Lucian pov

I couldn stay angry any more she was too cute I decided to go check up on her since I already told Sarah to not dress her up that I would be coming I heard her grumbling and shouting he is heartless that made me frown , although I have never cared about what people think but I just found myself caring for her I went to the room but she seemed to not notice my presence ,she mistakenly bump into my shoulder only for her to let out a lot scream and hide behind the curtain what are you doing here ,I want to dress go away she said , I smirked at her childish behaviour come out I said I want to help you dress ,she peeked from the curtain and said don worry I can help my self . I went to pull her out but she clutched to her towel and said turn I will dress then you can help me with the rest but little did she know that I could see even with my eyes closed I tuned and she came in front of me to use her hand to close it cover your eyes I heard her speak and don peek I smirked very well then dress quickly .She removed the towel and I saw her body through my eyes closed ,she looked beautiful ,I saw her peeking at my eye to check if I was peeking but she could find nothing , she wore her cloth but could not reach for the zip , I saw her jumping to reach the zipper but alas to no avail , I turned and pulled the zip only for her to scream haaa… you said you won peek then why did you peek she said ,I pulled her by the waist and said you said I am heartless then why are you surprised. I saw her pout I didn mean it that way am sorry hush know, I said I made her sit down facing the mirror and said I will make your hair she started protesting and I cut her off and said how do you want me to make your hair , can you braid it she asked ,after I was done she smiled and said wow when did a king learn how to braid I just smiled at her I used to see my mother braid her hair .Where is she I have not see her she said well my mum is out of the town for a while so she is not around may be some day you will see her . She looked absolutely stunning even without makeup and I smiled shall we go she said , yes of cause I replied.

Luciana pov

We arrived at the party and Lucian asked me to hold his hand I refused because I had a purple birth mark on my hand in the shape of love and I did not want him to see it because I hated it, the birth mark looked ugly to me . I saw a girl who looked my age running in his arms which made me have a questioning look on my face.

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