so if you excuse me , I and my husband would be going to dance , she gave Katherine a half hearted smile and dragged me with her leaving Katherine standing daze . We went to the dance floor and I asked her how did you know I love you . She looked at me and said I only said it so she could get out and also why did you say you don plan on marrying another wife , because I haven found another wife that is as sweet has you . I saw her blush profusely showing a full red tomato on her face she turned her head away and I brought her face closer to mine and said you know you look so cute when you blush ,I planted a long breath taking kiss on her soft small lips and she said people are watching her whole face and neck was red which made me chuckle.i don care what the world think has long as I have you I said only for her to hide her face in my chest embarrassed and she brought her face out when I asked were you jealous she looked at me and then down I am sorry for the way I reacted , I was she said you can blame me the girl was crossing her boundary I smiled at her you don have to apologize for every little thing you do I am happy with the way you reacted .

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