Dont go fighting over the small dried fish


Fu Xiao looked sideways at Little Sugar Cake curled up on the carpet.

Little Sugar Cake exuded a frustrated air ofdont pay attention to me, and after noticing Fu Xiaos sight, it just curled itself up a little more.

Fu Xiao hesitantly looked at the tablet——

These browsing records? 

He suddenly had a hidden thought in his heart. Fu Xiao felt his mouth dry in an instant. He got himself a glass of ice water from the freezer in the room, and the ice water in his mouth calmed him down for a moment. He thought about it and made an internal call to the butler: “Has anyone used a tablet recently?”

The butler thought back carefully: “Yesterday, Miss Mingming came to play with Little Sugar Cake for a while. I saw her using it. Whats wrong? Young Master?”

Has Fu Mingming used it?

Fu Xiao held up the glass of water for a while, and there was an inexplicable loss in his heart, but there nothing unusual in his voice, and said: “Its nothing.”

Even if Fu Mingming was not mentioned, this table was for entertainment, and any staff member in this house can use it.

What does the last row of search records say?

What was he thinking? Was it really possible for Little Sugar Cake to use a tablet?

He tossed this ridiculous and absurd thought aside. 

The butler on the other end of the phone was a little embarrassed and said hesitantly: “Young master, we havent found the person Director Angus is looking for. The staff in the villa have searched all over, but there is no match.”

Fu Xiao was not in the mood to care about it now, he rubbed his forehead and said: “Look again, since the audio was recorded in the villa, then the person must be in the villa.”

After hanging up the phone. Fu Xiao drank the glass of ice water in one go. Just as how big the expectations were, how big the disappointment was now.

On the carpet, Little Sugar Cake was still curled up dejectedly. 

Looking at the search records on the computer, Fu Xiao went in one by one.

He didnt know whether to laugh or cry when he saw the photos of various cats with miserable hair loss in the browser. It also reminded him of Little Sugar Cakes over reaction to brushing today. As Little Sugar Cake was in molting period, the baby hair that was lost were in large quantities, and since the new hair hasnt grown yet, this cause Little Sugar Cakes appearance now——

En, the euphemism was that the fur was a bit sparse.

He heard from the veterinarians before that some pets are very concerned about their appearance, and shaving cats like this will make them sad for a long time, this same is true for Little Sugar Cake. Every time it passes the mirror, Little Sugar Cake has to squat in front of it and look at itself carefully for a long time. 

Moreover, he has long realized that Little Sugar Cake is a very smart kitten, far more than ordinary cats. Even Fu Xiao felt that Little Sugar Cake could understand humans and communicate with them, if it wanted to.

Can cats do all this?

He was reluctant to go deeper.

Its enough as long as Little Sugar Cake is always by his side, he can ignore the rest. 

Little Sugar Cake just needs to be a carefree cat by his side.

Fu Xiao stepped forward and held Little Sugar Cake in his arms, and Little Sugar Cake rubbed his arms aggrievedly, screaming very sadly.

Poop shoveling official!

He just looked in the mirror and his fur was really about to fall out, especially on the top of his head. 

Hes going to be a bald little kitty.

The grievance in that voice could almost overflow.

Fu Xiao touched Little Sugar Cake in distress, and he could help thinking——

Fu Mingming was already so old, why did she not have at least a bit of weight in mind, showing those pictures to Little Sugar Cake.

Little Sugar Cake was still so small, how can it withstand being scared?

Thinking of the Switzerland skiing trip scheduled for Fu Mingmings birthday this year, Fu Xiao shook his head—— 

What snow skiing, it is better to stay well at home.

At this time, Fu Mingming, who was still devastated by the unknown singer in her live broadcast room. This was a perfect interpretation of whatpeople were just sitting at home, and the pot comes from the sky‘ was. 

“Olaaif Veujg Jjxf.” Me Wljb kjcafv ab mbwobga atf ilaaif atlcu lc tlr jgwr, yea tf vlvca xcbk tbk ab rjs la. Lf xcfk atja Olaaif Jjcvs Jjxf kjr nfgs rwjga, yea tf vlvca xcbk tbk rwjga Olaaif Veujg Jjxf kjr, jcv ktfatfg la mbeiv ecvfgrajcv rbwf bo atf qtfcbwfcj atja mjar wera ub atgbeut jr atfs ugbk eq.

