Throwaway Villain

The starting line (3)

As she hurried down the halls, Faier contemplated her young masters behavior. Hed been almost docile. Something she never thought she would ever associate with her Master. He even smiled at her. She has been his personal maid for years and she can remember ever seeing him smile. Smirk? All the time, mocking laughter? Plenty, but smile? Faier was certain shes never seen it. Not until today. Even back then, all those years ago when they met, he hadn smiled.

She pushed into the kitchen and headed for one of the chefs. She dodged past the clutter with a quick glance and a frown.

”Tor, make a light lunch for the Young Master and send it up. Make sure theres enough for two. Im certain his Grace will be visiting. ”

Faier Spun on her heel and left for the Dukes office. Tor would do as she asked. The man was a good worker, unlike many of the other staff here. Plenty of the workers ignored anything to do with her Young Master. Its why Faier and Kurio took care of all their Young masters needs. They didn trust the other staff to do their best.

Knocking on the door, she waited for the command to enter. She pushed the door open and bowed as soon as the Duke was visible. Her eyes stayed on the warm-toned rug as she greeted the Duke of Hosyn.

”May the light of day and the dark of night Bless you, Your Grace, ”

The Duke didn even glance up at her. Faier kept her head down and waited. He wouldn let her stay like this for too long.

”News on my son? ” The Duke asked.

”He woke up a bare few minutes ago, Your Grace. I have staff preparing a meal by the Young Masters askance, ”

The Duke stood with fluid grace from his seat and strode out of the room. Faier waited until he was three steps away before lifting herself out of the bow and turning to follow. She kept her pace behind the Duke as they walked to the young masters wing.

”Im glad hes awake. ”

Her gaze slid to the man who fell in step with her. His sharp eyes glinted, and Faier smiled.

”As am I, Sir Gyef. ”

Gyef grinned at her, and the two followed the Duke in silence.

Sighing, she wandered to the comfy-looking couch. Wondering why there was no more than one. Did this body she was in not have friends that came to visit? Then again, if shes in the body of who she thinks, she doubted it. At least, not the kind you take into the house of a Duke. Picturing the castle robbed dry amused her.

She breathed in and out. It would be easy enough to confirm, however, she was nervous. There was no point though, she had to confirm. She needed to plan, but for a plan to form, she needed cold, hard facts. She had her assumptions, only assuming and knowing are not the same.

”Status. ”

Breathing out one last time, she opened her eyes to the imposing screen that flashed a pale boring blue.

Hunter Status

Leko Hosyn


Hunter, Noble

Rank F Level 1

EXP: 0

God tier ability: Foresight.

Special tier ability: Fuse

General ability: Eagle eye, Lie

Unique ability: N/A

Merchant contract: N/A

Familiar: N/A

Special Move: N/A


Strength: 4

Dexterity: 4

Constitution: 4

Intelligence: 27

Wisdom: 31

Charisma: -28

Perception: 4

She groaned and flopped onto the comfy seat. Shes a dead man walking. It wasn even a joke. The Heros Start Line was a book shes read on her phone. It was a random recommendation that shed found online. It took place in an RPG-style world. Following the path of a young Hunter, a specialized class thats gifted to humans by gods. This hunter was Calen, a future hero. Its name is the Heros start line because he wasn quite the hero at the start of the story. You followed his path as he gathered allies, defeated the big bad, and saved the kingdom. A typical hero story. She had hated it.

The writing was horrendous. So much had made no sense. Their story took place in an old world. It had kingdoms, principalities, theocracies, and empires. There were so many modern things that would never have existed in the time frame in which the story occurred. Then other useful modern things couldn be found in the story. The hero came off as twisted and angry. He lost his cool and burnt places to the ground often. It seemed more like a villain to a reluctant hero story than anything else. The plot armor on the man was stupid too. The way the hero would know something and avoid a near-death experience. Theres instinct and then theres plot convenience.

The only reason she kept reading was to see how much the author would butcher the story.

Leko Hosyn was a villain, or more like a minor annoyance. Beaten bloody by Calen and then brushed off by his father. Leko later dies at the hands of the enemy that burned down the capital city of Hosyn. Though he is not the only one. All the Hosyn family bar the oldest died in the incident, so its not like it was Leko alone. The eldest then joined up with Calen and fought in the war against said enemy. She died before the war ended in a bloody victory for the Droitt kingdom.

They say it was tragic. She felt nothing but annoyance. Its not like she could get attached to terrible written characters.

Frowning at the roof, she contemplated what she had to do. She was in a body destined to die in a world that was fascinating but made no sense. Though she lifted her hands and observed them again. Leko never became a hunter. She was a hunter.

”Status. ”

She eyed the screen and hummed. Jaika, the god who had sponsored her into becoming a Hunter. Gods are a common thing in this world, there are thousands of them.

e plenty powerful, however, they weren all-powerful. They were selfish, and they caused more trouble in the world than they helped. Gods were best avoided. Unfortunately, having the Hunter class means that she now owed a debt to a god. It was an exchange. You got super-powered and they get a lackey to do their bidding.

”Show me Jaikas profile. ”


Goddess of Mischief and Lies

Jaika is playful and rather easygoing for a higher deity. She rarely sponsors Hunters and often only when its someone that can cause a lot of trouble.

Jaika likes feeling amused and will spoil her chosen if they keep her entertained.

