Toketsuha Sayo: A One Shot Story

Toketsuha Sayo -a one shot story

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It was a bright sunny day.

”Ha! ” ”Ha! ”

The breeze gently flowed.


A young girl whose hair and keikogi swayed and flapped as she tirelessly did her practice swings in their courtyard. Leaves fell from a nearby tree and landed on her head.

”Sayo. ”

The girl named Sayo stopped her swinging and turned around and met the gaze of the woman inside her house. The woman wore a formal kimono patterned with blue roses. Like Sayo, this woman has long silver hair, a hair color associated with the genetics of their family along with their blue-colored eyes but unlike Sayo, her long hair was let down accentuating the curls on the end part of her hair. It would be an understatement to just call this woman beautiful.

”Shina Onee -sama. Youve already arrived. have you been well? ”

Despite her dirtied clothing and sweaty face, Sayo smiled sweetly with an air of gentleness and greeted her elder sister with a bow full of respect. Unlike her little sisters soft-spoken voice, Shinas voice sounded cold, strict, and mature but still had a beautiful voice similar to that of Sayos.

”Yes. Ive been well, ” Shina said as she observed her little sister. She then let out a sigh.

”I believe thats enough of that activity for today. We will have guests later. Go clean yourself up and wear a dress fitting to the Toketsuha Clan. After that, eat. Ill ask someone to bring some to your room. ”

Sayo bowed and her sister then left her standing in the middle of the courtyard gripping a wooden katana.

”I…have to get stronger, ” Sayo whispered to herself in a sad and soft voice.

After the guests have gone home, Sayo returned to her room, only to find her older brother waiting for her outside still in his formal clothes. Usually, her older brother wears a blue samurai kimono patterned with ice crystals. Out of all of the children in their family, he inherited most of his looks from his father. A handsome young man with short silver hair and blue eyes, like his older sister and their father, has a cold emotionless aura to it.

”Sayo, spar with me. I want to test something out, ” he said in a voice void of any emotion.

”…Yes, Komoya Onii-sama, ” Sayo gently said, agreeing with her elder brother.

”Haa, Haa, ” Sayo breathed heavily as she knelt from having failed to parry Komoyas last attack.

”Stand up, Sayo. Grip your sword tighter and properly form your stance. If you won , my new technique might wound you even if we
e both using wooden swords. ”

With a deep breath, Sayo steadied her breathing and stood up. She gripped her sword more tightly than before even with fatigue slowly enveloping her body as she formed her body into a defensive stance. In a gentle voice, she signaled her brother to attack.

”Im ready, Onii-sama. ”

Komoya then went into an offensive stance and readied his wooden blade above his shoulder while twisting his upper body as if he was in a batting position. He lowered his legs too, with his left foot forward and his dominant right at the back, ready to propel himself forward.

Komoya then inhaled a deep breath and in a flash, he sent his little sister flying. Her wooden sword was broken and her back was on the ground. Sayo fell unconscious and attendants brought her to her room and treated her.

Shina who witnessed everything called Komoya and talked to him. The attendants who were nearby couldn hear a thing that they were talking for they spoke very softly and very quietly as if not wanting anyone to hear about their discussions.

A week later, the guests who once visited before, arrived again. Only this time, they were not as nice as they were the first time that they visited.

”A duel? With Sayo? ” Korishi, the current head of the Toketsuha Family and the father of Sayo asked.

”Yes! Of course. We of the most exalted and humble Tsurukusa clan have been silent for many years about how we, who have the most number of members who performed during the war are ranked lower than the Toketsuha family who only had the current family head a few others. You may have defeated many strong opponents as head of the Toketsuha but I believe your members do not have the same class of strength as you and you even have lesser members than we are. Which is why I told this to the King and begged him to let me bring someone from the palace to judge the duel. ”

”And that person will judge whether the Toketsuha family gets to keep their rank or not, correct? ”

”Yes, very much so! ”

The man from the Tsurukusa clan answered gleefully.

”But why Sayo? ” Korishi asked.

”Well, you see we heard rumors about your youngest daughter Sayo. About how she still hasn awakened her elemental power yet. As we all know, everyone in the world awakens to their elemental power at a certain age and also after reaching a certain level of strength. Her not awakening any elemental power while being born in a noble family is kind of, well… disgraceful. ”

Chills ran down the spine of the guest from the Tsurukusa family as he shivered from the cold air that he suddenly felt.

