Tranquility Land

Chapter 6: Rebuttal

She had each of her hands in each hand of her brothers.

”Is this what you told them to do? To lie and say that they can handle themselves. They are orphans and children. ” He spoke harsher.

As soon as he finished his words, all their bodies deflated. They all looked down. Who knows what their inner monologue is? I know I can relate. Orphan. Waif. I bit the knuckle of my finger and glanced at them.

I tasted a hint of metal and rolled my eyes. ”How dare you speak like that to my family and to yours. We are a family, Theo. You need to apologize before we discuss anything else. ”

”I did not lie, Sapphire, ” He hissed through his teeth.

Sharol sat down and patted Kallies back. She was clearly getting agitated. I could hear the simmering in the air.

Its something I should have done. And I didn .

Sharol spoke up against my uncle, ”Do you really think I am a child? I am nearly an adult lawfully. I own a shop; my name is also on this house. Who are you, old man, to speak to us like this? You might have risen in status because of the last war, but we are not penniless. We are not orphans. We are not weak. Now you need to get out of this house or apologies to my siblings. ” The middle triplet stood up and opened the front door.

I couldn help my smirk and laugh on the inside. ”You crossed the line Theo. Now, you need to correct it, or get out. ”

He sighed, ”you are right Sapp. ” He turned towards my children, ”you guys are right. None of you deserved any of that. I am sorry. ” He walked toward Bane, patted his back, praised him for standing up for the family, and helped close the door, ”Im just worried about all of you. This will be the first time that your mother will be gone, and she will be gone for a long period of time. Im not sure if you guys can handle that. ” He put him large palm on the shoulders of the two boys, ”all of you are like your mother. Strong. Proud. But, that does not mean you can survive without us. ”

Kallie spoke up next, ”we are not the same children from the orphanage. We will be just fine, and we have one another. Like you said, we are like our mom. ”

Theo walked outside and yelled at me, ”come along Sapp. Youll be joining me. ”

I squinted my eyes and peaked through the door, ”we don leave for another few hours. ”

”The recruiters, yes. But you will be coming with me. Now say your goodbyes so we are not the ones late. ” He looked at the position of the sun.

I kissed my children, the four times each, from youngest to oldest and told Kallie that the academy is ready for her. Her shoulders fell and she mumbled. Sharol elbowed her and all of them smiled. I locked the door and headed to the East gate of the city.

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