pei Qianyue: “Why do you want to know?”

Feng Ci: “To avenge my master’s death.”

Pei Qianyue fell silent.

He was silent for a long time, as if he wanted to say something, but finally he did not say it.

Pei Qianyue turned forward and said in a light voice, “I’m not going to the Qingyang Clan.”

Qing Yang Clan, that was the name of the immortal clan that had an accident today.

Feng nodded resignedly, “I found it when I followed along.”

The more spiritual energy there is in the environment, the higher the conversion rate, and it can also largely avoid the various dangers one may encounter during cultivation.

That is why cults usually choose places where spiritual energy is abundant to establish their cults.

But this area was so uninhabited, and the spiritual energy was so thin, that even a small immortal sect would not choose this place.

Feng Ci asked again, “What is this place?”

Pei Qianyue did not answer and gently raised his hand.

His palm glowed with navy blue, bursting with light of spiritual energy, and the ground in front of the open area where the two of them stood steeply cracked open a gaping hole.

The gap gradually grew larger and larger, and more and more tendrils and shoots sprouted from the gap and swirled upwards.

Finally, a tall banyan tree appeared in front of them.

Under the tree, thick roots twined around each other and sank deep into the center, looking like a strangely shaped “door”.

This was the entrance to a secret realm.

Secret realms are completely separate spaces whose inner workings differ in many ways.

Some secret realms are naturally evolved and inevitably rich in spiritual energy, even in every blade of grass, tree and stone.
Such secret places are called spiritual veins in the cultivation community.

Others are artificially constructed.

Most of the artificially constructed secret realms are designed to store certain items, such as unique secret books or rare magical weapons.
But at the same time, there are often traps prepared by the makers of the secret realm, and the slightest carelessness can lead to death.

For 3,000 years, Feng Ci has advised his disciples not to go to unknown secret places.
Otherwise they would not even know how they would die.

Of course, if you have cultivated to the point where you can sweep through the world and are not afraid of a secret realm, you can still pass through it.

But when you have overcome all difficulties and reached the deepest part of the secret realm, there may not be a rare treasure waiting for you, but a room full of small books of a great cultivator.

– Feng Ci has really seen such boring peoples.

So what was this secret realm in front of him?

Feng Ci could see that it was a manufactured secret realm, and the cultivation of the creator was so deep that it was almost impossible to see his realm from the outside ……

Pei Qianyue directly raised his step and walked in.

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“Hey!” Feng Ci pulled up his sleeve, “Where is this place? Is it safe? You just broke in like this…”

Pei Qianyue: “Let go.”

Feng Qu: “Huh?”

Pei Qianyue pulled his sleeve out of Feng Qu’s hand and said in disgust, “Don’t touch me.”

Feng Rui: “……”

What, you used to ask me for a hug from you all the time.

What’s wrong with tugging on your sleeve?

You almost broke my arm just now!

“If you don’t want to enter, then leave.” Pei Qianyue finished this last sentence coldly and entered the secret realm.

After following him this far, there was no reason Feng Ci wouldn’t enter.
He took a step forward, but it was as if he had stepped on the bottom of his feet, and his body fell straight down.

Feng Ci just jumped forward and collided with Pei Qianyue in front of him with the force of his body.

Then his arms tightened and he wrapped them tightly around him.

The two of them fell quickly.

It seemed to be an extremely deep cave, without a single ray of light, and nothing could be seen.
During the fall, Pei Qianyue tried to break free from Feng Ci’s, but Feng Ci was determined to be disgusted by him and shouted, “I am scared of heights, city master, please save me.”

Then he felt his back hit something and they tumbled down the stone wall like Siamese twins.

Finally, they landed on a soft vine.

Feng Shu, who was in Pei Qianyue’s arms because of his small stature, was not hit.

Pei Qianyue normally wore a loose robe, but now when he put his arms around him, he found that his waist was even slimmer than usual, but he was taller, so he didn’t look so thin.

His hair and clothes were disheveled in the mess, and the black silk covering his eyes was a little loose but didn’t fall.

Pei Qianyue’s voice sounded a little contrite, “Let go.”

Feng Ci was stunned until he realized afterwards that he had accidentally pulled on the silk belt he had tied behind his head as he struggled.

He could have torn the belt off with a gentle tug.

If he pulled it off and took a look, would he be able to see what was wrong with his eyes? This thought crossed Feng Ci’s mind for a moment, but he did not.

The silk ribbon slipped from his hand as Feng Ci’s hand loosened.

Pei Qian Yue didn’t want others to see it, and he shouldn’t have forced him.

“I’m sorry.”

Feng Ci straightened up and tried to get off Pei Qianyue.
He had just landed on one leg when Pei Qianyue suddenly said, “Don’t move!”

But he was one step too slow.

The moment his leg touched the ground, something closed around him and prevented him from moving.

Feng Ci thought they had landed on a piece of vine, but only now did he realize that there seemed to be something else attached to the vine.
Feng Ci dipped a little with his fingers, and pulled out a thin thread, which still radiated a slight burning coldness.

Feng Rui: “A spider web?”

Pei Qianyue: “Yes.”

