To Hell With Being a Hero!

Chapter 30: Female President (6)

ou just asked me.” Both Yohan and Eshnunna widened their eyes. “Since its my first time coming to a world like this, I dont know what to do in this situation, either.”


“Even then.” Chi-Woo cleared his throat. “Well find the answer as we always did.” He smiled at the dazed-looking boy. “Good night and good bye.”

It wasnt until Chi-Woo waved at him that the boy blinked and cracked a small smile for the first time. He bowed to Chi-Woo before running outside while clutching Chi-Woos gift to his chest tightly.

‘Hmm. Wasnt I a bit cool just now? While Chi-Woo praised himself inwardly, Eshnunna stared at Yohan with a complicated expression and sighed again. She quietly closed the door, fixing her posture before turning around.

“I apologize.” Eshnunna deeply bowed towards Chi-Woo. “Ive made you uncomfortable. I dont know how I can make it up to you…”

“No, its fine. Please stop.”

Eshnunna only straightened her back after Chi-Woo repeatedly asked her to, but she was still unable to lift her head.

Chi-Woo said, “I heard him call you sister.”

“…Yes. Hes my little brother,” Eshnunna replied while looking at the floor. “Hes the only family I have left.”

“Ah. Thats why…”

“When I heard that he was missing, I was so worried…I apologize again for this embarrassing blunder.”

Chi-Woo observed Eshnunna; her face was red, and she was wearing a white lace pajama. It seemed that Eshnunna had rushed here in the middle of sleeping since her usually neatly tied up hair was loosely sprawling down her shoulders.

Chi-Woo said, “Im sorry. He seemed very hungry, so I brought him here to give him something…I didnt know he was your brother, Lady Eshnunna.” Chi-Woo apologized readily. Putting himself in her shoes, he understood how worried she must have been.

“No. Its me who should… And…” Eshnunna waved Chi-Woos apologies away, but hesitated before she continued, “What Yohan did today is…” Eshnunna looked guilty as she struggled to say, “Would you be able to keep this a secret…”

Honestly, this was not a big deal for Chi-Woo; the boys actions were completely understandable. However, not everyone would think the same. There were some who wouldnt be as understanding. Giant Fist, for example, had complained about the lack of meat as the food ration decreased. Eshnunna seemed concerned about heroes like him.

The thoughts made Chi-Woo feel some pity towards the woman in front of him. Moreover, Chi-Woo felt indebted to her. He was able to enjoy what little protection and food the main camp could offer because of her and the natives efforts. He shouldve paid them back for what they had done for him. However, Chi-Woo had only been thinking about ways to make as little effort as possible instead. Now that he thought about it, he felt even more apologetic.

“Well…theres no reason for me not to keep it a secret.” Thus, Chi-Woo decided to do her a little favor. “But Lady Eshnunna, Ill only keep it a secret if you do something for me. Haha.”

“…A request.” Because of the way Chi-Woo said it, Eshnunnas eyes narrowed slightly. It was only for a brief moment, but there was even a look of contempt in her eyes.

‘Geez, how were the previous recruits like for people to react like this… Chi-Woo clicked his tongue and took out a box of snacks. It was a sweet one with strawberry cream. He felt a bit apologetic to his brother, but there were still some snacks left.

“Please eat this.” Chi-Woo opened the box and unwrapped it before offering it to Eshnunna. She accepted it, but she looked visibly confused.

“Its a snack, but a different variety than the one I gave to Yohan.”

“You also gave one to Yohan?”

“Yes. He seemed to like it. Do you perhaps not like sweet food?”

“No. I like it.”

“Please eat it then. Its sweet and tastes good.”

Eshnunna looked up while smoothing her finger over the box of snacks. “I am sincerely grateful for this, but must I really eat this right now? This seems very precious.”

“I would also like you to eat it at your place, but I think youll share it with everyone else then.”

Eshnunna became speechless.

“Please just finish this snack here. If you do it, Ill keep what happened with Yohan a secret.”

Eshnunna fidgeted with her fingers, and in the end, took out a piece and carefully took a bite. As she slowly chewed it, her breath hitched in surprise. She let out a fake cough when she saw Chi-Woo smile as if he had expected her reaction.

“Is it good?”

“…Yes. Its good.”

“Please eat a lot. As much as you want.”

Eshnunna nodded without saying anything. She looked at Chi-Woo like she could not understand his actions.

“I just…it doesnt really mean much,” Chi-Woo looked into the distance and said. “I once heard someone say that when youre tired and having a hard time, eating something delicious would be the best remedy.”

While watching Eshnunna eat, Chi-Woo continued, “I hoped that you would at least be able to feel a bit better.” To say it simply, he was telling her to cheer up.

“Honestly, I can understand your situation.” Chi-Woo linked his hands and cradled the back of his head. “You and the natives have been offering us the majority of the crops that all of you harvested after much toil. Even though were called heroes, we hadnt been doing much except for eating. Some of us even complained about the food we got. I cant even imagine how unfair you must think of this whole situation.”

Eshnunna doubled over coughing, shocked. With widened eyes, she shook her head. “Ive committed a…! No, thats not true at all! We dont think like that at all—!”

“Also a kid can eat if hes hungry.” Chi-Woo shrugged. “If someone complains about that, that person is the one with the problem.”

Eshnunna stared at Chi-Woo. “…Sir.” She tilted her head in confusion. “Sir, youre not really like a hero.”

“Is that so?” Chi-Woo silently praised her for having a quick mind and smiled cheerfully.

Eshnunna smiled back and eased up. “Could I eat one more?”

“Lady Eshnunna, I told you that you must eat to your hearts content.”

“Its really good. Its the first time I had soft cream with such a subtle taste. It makes me want to keep the taste in my mouth for a long time.”

The atmosphere was now much gentler than before. Chi-Woo was enjoying a snack break with a beautiful woman late at night under the moonlight. It wouldve felt like a date if they were elsewhere. Given the current situation, however, they didnt think too much about it. Chi-Woo made a bitter smile.

“Now that I think about it, I dont see the others…” Eshnunna gulped down a piece of snack and looked around.

Since it was a good time to change the topic, Chi-Woo went along with the shift of conversation and said, “Its because were in a meeting.”

“A meeting?”

“Yes. Since the meeting was progressing so slowly, though, I left halfway…”

“Would you perhaps be able to tell me what the meeting is about? Or would that be too intrusive?”

“No. Youre not being intrusive at all.” There werent any important matters being discussed in the meeting anyway. Chi-Woo didnt think it would matter if he told her, so he relayed to her what had transpired before he left. Eshnunna listened with a serious face and closed her eyes after saying she needed to think for a bit.

It wasnt long before she opened her eyes and asked, “Could I ask you a favor?”

“What? But you havent even fulfilled my request.”

“Ill eat all of the snacks you gave me if you lend me your ears for a moment. I promise you.”

Chi-Woo couldnt help but laugh, finding Eshnunnas words cute. “Lets hear about it first.”

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