”…U-uhmm Toketsuha Korishi-san, uhmmm I may have been a tad mistaken with the last comment that I made. I am terribly sorry. ”

”…Komoya…is there anything you wish to say? ”

Komoya who had been sitting in a corner of the room looked at the guest and said, ”No, father. ”

”Okay. And I believe that having my youngest daughter fight who hasn awakened any elemental power yet would prove your point that you are actually better than us, yes? Then, Representative of the Tsurukusa clan, I believe that if I agree for this duel to happen, losing would mean that the Toketsuha family would lose its current family rank to the Tsurukusa family and all the benefits from the Kingdom that we are currently receiving will be transferred to you, correct? ”

”Pretty much so, Lord Toketsuha. ”

”Then if we win, I believe I get to make you whatever I want you to do, is that correct Mr. castle representative? ”

”…Yes, and please call me, Fujiki, ” the castle representative replied.

”When will this duel happen exactly? ”

”Tomorrow, Lord Toketsuha, ” the guest replied.

Korishi looked at his son. His son then made a gesture of shaking his head. To which Korishi nodded.

”My daughter is still recuperating after an injury from her training so can I would like to request that the date is to be changed to the day after two weeks. ”

”Now, now, that is not fair, Lord Toketsuha. ”

”…Tsurukusa clan representative, you test my patience. I only ask that you let my daughter fight your representative for this duel after she has her injuries healed yet you rejected it. Why? Do you want my daughter to fight you with a handicap? Isn that quite unfair? ” Korishi spoke with a tinge of anger in his soft voice yet his eyes still retained his ice-cold stare.

”Well Lord Toketsuha, our people practice and train every day even after the war ended and I believe your people are doing the same thing. Having the princess of the Toketsuha rest for a week after she hurt herself during her training, while our representative still trains and fatigues even the day before the duel would be a massive disadvantage to them, wouldn it? ”

Korishi then looked at his son to which his son only gazed at him back in response.

”Very well. Give us at least 3 days, ” Korishi answered.

”Deal! ” The Tsurukasa clan representative gleefully said while stroking his beard growing on his fatty chin.

Unbeknown to the knowledge of everyone present in the room, Sayo was eavesdropping behind the door. She then left to pick up a wooden sword and went straight to their courtyard even if it was already dark. Moonlight touched her pale skin and glistened with her sweat as she swung her sword and performed the forms and techniques that her older siblings and father had taught her before. Her face full of gentleness looked straight ahead and focused on tempering her blade, silently making a vow to not dishonor her family on the coming day of the duel despite the fatigue and the pain of her injuries making it a lot harder for her to move. But the thought of getting stronger, despite acknowledging how weak she actually is compared to her family, is the only thing that pushes her to practice more.

Sayo is known to be a gentle, kind, and sweet child compared to the coldness that her family usually displays. Making people think that she is a black sheep that never inherited anything from her family.

As she silently swung her sword around, her hair tied to a ponytail swaying in the cold moonlight breeze, her father, brother, and sister who had already showed the guests the exit, watched her from the distance.

The day of the duel came. Sayo dressed in her usual keikogi is gripping a wooden sword. She stood in their courtyard, facing an opponent bigger than her. This man is the Tsukurusa clans member assigned for the important bout.

”Who is this man, if I may ask, Kuso san? ” Korishi asked the man who went to their house before announcing the duel.

”Why, he is only the Tsukurasas main familys youngest son, Kujomonga. But despite being the youngest, he was able to defeat many of our own members in one of their practice fights, he is very strong even among his other siblings, yes indeed! ” Kuso grinned widely as he said that.

”…Judging from your reaction, he really wouldn be an easy opponent for Sayo who has remained unawakened, unlike Kujomonga who has already used the Tsukurusas signature elemental magic, Plant Manipulation. ”

”Of course! He has mastered almost everything. Especially the offensive-type attacks. He is also more of the brawler type, one wholl punch his way through everything using his favored weapon, a wooden gauntlet. ”

”A wooden gauntlet? ” Komoya asked.

”Yes! He favors a wooden gauntlet for in the middle of the battle hes able to control that weapons shape to whatever he likes or he deems advantageous for him depending on the situation. Young-master is a genius! Yes! ”

Komoya clenched his fists despite his facial expression remaining unchanged from what he usually wears.

Shina in a soft voice then whispered to Komoya, ”If our dear little sister loses this fight because of the irresponsible training you gave her 4 days ago, I will not just lecture you again but I will personally freeze your stupid ass off. ”

Komoya had sweat trickling down his face despite his facial expression remaining unchanged from what he usually wears.

Unlike my usual routine, today, I am up against someone else from another clan. Someone wholl gain something from defeating me. So, I have to expect that this person would not hold back. I have to be serious and give this fight my all…

”Woah, thats quite a serious face you are putting on! HAHA its hard to believe that you are that soft and gentle elemental-power-less-princess of the Toketsuha! ”

”My family has taught me all the basics that I need in order to fight and to introduce myself to an opponent during proper and formal duels. I am Sayo, the youngest daughter of Toketsuha Korishi. Though it is true that I have no elemental power, I still want to be able to do everything in my power in orde

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