Please stop I begged Lucian please and he stopped his purple eyes getting darker ,I felt so guilty am sorry he looked at me with teary eyes don you want me I taught you have accepted me as your husband I was broken he looked at me and said then why ,his eyes closed returning to its normal shade .I didn mean too am sorry my king ,he sat down and sighed ok if you don want to I won but I said I won consummate the wedding , don you trust me .My heart broke when he said those words I knew I was being selfish but I didn want to loose him ,he was a great husband .Your eyes it was darker why I asked only for him to say don you trust me ,answer me .I said I don know ,he just went out and said I will be sleeping next room , please can you sleep here .He just said no I won because I won be able to controll myself .

Lucian pov

Didn she trust me what was all this about and what did she mean she doesn want me to die, does she even know me I was too damn angry with myself for expecting too much may be it is high time I went back to my usual self .I woke up to smell freshly baked bread and tea it must be my cooks preparing it ,I guessed and took my bath with the help of some servants and went downstairs I saw Luciana sitting there like she was expecting me to come.Good morning I heard her speak but I completely ignored her . She looked at me with the saddest green eyes and I had no choice but to comply ,hi how are you I said but she just nodded and said how was your night it was awful I taught I haven ever had a peaceful night from childhood due to night mares that kept hunting me . It was fine I said how about yours she looked at me and said I am sorry .Why are you apologizing did you do something wrong I asked but only for her to look away ,I will be going out so take care of your self ,she looked at me and she said something that made me confused , you can blame me for my actions I have my reasons so please try to understand.

Luciana pov

I was so sad with the way he was giving me a cold shoulder.Can I go with you I said , okay he replied I am going to a party a dress will be sent to your room get ready .I went to my room and kept on thinking on what to do until I was interrupted by a knock milady the king as sent a dress for you and has asked to get you ready immediately by the way I will be your personal maid .What is your name I asked .My name is Sarah she replied, very well then lets me prepare your bath .I had my bath and stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around my petite body to only see Sarah walking out ,aren you going to help me dress I said only to hear her say my apologies but the king has requested for me to not help you to dress and she went out ,are you kidding me I internally growled I already said am sorry what else does he want .I shouted and was pacing up and down in the room okay no problem,I will dress my self but he is heartless I shouted I went to pick my dress up only to hit a broad shoulder I looked up to meet a pair of purple eyes and teeth grinning at me.

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