To Hell With Being a Hero!

Chapter 2: A Day with a Strange Fortune (2)

ank a person, suffering from a missing family member?” Chi-woo asked coldly and got up from his seat.

“No! Thats not it, sir!”

“Do you think you are the first one to pull a prank like this? You damn scamming bastards—.”

Bam! Ring, ring!

The loud sound of bells suddenly rang from the cafés entrance. Chi-Woos gaze whipped to the door in reflex, and he frowned when he saw a person with light-brown short hair, a beret, and white clothes. A woman had suddenly burst into the door and was huffing in anger.

“W-what? How could you?” The startled man became even more shocked.

The woman seemed to pause when she saw Chi-Woo, but as soon as she saw the man, her eyes burned with rage.

“You. Crazy. Bastard!” After letting out harsh insults, she angrily stomped towards him. “In the end, you had to…!”

Judging by how Chi-Woo could even hear her grit her teeth, she seemed filled to the brim with rage from head to toe. Chi-Woo clenched his fist to guard against the newcomer, but he wasnt who she was after. The woman roughly grabbed the mans nape and pulled him back.

“Get going. Why arent you moving faster? When we return, Im going to fucking kill you.” Surprisingly, the womans frail hand was able to easily drag away the giant man.

“Ah, no! I havent finished talking ye…!” The man tried to resist with all his strength, but he wasnt able to match the womans strength. “Your older brother is not something like a salesman!” Even while being dragged out, the man shouted with all his might, “Neither are your parents!”

“Why dont you shut the hell up!?” shouted the woman, but the man wouldnt give up.

“Sir Chi-Woo, you need to…”

“Shut up, ack!” The woman screamed as she tried her best to cover the mans mouth. He seemed to have bitten her hand hard if the way his mask crumpled was anything to go by.

“You need to find out the truth! Sir Chi-Woos family is—umph!” The woman quickly covered the mans mouth with her palm. In fact, she had used both her hands to stop him from talking as she hurriedly dragged him out of the door.


Chi-Woo watched the whole scene play out and scoffed in astonishment. ‘What a show.

He was also suspicious of the woman. She probably had been secretly watching them outside, and when she saw that it was getting disadvantageous for the man, she quickly intervened and got him out. If she and the man were in cahoots, this whole situation made sense. After all, the giant of a man couldnt be that easily dragged away, could he?

“Where might you be going?” Chi-Woo had no intentions to let them go easily like this. Even if he had wasted his time, he was going to at least get the price of the mans iced coffee from them. “Stop right there, miss.”

The woman stopped momentarily, but she soon went back to dragging the man out with even more force like she didnt hear anything.

“Miss, I told you to stop.”

She pushed her back hard against the glass door. It was when the door opened half-way and the bell gave out a small chime—

“Hey.” Chi-Woo discarded all formalities, and his voice dropped low. “You deaf?”

At that moment, the woman completely stopped moving. “…Ah?” A startled look appeared on her face as if she couldnt understand why she had stopped.

“Yes! Thats it!” The man used this opportunity to break free of the womans grasp and shouted again, “You have the authority and justi-umph!”

Of course, the man was soon silenced again. Chi-Woo brushed his hair back in annoyance. His luck today was truly rotten; it was only fair for him to make these two bastards suffer as he had.

“I can easily guess what type of people you two are.” Chi-Woo glared at the man and woman and said, “It seems like you two work together to act out a skit and rip off money from people down on their luck.”

“No! Im —” The woman shouted as if she was being wronged.

“Shut up.” However, Chi-Woo calmly cut off her words.

“No! Im – Im not in the same team as this guy! Instead —”

“I said shut up. Does it sound like a request?” Chi-Woo spoke in an authoritative tone.

The womans complexion paled at his chilling command. “No, this shouldnt…” She slightly faltered, and one of her arms began to slowly fall.

“Move it!” The man pushed her away roughly and got up. “Sir, wait. I can finally understand your reaction a bit now. And why did you stare at me like I was crazy the whole time?” The man didnt care about fixing his mask as he continued, “If you dont know anything, this situation will obviously be very confusing and sudden for you, but even then, theres something you must know.” The man finished quickly and said, “Sir, your older brother is a hero.”


“Hes the hero of heroes, the greatest hero.”

Chi-Woo was about to say something, but ended up gaping at the man because of those outrageous words. He thought he had misheard for a second.

But without paying attention to Chi-Woos reaction, the man continued talking as if he was revealing an amazing secret. “And—” He repeated himself with a resolute voice, “Sir, you are also a hero.”