She frowned while reading the passage again. It wasn too bad. There was no certainty that this god wouldn be a terrible one. Keeping a god entertained, she could do that. Shed been a paper pusher stuck in an office every day working on nothing yet never getting breaks. As a Hunter, she could go out to do things, instead of dying of boredom.

Dying was not an option. She didn want to work hard either. Shed had one miserable life already. There was no need for another one. Shell accept this life as her vacation and have a nice, lazy life.

Being Leko wouldn be that bad. His character was terrible, a shitty person called the mad dog of Hosyn. People didn like him and he was an awful choice for the head of the family. Which was perfect. The head of the family would need to do paperwork, shed rather avoid paperwork. The head position would go to Lekos older sibling, and Leko could be the wealthy, jobless, and lazy brother. Yes, she liked that idea. With people avoiding her, she wouldn have annoying things clinging to her in the name of friendship. If she insulted people, well, she was the mad dog. Who cared?

Leko Hosyn was perfect. Shed be awkward being a man, but who cared about that? Shed get used to it. Its not like it mattered.

She put her attention back on the screen and looked over her stats. God Tier abilities were rare. They were either gifted by gods or earned through dangerous quests.

She was glad that she could write off her knowledge of the future as an ability. Spreading it around was asking for others to hunt her down and used her. If she ever needed to tell, she had proof to back up with the last resort.

”Information on Foresight. ”


Jaikas Gift to Leko

Can fuse

Rank F level 1

You have memories of a future.

Of course, she had assumed this ability was her gifted one. A god that sponsored a human could gift a single ability along with the new class, but it didn always happen. Not all gods were powerful enough to do it right after sponsoring a human. The type of ability was also limited, it always related to the gods own unique abilities.

The ability was at its lowest rank. She needed to rank it up to gain more perks. Her memories of the book were all that this ability gave her right now. A part of her was rather excited to see what else is available at the higher ranks.

”Information on fuse. ”


can fuse

you can combine abilities to create new ones.

Rank F Level 1

You can only combine F rank abilities

Special tier abilities. Each Hunter gained at least one. Hunters could gain more in two ways. A gift from a god or through ancient artifacts. These were the only ways she knew of, at least.

Fusing two abilities could come in useful. If she had two useless ones, making a new one that could be better was a significant advantage. Most people struggled to gain good abilities, so this was a boon. The first one is always related to the user in some way. It was easy to guess why she gained this one, and she knew exactly what artifact would merge well with this ability. A small pleased grin spread across her face.

”Information on eagle eye. ”

Eagle Eye

can fuse

You have advanced sight for a human

Rank F Level 1

Passive, you have good eyesight. You can see further and more precise than other humans.

That was a good one. She pursed her lips and grinned even more. She would need to face creatures and quests at some point. Combining her sight with a weapon would be beneficial. She liked the idea of being a ranged fighter. She could do a hit and run, with fewer chances of getting hurt.

”Information on lie. ”


e good at bluffing

Rank F Level 1

No hunter will believe you. Youve got a chance with civilians.

A disappointed sigh escaped her she shook her head. Right, some general abilities were pretty useless, and so common it was stupid. General abilities were the most common abilities. It is often gained after repeated actions. They
e basic RPG skills and basic day-to-day life skills. She got lucky with Eagle eye.

She eyed her attributes. In this world, attributes weren as useful and were a basic measure of your own skills. There were no skill points that could up the count of the attribute. You had to gain more points through regular work. Still, it was better than normal life. The idea of being able to see as she got better was appealing.

”Show me my attributes. ”

Strength: 4

Dexterity: 4

Constitution: 4

Intelligence: 27

Wisdom: 31

Charisma: -28

Perception: 4

”Ahrg, ” she covered her eyes. The only good ones were her intelligence and wisdom. What the hell was up with her charisma? No, her shoulders dropped. The charisma was a reflection of her popularity. It wasn like other RPGs where it affected your own charm. Peoples opinions of you affected your charisma. If you had a shitty image, you had shitty charisma. Leko Hosyn had a shitty image, of course, the charisma would be negative. That wouldn do. She needed a good charisma score.

She will need to work on her other attributes as well. If she wanted to survive as a hunter. Since she can gain skill points any other way, then she will have to figure out a training style for each one.

Strength was easy, weight training would work for that, and Dexterity would be easy as well. Some RPG systems had Dexterity work with hand-eye coordination. Others had it work with agility, reflex, flexibility, and quickness. This world used the latter. She could do stretching, Yoga, and Pilates. Dancing was also something that would help her dexterity.

Another skill that would be useful and train many attributes was parkour. Due to the running, her constitution would go up. Lifting and throwing herself would help her strength. Having to maneuver around objects would help her dexterity. The quick thinking as she makes her next move would help her intelligence and perception.

For constitution, running and HIIT training, swimming would also be good.

For Perception, she frowned that wasn as easy the parkour would help but what else could she do? She didn have a solid idea. It required research. They should have a library. Somewhere she doubted shed find a computer or a phone. A miserable sigh escaped her. Her poor YouTube watch later list was going to wither away. Shell miss it.

Intelligence and wisdom were good, but she won sit back because of that. Reading, studying, and playing mind games would all help those two attributes.

The biggest problem was charisma, but then again. It peoples opinions affected it. All she had to do was better the opinion others had of Leko. Sitting up, she muttered a resigned curse. She liked the view people had of Leko. It would be a good way to keep others away from her. it was unfortunate that she needed fair treatment of Leko. especially if she aimed to make a contract with a system merchant. It was well known that the merchants refused to deal with people that had low charisma.

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