“Then ……” Feng Resign looked down at Pei Qianyue, who was completely pinned underneath himself, lying almost flat on that vine, his limbs already completely entangled in the spider web, and was silent for a moment, “Can you still move? ”

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Pei Qianyue: “…What do you think?”

Feng Rui: “……”

I told you not to rush when you come across a foreign secret realm!

The treacherous thing about secret realms is that they cannot be defended, and many small traps sometimes cannot be easily overcome by a strong force.
For example, now, Feng Ci may be a fire to burn this vine to escape, but the little black snake under it will probably be turned into charcoal-grilled snake meat.

…… This won’t work.

The fact that they fell into a trap so easily, how can they still be the leader of the Immortal League Alliance?

“If it wasn’t for you to cause trouble…”

Pei Qianyue sounded like he was almost dying from Feng Ci’s anger.
When Feng Ci thought about it, it actually seemed like he was trapped here because he kept colliding with him in the air and even pushed against him when he landed.

He quickly reassured her, “No, don’t worry, let me think about it…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the ground suddenly collapsed beneath the vines.

The surroundings lit up.

Only then did he realize that the vine they were on was not at the bottom of the chasm, but hanging in the middle of the cave.

Less than a hundred meters below this vine was lava flowing.

The hot lava bubbled and boiled beneath them, and the temperature in the cave skyrocketed as debris rolled down and was instantly melted by the heat.

Good, now they can both be fried together.

Feng Ci urged helplessly and desperratly “Think …… of something, city master.”

“This spider web can seal the meridians.” Pei Qianyue spoke indifferently.

Even though he didn’t say it, Feng Ci felt it.

This spider web had a spiritual power that could penetrate the skin and seal into the meridians.
His right leg, which was bound and tied, already felt like it was in ice and snow, and he was gradually losing consciousness.

As expected Pei Qianyue doesn’t seem to be well either.

He had not been to the secret realm for thousands of years, and the moment he got there, he encountered such a vicious trap.

The vines and spider silk hanging from the stone wall began to melt as the lava scorched them.
The vines could no longer support the weight of two grown men and fell a few inches.

If they continued like this, they would fall into the lava with blocked meridians and no spiritual energy.

They would be reduced to ashes.

But even in such an emergency situation, there was no hint of fear on Feng Ci’s face.

Pei Qianyue said in a low voice, “You are really not afraid of death.”

His hair was slightly disheveled, and the side of his face was backlit, making him look especially good in the glow of the fire.

Feng Ci put away his usual listless look, his eyes continuing to search for a way out between the stone walls, and said casually, “Only when you have something to live for are you afraid of death, but when you have nothing to live for, there’s nothing to fear.”

Pei Qianyue asked him, “Don’t you have anything to live for?”

As the vines continued to fall, Feng Ci did not answer directly, but asked back, “You have lived so many years, do you still have what you want?”

Pei Qianyue said, “Yes.”

Feng Ci looked down at him as if to judge whether his words were true or not.

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Half an eternity later, he averted his eyes and said softly, “Then you must be careful not to die here.”


The temperature in the cave quickly became unbearably high, but the body under Feng Ci was surprisingly cold.

It was the cobwebs that were gradually freezing his meridians.

Feng Ci leaned over Pei Qianyue and whispered, “City Master, if we can’t think of a way out, we will die together.”

There was no reply.

Pei Qianyue lay motionless, his breath having taken on a faint white haze as if he was already unconscious.

His body was too cold.

Pei Qianyue was a demon, and his spiritual power was his life source.
The blockage of his meridians made it impossible for his spiritual power to work, and it was even life-threatening for him.

Was there really nothing that could be done?

Not really.

But whatever the solution was, an ordinary teenager of the Immortal Sect could not understand it.

Feng Ci sighed softly, but at that moment, the vine hanging on the stone wall finally became too heavy.

It broke.

“Pei Qianyue!”

During his rapid descent, Feng Ci only had time to hug Pei Qianyue again.


The hot lava churned and swallowed the two of them in an instant.

Everything was silent.

A few moments later, a golden-colored translucent shield of spiritual light slowly rose from the lava.

He put one arm around Pei Qianyue and held one hand flat in front of him.
A constant stream of bright golden light flowed from his palm, enveloping the two of them in a shield of light.

The cobwebs on Pei Qianyue’s body had completely melted from the heat of the lava, and Feng Ci raised his hand and was about to let the shield of spiritual light float up when he saw the scene around him change once more.

The raging and tumbling lava, the burning stone walls, and the falling vines were all suddenly immobilised.

Then it gradually silted up and blew away, finally turning into a navy blue glow of spiritual energy and dissolving into the void.

Feng Ci’s feet touched the ground.

They were standing in a long, narrow tunnel, and when Feng raised his head, Pei Qianyue was standing beside him, fully dressed, with neatly trimmed hair and a robe.

He was still the same lonely, cold man, unafraid to approach the Lord of Langfeng City.

Feng was still and wrapped his arms around Pei Qianyue when he pushed him off with a gentle shove.

Feng Rui immediately understood everything.

“Did you build this secret realm?” Feng Ci withdrew his spiritual light shield, simply annoyed with him, “You want to test me?”


Banyan Tree also spelled “banian”, is a fig that begins its life as an epiphyte, i.e., a plant that grows on another plant, when its seed germinates in a crack or crevice of a host tree or edifice.

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