A freezing cold silence passed between them. The man caught his breath with a stiff face, and the woman tightly shut her eyes. Chi-Woo struggled to recover his jaw, at a loss for words. He experienced with his whole body what it felt like to become speechless when one heard something so astonishing. The café was also quiet. A few customers were staring at them while holding their breaths, and the part-time worker was nervously dialing 112 to call the police.

“What, is he a hidden son of a chaebol family?”

“Are they shooting a drama?”

Chi-Woos face reddened from all the voices whispering behind his back.

“I understand, sir. You probably think Im blabbering nonsense.” The man spoke again after a short silence. “I thought that there might be some unexpected circumstances, but…I hadnt anticipated this in my wildest dreams.” He continued with a gloomy expression. “I cant believe that youve been living like an ordinary person without knowing anything.”

“…Drop it, and make a decision for yourself.” Chi-Woo cut him off. “Give me my money back, and well go our separate ways, or we can finish our conversation in the police station.”

“Sir, money?”

“Im talking about the coffee. What I paid for the iced coffee.” Chi-Woo indicated with his chin the plastic cup the man had emptied. “Normally I would just move on, but I cant let this pass after hearing and seeing all your bullshit.”

Chi-Woo stretched out his hand as he continued, “Think of this as your last opportunity. Give me 5,000 won.”

The man looked at Chi-Woos outstretched hand in a daze. “…No wonder. I guess theres no point saying anything more in this situation.” The man responded with a bitter smile and turned back to the now frozen woman.

She glared at the man as if she wanted to kill him, but took out a 5,000 won bill from her wallet.

‘Will you look at that. I knew it, Chi-Woo smirked as he saw the man take the 5,000 won from the woman.

The man didnt immediately give him the money. He took his time as he rolled his sleeves, tapped his elbows, and touched the 5,000 won. Chi-Woo had enough. He was about to snatch the money bill when—

“Sir, I apologize if what happened today was unpleasant for you.” The man slowly walked towards him and humbly bowed while handing him the money.

“You should live honestly.” Chi-Woo grabbed the 5,000 won bill and shoved it into his pocket. “Dont try to scam people who are already having a hard time. What you two are doing right now is a sin. Its going to all become part of your karma.” Then he placed the money in his bag and said, “You think Im lying? Then continue to live like this and kick the bucket. Youll spend the rest of your afterlife in regret.” Chi-Woo turned away after giving them a good verbal lashing. He didnt want to be in the same space as them for even a second longer.

“Sir, since you dont believe me even after I said all this…,” the man continued with a face full of resolve, “I will show you.”


“Ill give you a demonstration and explain again.”

Chi-Woo, who was about to pass the man and go on his way, let out a laugh.

“Ill do whatever is necessary to guide you, sir.”

Chi-Woo planned to quietly part ways, but even till the end, this guy refused to stop.

“I will guide you to where you should rightfully be.”

“Crazy bastard.” Chi-Woo snorted and flung the glass door open. He took one step outside when—


A flash of light suddenly filled his vision. Chi-Woo only noticed something was off after taking two more steps. The sound of cars and people walking in the streets disappeared.

‘What… These werent the only things that changed. ‘Where…is this…? There was a circular arched ceiling, and the space was surrounded by white walls with no patterns. No matter how he saw it, he was no longer in the café, nor was he anywhere near a street.

‘I was definitely…? Chi-Woos eyes widened as he looked back. The café had completely disappeared, and there was now only white space. ‘I need to be calm. This whole situation was extremely shocking, but Chi-Woo calmed his breathing while trying to process his thoughts. There were two reasons why this could have happened: he was either dreaming, or bewitched. Regardless of what had happened, he needed to wake up. He was about to slap his cheek as hard as possible when—

“Sir, how is it?” A low voice rang in the space.

Chi-Woo whirled around, shocked. He doubted his sight as he looked at the giant man looking down at him.

“You must be dizzy, right? I hope you understand since this is your first time connecting.” The mans size was threatening, and when he talked, Chi-Woo saw that his teeth were sharp and pointy like a piranhas.

“But you will soon— ”

“Who are you?”


“Who are you, and where am I?”

Without saying anything, the giant man extended his hand and grabbed a fedora out of thin air before placing it on his head.

Chi-Woos mouth slightly gaped open as he saw the man also take out a long coat from the empty space.


“Thats right.” He was one of the two swindlers Chi-Woo met in the café. “Sir, I told you,” the man with the fedora hat easily replied, “That I would lead you to where you rightfully belong.”

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