Luciana pov

Please do
t do any thing but not that begged but to no avail before l could do any thing he came closer and licked my neck do not worry i will revenge some other time we took our bath and went down stairs to eat can l feed you he asked i said no give me 3 reasons why you want to feed you are my wife and i have every right to.two you are mine and only mine three because l want to .No you can feed me he looked dissapointed and took my plate you can eat either l was so annoyed that l took his own food and started eating he looked shocked l knew it was improper for a lady to do that but I had no choice

Lucian pov

This lady was too much l was already pissed off and was about to go when she pulled me back and started feeding me l was lost until l remember what she did .Stop its not fair i said only for to say shh you talk to much i hate it when people are angry at me. I want to feed you but you are so difficult i said only for her to lean closer and say n.. before she even completed it i put a hand full spoon of rice in her mouth never in my life as a lady refused me like this and this was my first time begging a lady. She was too stubborn and I like it . She just glared at me and allowed me to feed her but l stopped when my loyal servant came in and said sir prince liam is here and wants to take her out l looked at her and said do you want to go she said yes l was very sad and said okay arrange the outing.she looked at me and asked why are you sad if you want to come you are welcome .l smiled but she said don smile it doesn suit you l knew she was lying but would not admit it.we got ready for the outing we both wore blue dresses and her hair was in a bun and I said you look beautiful but frowned when she said I know but what do you Liam will say .My queen you should mind your words or else you won like what you see next l said only for her to scoff and say you are jealous and thats a sign of love so stop it .

Luciana pov

We arrived at Liam palace when he saw me he smiled and leaned closer you are sexy l moved back but he gripped my arm and say hmm okay lets talk in my room okay i said but didn like the idea i told prince lucian to stay back but l guessed it was a bad idea liam started removing his shirt what are you doing let me go i cried out he just pushed me on the bed .I heard a slam of the door and liam removed his grip on me and turned I quickly went to hug my husband and started crying go inside the carriage i will deal with him he said angryly.

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