Tranquility Land

Chapter 2: Five

Chapter 1: Commencement

The day finally came when I graduated from the academy. My commencement ceremony was held in our elven city, Iscesa. As Commander in Chief, Queen Usha directed the ceremony. In all the lore, she has been said to be independent and fierce enough to command over all the clans in the Myraid. That day was my first physical sighting of our Queen. That day was the most suspenseful, thrilling day of my existence. The sun shone strongly, directing us towards an unknown and anxious future.

Queen Usha of the Elves expressed her speech with such ease and graciousness. Her detailed speech explained our naivety of society and our enemies, that our choices will never amount to nothing, that we are the future leaders, and as such we must understand our people, their people, and our world. Her right-hand officer climbed the pavilion to whispered into her ear, and our soft Queens face froze. Her eyes darkened. Her smile flattened. And she shook off her contempt. Honestly, I was not ready for her next words.

She raised one of her hands, spoke gently and with articulation to everyone in the city,

”There has been an attack. All week there will be fleets leaving for various locations. Officers of the Orders, you will depart first thing at midday tomorrow. ”

After turning off the speakers throughout the city, she leaned on the podium and spoke toward the graduates,

”Graduates, I want everyone who is capable and with desire to join our ranks to aid the Myriad. To keep our peaceful lives amongst us.

I understand that this is information is of a delicate nature and must be discussed. Please visit your families and friends. Your decision must not chosen out of impulse. You all have completed rigorous training on combat and history. It is time for you to protect who you love. ”

She paused for a heavy second and crossed her hands against her mouth and continued,

”Dedicate yourself to your people, and we will be victorious. ”

She smiled and her officer whispered more in her ears. Our queen nodded and excused herself from the pavilion. As soon as she was out of sight, there were many noises around me. I could hear cheering for her thoughtful speech, the sobbing from families, the graduates cheering for their chance to show their loyalty, and pure excitement in the air. I clenched my fists and repeatedly tapped my thigh.

I took a quick breath and grasped a shoulder of an elf near me, ”do you think the Orders in the goblin and demon territory will be joining this battle. ”

His pointy ears twitched, and he shook me off, ”is that even a question? ” He grabbed a handkerchief and rubbed his shoulder and laughed, ”of course they would join. Queen Usha is most likely relaying that message now. ” He glanced at me again and threw the cloth on the ground.

I angrily smiled and moved my hand away from him.

He turned away from me, ”now if youll excuse me waif. ”

His friends frowned at me and snickered.

My ears felt hot and a smiled brightly, ”congratulations on graduating as classics. ”

Instead of going about their own business, they walked toward me and surrounded my front view. I whispered, ”are you going to do something, classic? In front of all these graduates, their families, and some of the officers of the order? ”

They didn move. I slowly took a step back, and continued my low whisper, ”I know three of you have had low offers to join your respected Order. If you do something now, that offer might disappear. ”

I turned around and heartily snorted, ”anyways, I need to get home to my children. ”

As I was still in ear distance, the leader of this group spoke, ”you mean the other waifs and foundlings. ”

Digging my feet into the dirt ahead, I hesitated. I tapped my fists against my thigh again. I smiled at the guardians around the exit and left. There were scattered elves outside the area, most likely heading home to deliver the news of the upcoming battle.

Before heading to my home, I followed the path that sent me to my first neighborhood. My first home, before my mother died, and I became an orphan. I walked into my fathers old friend, my uncle Theos home. He lowered his stance and with a sad smile, he spoke, ”Sapphire, you are here. ”

”Hey uncle. Is everything okay? ” I tugged my shirts side pockets. Pulling the string I felt, I heard a slight rip. My ears twitched and I quickly glanced at my uncle, hoping he didn hear it as well.

”Yes dear, ” Uncle patted my back. ”I have already heard the news. I will be leaving tomorrow. ”

”Of course. I already assumed that Uncle. ” I headed into another room to sit. Pictures of our family were on the wall, along with all his achievement records. ”You are one of the High Elves and a renowned Officer to the Myriads. Of course, you would be joining. ”

He smiled weakly and suddenly appeared near me with his chest out and his confidence oozed out. He lightly placed his alcohol on a high shelf. ”Yes, you are right. I heard directly from Usha. Sapphire, dear, I know that you want to help. I honestly believe that it would be better for you and your family if you stay here. Protect your family, rather than, ” he trailed off and scratched the back of his neck. He scoffed and continued, ”I will fight alongside our men. ” Rolling his eyes to a picture, he tried to hide his clear, distinct emphasis on men.

Ive always known that he had a patriarchal bias. I just thought he would have been a bigger man by now, the man that I know he is.

”Knight Theo, I have graduated from the academy today. That means I have completed rigorous training. I know that in my bones I am ready for this. That I am good for this. ” I argued for my right to fight. I got up and reached for his glass on the stupid high shelf. ”I am not a child anymore, Uncle. ” Replacing his drink with water, I beamed. ”Alcohol will ruin you. Anyways please be more respectable toward Queen Usha. ”

He grabbed his drink with a hearty laugh, and shook his head, ”you are right. I see you have grown taller. Do you remember when you couldn reach that shelf at all? I am only worried. I am worried for your health and your family Sapphire. I do not want you to get in the crossfire. I promised your father that I will protect you until my death. ”

My head dropped. All the possible advantage I was thinking fell through. The subject of my father had always bothered me emotionally; he died as a coward in the Great war. Until he drew his last breath, Theo remained by his side to soothed him. I have no memories about my father, but that did not stop my uncle and mother story telling. The stories from them have been the only things to connect me with him. I can only imagine his expressions and personality from their stories. Sadly, its not only their stories that I have to listen to.

I questioned his belief about me, ”you must know I have the determination and the skills to fight, unlike the public stories of my father. ” He reassured me that I did, but his face showed the hypocrisy.

I left his house, slamming the doors behind me. Childish, I know. I was offended by his lack of honesty. His lack in trust in me. Why do others think that my heredity has any connection to my strength? To who I have become. To what I have accomplished. What have I possibly done to become an outcast, a spectacle to this city?

I don understand the conflicted opinions of my father by my family or by other elves. Is that my fault?

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