”Are you thinking of using the public training ground for the knights, or will you prefer your own one? ”

She glanced at the training knights as she and Friar walk past the grounds. Her eyes zeroed in on a knight with crimson hair. The joy of this being a typical piece of fiction. The important characters stood out. Lance Von Golan, a powerful knight loyal to Kiligar. He followed Calen after Hosyns destruction. The irony is that a lot of Calens party came from Hosyn.

She looked back at Friar and smiled.

”Id prefer my own. I don have the best relationship with fathers knights. ”

The woman frowned and shook her head.

”They are to be your knights, too. If they show even a single shred of disrespect, we will execute them, ” Friar scowled, and she chuckled.

”Lets not blame them for my own terrible personality. I will feel better with my own space mother. Lets leave it at that. ”

”Leko, understand that you will be the Duke of Hosyn someday. These men need to understand that they can not treat you ill- ”

”Mohara will be the head. ”

”What? ”

Friar stopped and stared at her. She laughed at the womans expression.

”I won be Duke anything. Its Moharas spot. ”

”Leko, she may be older but- ”

”Mohara has wanted to be head of the family since she was a sniffling brat mother. I am not getting in her way. ”

”Leko… Mohara can be the head, the Kings rule- ”

”Ill change it. ”

Her goal of never having to do paperwork is at stake. She will sacrifice a bit of her lazy time to figure out a way to get Mohara as the head. A small price to pay to get the enormous obstacle out of her way.

Friar stared at her, speechless.

”The king is getting old and will step down soon. There are three princes. I can make a deal with at least one. Mother, what type of Hosyn am I? If I can help my sister achieve her dreams? Family is what we
e all about, is it not? ”

It was the Hosyn family motto family above all else. They say the Hosyn family even picks family above the kingdom.

”Do as you want, but those are some big claims, ” Friar sighed and smiled at her. They started walking again.

”Lets say that I know some things that you don mother, ”

They passed through the gardens. She couldn help but smile at the sight. It seemed so peaceful. Later, she had to grab a book and sit out here for a bit.

She hummed as she heard clashing metal. Friar giggled as they turned a corner and saw a little girl flat on her butt, pouting at a frozen piece of armor. She blinked at the sight and stopped walking. The little girl stood and dragged her sword up. She ran at the armor and clashed with its blade. She blinked a few more times and snorted.

The sword was way too big for the kids body.

The little girl spun at the sound and froze at the sight of her and Friar.

”B-b-brother! ” the girl shrieked. She dropped the sword and bolted in the opposite direction of her and Friar. She stared at the girl, flabbergasted, while Friar shook her head.

e awake, Im glad. ”

Looking down at the little version of the Duke, she tried a normal smile. The kid didn look at all surprised at his sister running like her life was on the line.

”Bilair, ” she murmured as she eyed the kid. Bilair and his sister were both seven years old when The Heros start Line began, but the kid looked too small to be seven.

”How old are you? ”

Bilair tilted his head. He glanced at his mother, who smiled at him in encouragement.

”Im five, and so is Moir. ”

Two years. She frowned for a second before grinning. There were two years before things started going to hell. She could work with that. It gave her time to train. This world didn allow the weak to survive. Bilair watched her as she started biting at her nail and muttering to herself.

”Mother… is brother okay? ”

”Hes fine, ah youll understand when you
e older. ” Friar smiled at her son before looking back at Leko. She watched him mutter to himself. Her son was different, but still the same. It almost felt like they turned time back and that sweet boy that had disappeared came back. Friar smiled. She hoped he would stay like this. She missed him.

-Jaika greets her Hunter-

Three family members stared at the notification. The notification was green, which was wrong. The book spoke of blue notification screens.

”I thought, ” Bilair tilted his head, ”it was blue? ”

-Jaika thinks blue is boring-

”Thank you for sponsoring my son, ” Friar said.

-Jaika feels that she should be thankful that her Hunter accepted-

”Awww, you got a good one, ” Friars smile shinned.

-Jaika is setting up a quest-

She scratched her nose and murmured curses. Not even one day. She glanced up at the frowning Friar and smiled.

”Jaika seemed like a good one, mother. Im tired after all the walking. Ill head back to my room. ” She kept her smile in place as Friar relaxed and nodded at her.

”All right, but I expect you at the breakfast table tomorrow morning. ”

”Ill be there. ”

Flopping down on the couch. She waited for the quest to load. Usually, gods have quests ready. It seems Jaika decided to make one on the spot. She had strolled back to her room in the meantime.

-Quest Alert-

-Hunter Training-

-Duration: 2 Years-

-get all stats to 20 before the deadline-

-pick up a skill with a weapon-

-level your weapon up to rank D-

-Level up to rank D-

-current status: Strength: 4. Dexterity: 4. Constitution: 4. Intelligence: 27. Wisdom: 31. Charisma: -28. Perception: 4.-

-rewards: a skill, 2000 EXP-

-Failure: a disappointed Jaika-

Two years. It was the exact time before Calen would show up. She frowned at the notification. At least the failure didn result in death. Gods liked death as a motivation.

There was no option to accept or decline the quest. Jaika, as her sponsored god, can make any quests she gives mandatory. It wasn much of a problem for this one quest. It worked with her fine. She was more worried about the future. She hoped that there wouldn be any quests conflicting with her plans.

She rested her palm on her forehead and stared at the roof. The book had described this world as a beauty beyond imagination. The more you read, the more clear one fact became.

This world was hell disguised as heaven.

Lakes of acid. Weather patterns that changed without notice. Demons that feasted on humans. Overpowered monsters. Creatures of fable that raged. Nature itself being alive and terrifying. Gods that used humans as slaves. This entire world was against humans. Its like the world now existed to kill them off. It was dark, twisted, and dangerous.

Shes paid with her life for the last mistake she made and now she could finally move on. This world was a terror, but it was her world now. She had to make sure she would live.

Tonight, when the sun sets and rises again in the morning, she would be someone new. This was a new body, a new life, a new family, a new name. She can live until she accepted that and she will because she was adaptable. Shed curve with this ball life had thrown at her.

-Jaika is curious about what her Hunter is thinking-

”You have little faith in me if you think it will take me two years to reach rank D. ”

-Jaika is amused-

”Ill do better than that, ” she sat up and glared at her hands. ”I have to be better than that. ”

-Jaika is excited to see what her Hunter will do-

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