When I woke up the next morning, I was already starting to look forward to my next visitor.

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This kind of restless anticipation was like a child looking forward to watching cartoons at night after a whole day of school.

However, though I can hear the armies building their camps and their aircraft circling around the area, not a single person approached my house the entire morning.

Noon quickly arrived, and as I was starting to get bored, the black cat jumped on my desk.
“Another one of your ex-boyfriends is here.”

I observed the area outside my house with God’s Eye—a skill that I possess—and realized in joy that the cat was right!

Though I have never been in a relationship with the crown prince, he did confess to me once, but at that time, I was in the frenzied state of ‘trying to save the world and did not have time to fall in love’, so I rejected him.

Later on, when I finally wanted to fall in love with a man, his royal status as the crown was exposed and he instantly lost the qualification to be my boyfriend.

As for my actual ex-boyfriend… Wait.

“What was his name again?” I asked the black cat.

Black cat: “…”

Black cat: “It’s not important, so let’s just call him the ex-boyfriend.”

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Me: “That’s fine.”

And so, the ex-boyfriend knocked on the door.

“Ella,” I called out to my artificial unintelligent robot.

Ella stumbled clumsily to open the door, hitting three obstacles along the way, and used a total of eighty seconds to reach the door.

Surprisingly, the ex-boyfriend waited patiently for Ella to reach the door.

Ella meowed at him happily.
Perhaps there were some remnants of some memory from the past.

“Come back, Ella,” I said.

However, the moment the ex-boyfriend heard this name, a complicated expression flashed through his face as he assumed that I was projecting my feelings for Ella on a random robot.

I did not bother to explain how a small part of Ella escaped to return to my side, and instead, I quickly voiced out my concerns before he could step foot into my home.
“Can you please not enter my house?”

The ex-boyfriend paused awkwardly before silently stepping two inches back.

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He was never a man who was good at words, so after a few silent seconds, he bent down and placed a military lunchbox on the ground.
“This was handmade all by my sister herself.
She remembers your preferences in food and took a long while to cook it in the kitchen this morning.”

“I do recall that your family were famous nobles of the Empire, with your very own castles and hundreds of servants?” I asked sincerely, “Even if you wanted to prove your good intentions, was it necessary for the lady to cook a meal herself for a few hours? Was it no the job of a servant to do so?”

There was a strange look in the ex-boyfriend’s eyes, as if my unfamiliar demeanor confused him.

But it was to be expected because my temper wasn’t like this last time.

“You…” He held the door and looked as if he was staring eye to eye at a prehistoric mutant beast, “The old you would’ve rushed out before anyone else as soon as you hear about the crisis.”

“Well, I’ve changed for the better because it’s obviously not going to end well for me with acting so foolishly.” I grinned and responded dryly, “I suppose it’s safer to wait for someone else to do it.”

The ex-boyfriend took a deep breath and gave me a weird look, as if silently letting me know that he would not argue with me on this.

He then took out a photo from the chest pocket of his military uniform, “Do you remember the child that Xiao Yi was pregnant with previously? You used to look forward to the birth of the child, claiming that the child would definitely have Xiao Yi’s beautiful eyes regardless of the gender.”

I don’t even remember my ex-boyfriend’s name, so of course, I wouldn’t remember who Xiao Yi was, but I connected the dots and took a guess that she was his sister.

“Do you still wish to see?” The ex-boyfriend asked.

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“No, and I know what you’re up to.” I answered frankly, “You’re trying to make me feel nostalgic about the past, so you can persuade me to go back and die willingly for you and your people.”

“No one has ever asked you to die for the people.
You have always done it voluntarily.” He frowned and retorted at my words.

The ex-boyfriend has always had a cold temperament and held a high position at such a young and promising age.
Most importantly, he was extremely handsome.
The previous me was infatuated with his looks and enjoyed the feeling of successfully possessing a cold and once unreachable flower.

However, once I dislike him, everything about this man disgusts me to no end.

Especially the words that he just spewed, which was a bullseye on my rage meters.

“Is that so?” I answered with a dry smile, “Then why was it that I was always the only one requested to enter the most dangerous places alone? Could it be that the entire army was my logistic team, so they cannot accompany me on the battlefield? Could it be that everyone’s lives are precious and should not be wasted when the issue can obviously be pushed upon me?”

“You have the ability to solve the issue.” The ex-boyfriend insisted.

Of course, I do, but it also comes with a price that was not known to outsiders.

I stared intently at the ex-boyfriend before flashing a smile at him.
“I have the ability to kill you on the spot too.”

His body tensed up at my words.

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He knew exactly what I was capable of… and, to put it simply, it was as simple as squashing an ant.

“… And everyone else on this no-man’s-land as well.” I looked out of the window and as soon as reminded myself that the world would end in nine days, my entire body and mind relaxed comfortably, “But I won’t do it, because all of you will die soon enough.”

I presumed the sinister villainess smile was on my face once again because the ex-boyfriend left with a complicated look on his face.

He left the photo on the cabinet by the door before taking his leave.
“I believe you won’t sit by idly.
You won’t be able to bear it knowing that innocents would die.” He said.

I reminisced deeply about the past for a few moments, but I really could not remember the details, so I turned towards the black cat who had been pretending to be a real cat for the entire period.
“How long have I dated him?”

The black cat swayed his tail from side to side and twitched his whiskers speechlessly before answering my question, “Four months and five days.”

I breathed a sigh of relief at his reply.
“I suppose I wasn’t too brainless.”

Black cat: “He dumped you.”

“… Damn it!” I was instantly furious and immediately called out the name of my little artificial airhead, “Ella, bring me the lunch box!”


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