To Hell With Being a Hero!

Chapter 16: Boat People (1)

night-time, he judged that it would be better to check each others location by sound.

–Ruahu? Is that you?

Fortunately, it seemed the other party had heard him, and Chi-Woo heard a faint voice. Chi-Woo yelled at the top of his lungs, “Ru Hiana! Come this way!”

“Ruahu! Its you, right? Yeah? Ruahu!” The voice quickly approached Chi-Woo, but as the footsteps came closer to him, his heart grew heavy. As Ru Amuh said, his friend was looking for him. When Chi-Woo met her, he would have to relay to her what had happened to Ru Amuh, which filled him with mixed emotions.

“Rua…!” Soon, a figure jumped out like a panther. “…hu?” Her voice faltered as soon as she got a good look at Chi-Woo.

“What is it? What happened?”

“Did you find him?”

It seemed that the woman hadnt been moving by herself. Chi-Woo heard two voices a moment after her appearance. As expected, he saw two more figures emerged. One of them was someone he hadnt seen before, but the other man looked familiar. He tried to recall where he had seen the second figure and remembered that the man was the long-headed hero who had pointed Chi-Woo out during Laguels explanation.

“Uh, you are…” The long-headed man also recognized Chi-Woo and lowered the thick book covering his head. “Perhaps—”

Even before the long-headed man could finish his sentence, the woman asked, “Who are you?”

Chi-Woo carefully looked at the woman—she had the same blond hair as Ru Amuh. He wasnt really sure about the cute part, but she fit Ru Amuhs description.

“Are you Ms. Ru Hiana?”

“How do you know my name?” Ru Hiana asked sharply.

“I have a message from Ru Amuh.”


“Please listen to me first. Mr. Ru Amuh has…” Chi-Woo relayed Ru Amuhs message without forgetting a single word.

Ru Hiana listened to him in a daze, but her expression soon darkened. “Where did you meet him? Is he alive? Hes alive, right? Yeah? Just like what he did for us, he told you to relay that message to help you escape, right?”

Chi-Woo sighed. Most people would have understood by now after hed said this much. No, she probably knew what had happened to Ru Amuh by now, but she didnt want to believe it, and would continue to search for him.

“Tell me. Please.”

“Miss, the situation is really not good. That guy could be chasing us. Lets first escape and decide what to do.”

“You can just give me a rough explanation. Ill listen well. Please, please…”

Chi-Woo let out another sigh at Ru Hianas desperate pleas, and then finally relayed to her everything that had happened since he was transported and escaped the cave.

“…I cant believe it,” Ru Hiana mumbled as she listened to his brief summary. “That cant happen. Ruahu…would never….”

Chi-Woo didnt say anything because he knew no words would reach her.

“In the first place, can we even trust this guy? Does it make sense that a dead Ru Amuh guided him out?” the other hero besides the woman and the long-headed man asked out loud.

“Yeah, good point. Maybe its because hes been too succinct, but the story doesnt really make sense from…”

Chi-Woo added, “He also told me to relay this message. Listen to what this person has to say carefully. This is my last request, Ruana.”

As soon as he mentioned Ruana, Ru Hianas face paled, and her legs gave out.

“Are you all right?” The other hero quickly supported Ru Hiana before she fell.

“Hey, you. Did he really—”

“…Hes telling the truth,” Ru Hiana replied with a hoarse voice as she frowned at Chi-Woo. “Ruana and Ruahu are our nicknames for each other. We only call each other that when we are by ourselves, and were the only ones who know them…” Ru Hiana faltered, but she suddenly pushed away the hero supporting her with a resolved expression. “Please tell me his location,” she fixed her stance and asked with a firm voice. “Since he was the one who guided you earlier, he might still be alive.”

“Miss, I really dont recommend it.”

“Im not asking you to help me. Even if its a rough estimate, you can just tell me his location.”

“I understand your concern, but you should only go looking for him after making a solid pl—.”

“I said its fine, so just tell me where he is!” Ru Hiana cut off his words and angrily replied.

This is the reason why Chi-Woo hadnt wanted to accept a request like this. “I cant really remember it.”


“Why do I have to tell you?”

Ru Hiana looked startled as she pointed her fingers at him. “You, how can you…say that after receiving help from Ruahu…”

“I received his help, but Mr. Ru Amuh is asking a favor from me; not from you.”

Ru Hiana became speechless at Chi-Woos cold reply.

“Moreover, if I consider Mr. Ru Amuhs request, wont it make sense for me to not tell you his location?”

“…Ugh!” Ru Hianas face became red with anger. She tightly clenched her fist and glared at him with annoyance before pushing past him.

“Hey!” Even though the long-headed man tried to stop her, Ru Hiana quickly disappeared into the darkness.

“…Ah man. Its not like youre wrong but…” the other hero butted in. “I understand why you didnt tell her, but werent you too cold?”

“I know.” Chi-Woo felt bitter as he continued, “She lost her family…I think I would have acted the same.”

“Then why?”

“Its because of Ru Amuhs request,” Chi-Woo calmly said. “Even though I cant force her to not look for him, I have to try my best to fulfill Ru Amuhs request.”

“…Well, yeah. Rather than leaving her to die after telling her Ru Amuhs location, theres a higher chance for her to live if she tires herself out after wandering around to look for him.”

“I also think so. It doesnt seem like shell calm down, and seeing how agitated she is right now, theres a high chance that well also get swept into danger.” The long-headed man also added in his two cents.

The two heroes definitely had different thoughts and plans than Ru Hiana.

Chi-Woo asked, “But are you two not going to chase after her?”

“Hmm? Ah. I was following her because I received help from her just before but…what the hell, I dont know.”

The other hero scratched his head in annoyance. “I was interested in Ru Amuh, so I joined them to look for him, but if your words are true, theres no reason for me to look for him anymore.” The long-headed man firmly stated his perspective and crossed his arms. “Anyway, a hero at his level has already….its a really frightening world. No, since we dont have the protection of the World, I guess it cant be helped.”

“Was he that strong for a hero?”


“He told me that he was just a beginner that saved one world.”

“He said that?” The long-headed man let out a humorless laugh.

“Is that wrong?”

“No, hes right. But.” The long-headed man continued, “The planet he saved was hit by a star-cluster Crisis.”

“Star-cluster Crisis?”

“Hmm. It had been a while since an event of that level happened, so it was quite the news for a while in the Celestial Realm. Were you not aware of it?”

He was a greater hero than I thought. Chi-woo clicked his tongue silently.

“Anyway, Im going to stop following her. Its unfortunate that Ru Amuh died, but even then…” The long-headed man stared at Chi-Woo and continued, “Since it turned out like this, why dont we move together? Why dont we find a suitable place to rest while avoiding the rain?”

Chi-Woo and the other hero nodded. Having a companion was better than not having one, and being a company of three was better than two.

“Uh?” At that moment, the other hero widened his eyes and stared past Chi-Woos shoulder. “Ru Hiana?” he called out. “What? Did you come ba…Who are you?”

Chi-Woo and the long-headed man quickly turned around at the heros cries. As the other hero had said, they saw Ru Hiana, but she was being held by someone, her mouth muffled and her body tied with a rope.

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