Lovian did not bother to stop but said you don love her and I can give you the pleasure you want but this isw my step sister can do at least she is not shameless like you get out i spatted .trust me you can love her or else you will die lies I want to hear no more and get lost I went out to go to my room but it was locked l heard her crying why was she sobbing luciana open the door l noticed she rinsed her face and l asked why did you rinse your face come on tell me she said because of heat l leaned closer and kissed her and said you are a bad lier only for her to say I am sorry its just that l was sad.

Luciana pov

I knew l had no right to feel this way i went out looking for him only to see him with a girl too close to him l couldn hold it any more and ran away he was the future king and can do as he pleases but l couldn deny l was jealous but when he kissed me I felt at ease was this love I asked my self but how could I love a man in 3weeks impossible.

Lucian pov

Were you jealous you saw us right leave me alone who was that lady was it lovian because only she could do something like this I knew i was already liking her and that is why l didn want her to be broken so I ignored her and said don worry She only tried to seduce me andwhat to you mean by that she asked I grabbed her waste and kissed her chest this is what it means to seduce but I did not feel any thing l told her only for her to say if you care about my feelings don fall in love with me promise fine l do I layed on the bed for her to touch my tommy and start thinking A B C D E F…what are you doing I asked as you can see I am naming your packs she said pointing to it .

A is for luciana .

B is for Crystal

C is for lucian

D is for Tevin

E is for your wife

And F is for my husband

She smiled and said did l name them well I was already hard when she said that please stop and she did I trapped her in my arms on the side of the bed what are you doing she asked you will see I retorted .can l touch you she quickly took her bedsheet and covered her face but did not responsed I won consummate the wedding I promise she said okay but be careful.

Rated 16

I kissed her hungryly and sucked on of her breast gently while my other hand caressing her other breast I ripped off her dress and kissed her nape she moaned loudly and said luciannnn you have to stop I don want you to die please. I was too hungry to stop shh I said you are delicious.

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