Tranquility Land

Chapter 6: Rebuttal

I headed toward north to the center of the Upper Fargwyn district. I passed the arena, the corridor, Orders units, and entered the headmasters office.

I cracked the door open, and I felt the surprised whish from the dagger in front of my nose, on the wall, parallel to the entrance. He was practicing his throws at his desk.

Headmaster Wyn Faris quickly placed his knife in the drawer of his desk and flashed a smile, ”I think its a custom to announce your arrival in some form, like knocking. ”

I pulled his weapon out of the wall and gave him a side eye, ”I don think that pertains to me, do you? ” I tapped his dagger against my palm and sat on one of his guests chairs. ”If I remember correctly, there were many random visits to my home for missions. ” I repeated again, ”to my home…where my children live exactly. ”

He put his quill down and put out his hand, ”I see. Straight to the point, as usual. Is there something you need Sapphire? ”

Tossing the dagger behind me, I aimed at the same spot I found it. I turned around and smiled. Perfect. I walked toward his bookcase and spoke again, ”do you remember how you owed me a favor after asking for assistance? I think its time. ”

”You have just graduated, and yet, you have caused many problems. ” He shuffled his recently turned near white hair.

At the top of the shelf, behind his favorite book, I grabbed a vial with liquidize valerian root. ”How was I to know that my uncle would disgrace me like that? ”

”What do you need? ” He threw another dagger at the door. ”I should let you know but today I am not very accommodating. ” He rubbed his temple and exhausted, ”many of your schoolmates who did not graduate are trying to persuade the professors so they could be drafted this week. ”

I snorted, ”and the professors are trying to convince you. ”

”Precisely. What do you want from me Sapphire? ” He leaned back and grabbed his string of cash coin. His gold ones. ”Is it money? ”

I dumped the vial in a tea glass and placed my hand over the cup, moving my arm to the side. Swishing the content with my wrist, I glanced at the door and inhaled.

”There is no one out there. ” He sharply directed.

Looking down and tilting my ear toward the door, I spoke, ”I know that. And its not money. I need you to enroll my middle daughter, Kallie. ”

He leaned further back in his chair, ”you know, that is just impossible. ”

I sat down, placed the warm cup of tea on his side of the desk, and leaned back. ”It may be unthinkable, even impractical. But I would not say impossible. ”

I continued, ”Kallies birth parents were near officer status in their respectable Order in Darkdroll. They were one of the few who was cursed by the shapeshifters. So, technically, by birth she should be allowed to enroll. ” I looked between him and his cup repeatedly and tilted my head.

He gripped his drink, took a sip, and hummed, ”Naturally, you would have a demon as a daughter. ” He shook his head, ”why are you the only one who can make this properly? Ive asked many elves and elementalists to warm up my drink multiple times. ”

I shook my head, ”did you tell them what they were working with? ”

Still drinking, he annoyingly laughed, ”that is impossible. The renowned headmaster of the prestigious academy must be seen has refine, supportive, reasonable, even honest. Not influenced by anything. I am brilliant. I will stay brilliant in the future. I am surprised that you discovered my secret. ”

”Its only because I had to learn a comprehensive understanding of herbology. ” I glared at his cup, ”Don you think it was very beneficial for you that I found out. I mean your critical and rough behavior towards your professors and the symptoms of chronic insomnia were clearly shown. The fact that valerian root has a strong odor to it helped immensely. At least there aren many elves that could pinpoint that odor. ” I quickly changed the subject, ”Kallie has an appearance complex because of her eyes, and Im hoping you can tend to her. Her eyes are like the color of carmine, vivid and dark. ”

”Can I give you money instead? So, she is similar to you, when you had the same inferiority complex. ”

My eyes grew bigger and I picked up half of my hair with stress. I whistled.

His dagger in the wall whished toward his ear to the opposing wall. ”I expect you to treat her differently than me. No secret missions for you or the Order. I want her home by dark. ” I licked the front of my lips, ”even better, treat her like shes a covert classic. ” I clapped my hands, ”yes that would be perfect. Do that, and I believe that we are even. ”

”Ill need more. ” He glanced at the empty vial.

”Right. Ill tell Sharol to send it to your assistant. How does that sound? ”

”We will gladly welcome her. I only ask that she come willingly. ”

I moved toward his desk and glanced out the windowsill. ”I should probably tell you, but her skill has something to do with fire. ”

”Do you have a preference on which Order shell be recruited in? Obviously, the Order of Elementalists would be the easiest to join. ”

”I want you to give her as many assignments she can handle to expand her way of thinking and understanding different uses of her gift. There are other Orders that can strategically use fire for other than the blatant use. ”

”You want me to overwork her? ”

”Not at all. I said, she can handle for a reason. ” I grabbed his quill and wrote a note. ”Here is Sharols shop if you need anything directly. All I want for my children are to be resourceful and understood. I know that it is seen as absurd to join not your respectable Order, but it is her choice. ”

I turned further from him, and he glanced my way. ”Are you regretting your decision already? You are leaving your children alone. You are leaving your sensitive little elf to the wrath of the classics. You know that the classics will put up a fight. ”

”That is where you come in. ” I covered my mouth, quickly looking back out the window.

”I can hear you, Sapphire. ”

Mumbling through my silent tears, I choked up, ”No. Its not about that. I need to… ” I kicked up my feet and rubbed my eyes, and walked to the entrance, ”Sorry Wyn, I need to go home and say goodbye to them. Have fun teaching. ”

Before I could even open the entrance, he threw his karambit to the back of his door. He smirked, ”take Silver with you to battle. I used her in the Great War, and shes been itching to get back into fight. ”

”Did you really name your weapon? Silver, really? Is it based off the exterior? ”

”Always name your weapon. It is an extension of you. I was young once, therefore, of course, her name is based off what she looks like. She is pure Iridium. ”

I pulled the polished, holey knife out of the door and smiled.

”Do not worry, I will take care of them indirectly. ”

”Please. ”

I left the room and ran past everyone, disregarding their greetings. All I could think about was holding my children once more. Smiling. Being safe.

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