Tragedy love ;cursed by the unknown

where are your manners lady?

Where are your manners?

Luciana pov

I was running so i could run away from my step sisters birthday so i would not be married off to one of the suitors until my head hit a broad chest i looked up to see who i hitted i said sorry and was about to run off when the man said where are your manners my lady you cannot even apologies respectfully .I scoffed and was about to ignore until my eyes met his totally mesmerising purple eyes which had a tint of diamond sparkles i was sure that if angels where on earth he would be among and i was brought back to reality when he said are you done staring .I internally scolded my self for staring so I brought my eyes to the ground and thought what an aboslutely rude man .I looked back into his beautiful eyes and said non challantly hey I take back my apology.

Lucian pov

To be honest this girl was the most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on .Her hair was blonde like mine and she had a fair skin like mine.She had beautiful green eyes that had gold sparkles in them that only people who had mysterious ability like me and how on earth could she see the sparkles in my eyes because I could sense nothing from her she was just a human princess but she was so cold with the way she talked at the same time very shy i noticed the way she was looking down so I decided to do something I never did to any one else even my mum .So I cupped her cheeks and immediately she noticed she jerked away so I pulled her closer and

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