Tranquility Land

Chapter 5: Carmine

Chapter 4: Little Elf

I tidied up our living quarters, rushed upstairs, and checked on my children. The upstairs only has one area, and that is where all five rest. I fixed their legs hanging off their matt, tucked them in, kissed their forehead, and left a sappy note for each of them. Looking out the window, its nearing sunrise. The sun peaked through our western mountains that surrounded our capital. There was a soft glow of lavender blue peaking through the dark morning.

Before I left to sign up, I glanced at the window again. Rolling my eyes, I knew it needed to be covered. If Kallie woke up and saw what she had don to our home, Im afraid she would have another incident. I know what its like to lose yourself over emotions, and the fear of what could happen for losing yourself.

I found the sheet I was wary to use. I put it up and separated the house funds into different allowances for repairs, food, academy, and miscellaneous.

I opened the door and glanced at the sheet again. I really don remember seeing those fragments and I had thought I looked at it in detail before. I had a strong doubt that nothing abnormal would happen to it while I was away.

Longing for something, I got depressed thinking about my parents and my family. Every single day, everyone dubbed my father as a fool, coward, or even worse names, even though they knew he was dead. At bars, they even call people who are actual fools by my fathers name. My mother told me that he only saw me the one time, before he went back into battle. She stayed strong in front of the public, but his death led her to her death. Years later after the war, and after settling in Iscesa, the priest told me she died from heartbreak and depression. I can seem to forget her last words, ”Im sorry. I should have protected you two better. I shouldnot have been the only one taking care of you. That is unforgivable. I should have tried harder, ” as she caressed my face. As soon as she finished her sentence, she spoke with her last breath.

I loved Serena with every magical essence that I have. She was an amazing mother, who has protected me from harsh people and events. She was and will be my role model forever. I should have protected her, even helped her.

I left my house, trying to stay positive. I walked to the capitol building, in the center of Iscesa. I made it early enough to be drafted in the morning. As time went by, I looked around and the line had passed the center of Iscesa. It looked like it went into another district.

I was about to sign my name on the paper. Until the recruiter exclaimed, ”Hold on. The rules are simple people! No one under seventeen are allowed to sign up. ” He turned his eyes on me, ”Especially you little elf. I understand that your father is probably joining the draft. But you can not go. ”

I rolled my eyes. You can hear snickering in the line behind me. Who knows if its because they know who my father was or simply because this man is being disrespectful?

Two guardians approached the table, ”Why is there a delay? ”

”This young elf wants to join the draft. ” The recruiter spoke to the guard completely ignoring what I was trying to say.

They looked at me, ”Is this true, little elf? ”

Instead of waiting for my response, the guardian and recruiter kept talking to one another.

I became discouraged. I traced the flow of my ear. I know that if it was pointed up like nearly every other elf, I wouldn be seen as small. I felt the heat in them. Shaking my head, I barged into their conversation, ”excuse me. I will be joining the draft. I am nineteen, therefore not a child. My father isn in this draft either. ”

As quickly as I spoke, the wind picked up the papers on the table into the air. As soon as I noticed it, I looked down and gritted, ”As you can see, Im an elementalist. I doubt that is going to be a reason for me not to join. Since I am of age, I don see a reason why I couldn join. ”

Our chief rushed out of her building, and softly furiously spoke, ”Why was I pulled out of a meeting for this delay? Why is the line being held back? ”

The guardian told her the situation and the recruiter was practically begging for forgiveness.

She turned to me and lightened her voice. ”Are you being forced to join? I did say anyone capable can join. But. Being forced to join will not help our stubbornness, instead it will hinder our capability.

I was speechless. ”You
e… ” You
e her majesty: chief of all the Myriads. And you
e talking to me. A nobody. I had so much I wanted to say, and only one word came out.

She took a step back and observed my appearance. She started at the ground, and stopped at my eyes, ”you must be Sapphire, right? Knight Theo sent a message requesting for you to stay here. I have personally spoken with your headmaster and professors. They all had positive things to say about you. Some even say you did exceptionally well. You just didn pass many obstacles because you were occupied with a family. ”

My eyes grew big, and I shook off my fear. I dropped to my knees and placed my arm on my chest, ”Queen Usha. Yes, I do have a family. I also did well at the academy, but no one would say exceptional. Also, Theo just doesn want me to become a burden to anyone. As you said, he is only caring for our people. ” I dropped my head lower, ”I am sorry that you, my queen, had to do something so unnecessary simple because of my uncle. ”

The reason why Queen Usha was able to become commander in chief was due to her ability of mass healing. She was a great contributor to the dangers in the Great war. Along with her healing ability, she was exceptional in levitating.

She breathed out, ”one moment. ”

Within a few seconds, she reached to the top of her building. She turned on the citys speakers and gained everyones awareness. ”Greetings. As you all know, we are made up of the goblin clan, demon clan, and us, the elven clan. This was due to our differencing views after the Great war with the Union. ” She took another moment and began again, ”This battle will be different. The Castaways have been in hiding for over a decades time. They have united to rebel against our stability again. The same people who usurped our Goddess Athena. The same people who lost the war. They may have increased in numbers, but that does not mean they have increased in power. Its simple enough. We will defeat them once again. With the Union, once again. ”

As she floated back down, elves in the line yelled nasty phrases at her. They were among the lines of death to the Union, certain clans, how they killed some of our family; even, some of the elves said they wouldn support this battle.

Queen Usha sternly shouted, ignoring all their responses, ”Its rather simple. We need them. I know that for nearly two decades we have not had any positive associated with them. I know that. We need them, just as much as they need us. If I must repeat myself, I will not be as friendly.

The city grew silent and in a unison voice, ”yes, your majesty! ”. She completely dropped to the ground and came toward me, ”You are eligible. Are you ready? ” She handed me the quill that she swiped from the table.

”Yes Queen Usha. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. ”

She walked away, waving her hands at discussions with Officers.

I smirked at the recruiter. Putting my elbows on the table, I let my chin fall on my palms, ”am I still little? ”

He reluctantly shoved the draft toward me. The other guardian let me know that well be setting sail at high noon. He moved back to let other elves join.

”Thank you. ” I glanced behind me. There are so many elves willing to participate. Im sure there will be more tomorrow, and the next day. All willing to join the alliance between our enemy, to fight an enemy.

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