Throwaway Villain

Meeting the family (2)

Strolling down the halls was rather fun. She found amusement in watching the other servants scurry away from her.

”Ah, Young Master, are you enjoying yourself? ” Faier smiled at her when she grinned as another servant turned tail and ran. This was the seventh one in the last ten minutes.

”Absolutely Faier, having the time of my life. ” Kurio snickered behind her. ”We should do this more often, keep them on their toes, ” she continued.

”But, Young Master, they won run as quick if they become used to it, ” Kurio pointed out. She frowned and sighed.

”I guess once or twice a month would do, ” she said with a pout. Kurio and Faier grinned at her.

From what she could gather. The god gave the Hunter class to her yesterday somewhere in the mid-afternoon. She woke up late morning. Sleeping was common after that sort of event. There had been worries because of how long she slept. People would only stay out for three hours, not most of a day. She guessed it was because of her taking new residency.

She was curious about what happened to her old body. Did they swap? Is Leko causing havoc in her body? Is it dead? In a coma? A part of her hoped Leko wasn inhabiting her old body. Hed die anyway. At least she could avoid her death. He wouldn be giving such a chance. She never said a word to anyone. What was the point when shed been a recluse? Going to work and going home that was her life. She had no friends, shed never had the time or patience to deal with people. Her parents were dead. Shed been the youngest in the family and born rather late. Her parents had been on the older side and were sick. They died when she was eighteen and twenty. Her siblings, well, they haven spoken in a few months. The only time that anyone of them made contact was when they needed something. She and her siblings didn hate each other. They grew up independent of each other. It was never a cute, cuddly family. They cared, of course, they worried and would help each other, but there were no family dinners or stuff like that. When She found out that her body was dying, annoyance was her primary emotion, but she ignored it. She didn care. Her family would be sad for a bit. In the end, their lives would carry on like normal. Her death would make no difference other than an emotional one that would fade. They had their own families to worry about. She wasn important.

”Ah, its Lady Mohara. ”

Her attention snapped to Faier. She followed her gaze down the hall. The woman stood by one of the many windows. Like all the Hosyn family, her hair was as white as snow. It cascaded down her back and curled around her body. The book described her as another worldly beauty, the eldest child of Kiligar and Friar. Mohara was dependent, confident, and powerful. She became a hunter at nine and grew fast. She was the perfect head for the family.

Mohara turned. They locked eyes. The soft smile on the womans lips twisted.

e awake. ” She walked towards them. They stopped in the middle of the hall as she came closer. ”A shame. It would have been better if you stayed asleep. ”

Mohara strode past her. She stared forward with a blank expression. ethereal beauty? What a joke. Mohara Hosyn was a bitch.

In The Heros Start Line, Mohara seemed a sensible character with bottled anger. The one who broke up disputes between party members and helped Calen plan attacks was Mohara. She had no close relationships with any of the party. Most had found her intimidating and scary. Mohara held a lot of honor, especially for her family. The woman had rarely talked about her family, but when she did, she never mentioned Leko. It had always been either her parents or the two youngest.

Mohara shinned even brighter if you compare her to Leko.

Thinking about it now. Leko was a disgrace to the family she held in such high esteem. It came as no surprise that she had no care for the guy. She frowned for a second before shrugging and moving down the hall again. Mohara wasn her sister anyway, so its not like it mattered.

”Hey, wheres the ballroom? ”

Following Faier, she almost hopped in excitement. She didn , of course. She had an image to keep. The urge was there, though. She was about to see a ballroom in a castle. How cool.

She held a firm determination to learn how to dance. She wanted to waltz or something at a ball while wearing fancy clothes. Its a shame she was a dude now. A pretty gown would have been great.

Kurio pushed the doors open, and she followed in behind him. She stopped and stared at a woman, who spun and glided through the center of the room. Her hair was an ash blond, it curled around her face and body like Moharas. She reminded her of a fairy. As she floated through the room. She couldn help but stare at her.

Friar Hosyn, the woman who had stolen the heart of the cold-hearted bastard Kiligar. This woman couldn be anyone else but her.

It startled her when the woman spun and faced her. Friar stumbled and stared at her. She frowned. Did even Lekos mother not like him? She felt like she didn have a good grasp on how terrible this guy was.

”Leko, you
e awake! ”

She instinctively clutched at the woman, who had thrown herself into her arms. Friar sobbed while she panicked.

”Its okay! Im okay! Stop crying! ” she freaked out. She tugged the woman closer and patted her head. Her people skills were no match for a crying woman. Friar looked up and sniffed. Their eyes met. She blinked at the sparkling gaze.

e quite happy, ” she muttered.

”Oh, Leko, mommy was so worried! ”

The woman stuffed her face into her neck and sobbed again. Had her eyes not shown that she was happy? Was Friar bipolar? Sighing, she ran her hands through Friars hair. She glanced at Kurio, who was laughing at her in silence. The mans expression may be blank, but his eyes said everything.

”Im fine. Mother, please calm down. ” She rested her own head against Friars. ”You were dancing so beautifully earlier. Were you having fun, mother? ”

The hands Friar had around her tightened and another sob wrecked through the womans body. She felt like she wasn helping at all. Should she let go? She pulled away, but Friar clutched her tighter. Releasing a sigh, shes sighing a lot lately. Contemplating picking the woman up, but her strength was at four. No matter how cool it looked in her head, she was far too weak right now.

”I was walking through the castle. Do you have some time to spare for your son and walk wi- ”

”YES! ”

Friar clutched at her hands and beamed up at her. The woman sparkled with joy. It was a novel experience for her. No one had ever been this happy to spend time around her.

She hooked their elbows together and smiled down at Friar, who still sparkled. She glanced up at Faier. The maid bowed and opened the doors for them.

”You never answered whether you had fun dancing, ” she asked.

She looked down as another hand grabbed at her elbow and Friar squeezed it. The woman hopped next to her.

”Oh, I did. I always have fun dancing! You should try it! ”

She nodded and hummed, smiling down at Lekos mother.

”I told father I wanted to learn- ”


She stared wide-eyed at the woman. Friar stood in front of her and clutched at both her arms. Friar flushed and let her go. The woman rubbed at her neck and looked up at her from under her lashes.

”I- ah- I mean, as your mother, I would like to teach you. ”

Speechless at the erratic change, she nodded. Friar squealed and jumped on her.

”Oh, really!? Youll really let me teach you!? ”

She let her arms circle Friar. Damn you, Leko. This woman was an angel. How terrible could you be? Mistreating your mother where she near died of happiness with simple affections? she curled into the woman.

”Im sorry, Im so sorry, ” she whispered.

Friars grip around her strengthened. She could never fathom being a jerk to a mother. She couldn bare seeing one so cracked. If they ever meet, she would kill Leko with her own hands.

”Id love to learn from my gorgeous and talented mother. ”

They stood hugging for a few minutes in silence before Friar pulled away with a teary smile.

”Im glad, ” she whispered. Friar slipped her hand through her elbow while trying to wipe her eyes with her sleeves. Holding back a grumble, she pulled out a handkerchief that Kurio had insisted she carry. She handed it to Friar. She chuckled and sniffed while taking it.

”My baby boy is being so sweet to mommy today. ”

Frowning, she glanced away and shrugged.

”When do you want to start lessons? ”

”Father said he will work on a schedule for me. Hell send it in two days. You need to talk to him about adding a time for you to help me. ”

”Ill talk to your father today. ”

The two chattered as they walked around the castle. She looked at everything she could without being noticeable. Sue her. It was her first time in a castle.

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