Tranquility Land

Chapter 3: Ladybug

or unconscious, but his mother was a scavenger. She was pretty old back then. When she came by the shop recently, her voice was shaking because she said that the silk wasn how she remembered.

”What do you mean, ” I asked confused, squinting my eyes.

”I don know. She just said she didn remember that it looked like that with the elements. But shes a bratty-old-bat. Shes losing her mind as time goes by. Shes always telling stories about her village in Goddess Athena territory, but she still has a wild imagination. ”

Before I could tell the keeper that I don believe in superstition, my kids ran up to me and pleaded that we get it. I smiled, made deals for them to clean, paid, and threw it in the cabinet. I didn touch it these last few years. Although I am not superstitious, I am cautious.

Ive been acting silly. I grabbed the item and removed all the dust. I kept rubbing what I thought was dust, but there were so many that wouldn move. I shook the sheet and found something different. Brown fragments were clashing with the scattered light inside the border. I pursed my lips, grabbed the sheet tighter, and threw it back in the cabinet. I anxiously chuckled. I doubted that I could possibly see something new. I most likely didn look at it in detail before.

My youngest triplet, Blair walked down the steps crying because she had a bad dream.

I could hear whining from the staircase. The soft whimpers were from the youngest.

I poked my head, ”Blaire, please come on down. You don need to sit there. ” I waved her down.

She quickly ran down, rubbing her eyes, ”you
e awake. ”

I moved a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. ”Blair, can you listen to me my ladybug? Even if I wasn awake, you can wake me up. ” Remembering whats about to happen, I added, ”Sharol too. I am going to be away for some time. I need you to be tough for everyone. But that can never make you forget who you truly are. I don want you to hide behind anyone, even your brothers. You are so strong, just like me and everyone else in your family. Sharol will take care of you all for right now. ” I said everything carefully.

She cried out and put her hands on my cheeks, ”No! Why! Do you not like us anymore? ”

”Ladybug, that is not it at all. I love you all. I am going out to meet a few friends. ” I had to think of something. ”You know, I guess I could promise you that I will get you something while Im away. ” I pinched her nose.

Her face lit up and clapped her hands, ”perfect mama. When are you going to be leaving? ”

”Tomorrow morning, my ladybug, ” I answered warily of her reaction.

She pecked my cheek four times and whispered goodnight.

I yelled as she walked upstairs, ”Sweet sweet dreams. I love you. ”

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