He thought about it and turned on the projection in the bedroom. His bedroom has a blank wall to be used as a projection screen.

The melodious and lively music sounded, and Su Zening, who was lying in Fu Xiaos arms, moved his ears. Why did he hear a kittens cry? He raised his head and saw three adorable kittens with watery eyes projected on the blank wall.

Su Zenings mind exploded. 

His blue almond eyes looked at Fu Xiao as if he was looking at a heartless man, and meow meow in full of disbelief.

Big pigs hoof!

Am I not cute?

You actually went to see other cats in front of me? 

Jealousy makes cats ugly.

Su Zenings series of accusatory meows let Fu Xiaos eyes flashed a smile. He stretched out his hand and wrapped the white kitty in his arms. The white little kitty in his arms hit his chest softly with its meaty pink pad. Although it still kept screaming, the voice of Little Sugar Cake was naturally squeamish, without any imposing manner, so it looked like it was acting like a spoiled child.

Fu Xiao squeezed its pink meat pad, which was bouncy and soft, and couldnt help but kiss the corner of its mouth, and said: “Come on, lets see what it takes for you to grow up.”

He was now playing a documentary about a cat growing up. 

But Su Zening didnt care about these anymore, there was only one thought in his whole body now——

Fu Xiao, kiss him ah!!!!!

This big rogue!!!

After watching the documentary and learning how cats grow from a kitty. 

Su Zening also calmed down, wasnt it just a kiss? Hes so cute, its normal for Fu Xiao to want to kiss him, ah.

Su Zening was especially happy now.

It turns out that he was just changing his fur now. The kitten in the documentary was balder than him when it changed its fur, but it was still a beautiful cat after changing its hair.

Hahaha, he wont turn into a bald kitten, thats great! 

Fu Xiao looked at Little Sugar Cake, whose eyes finally lit up again, and felt relieved.

Su Zening looked up just in time to see Fu Xiao breathed a sigh of relief, and he couldnt help but be stunned.

Did Fu Xiao watch the documentary with him specifically?

Was it because he was worried about him? 

Was this——was this Fu Xiaos tenderness?

It was late at night.

Fu Xiao turned around and was about to go to sleep, when he saw the milky white dumpling crawling from his pants into his arms like lightning, rubbing him affectionately in his arms, while its mouth kept meowing.

Fu Xiao was stunned for a moment, and with a smile in his eyes, he stretched out his hand to hold the tail of Little Sugar Cake. Holding it tighter, he couldnt help but say: “Whats all this fuss about in the middle of the night.” 

Su Zening let out a sweet meow.

Hes not making a fuss, hes just——

Just think that his Fu Xiao——

Hes just too good, ah. 

He likes his Fu Xiao so much.

Hearing a shallow regular breathing in his ears.

Su Zening opened his eyes. 

He looked at Fu Xiaos profile in his sleep, and then at the gemstone necklace on his neck, he would also like to, and also want to give Fu Xiao a gift.

But what gift should a cat give?

Silly Bai Tian should know.

The white kitty cautiously left from the arms of the sleeping Fu Xiao. 

Su Zening did not breathe a sigh of relief until he left the soft bed.

Following the address that Silly Bai Tian said during the day, Su Zening found the meeting place of the kitties.

The address of the cat gathering was on a slope outside of Fus house.

Under the bright moonlight, more than ten cats gathered together in a circle. 

When Su Zening saw Silly Bai Tian from a distance, the white little kitty heaved a sigh of relief. Putting down the small dried fish and a bag of cat food taller than himself that he accidentally rummaged through from under Fu Xiaos bed. He stepped on the bag of cat food proudly, flicked his fluffy tail, then raised his head and declared, “Meow-ao——”

Silly Bai Tian, Im here to play with you!

With a cry of a meow.

A dozen cats around simultaneously looked sideways at Su Zening. 

A dozen pairs of cat eyes stared at Su Zening.

Su Zenings heart felt a little timid, but on the surface, he was still squatting on the cat food calmly. It was only then that he realized that this cat gathering seemed a bit strange, as if the atmosphere was a bit tense.

Whats going on, ya?

Didnt Silly Bai Tian say that it was just an ordinary cat gathering? 

Everyone is so nervous!

Fortunately, at this time, Silly Bai Tian was swinging its tail, and walking on its short legs. It ran over affectionately and said: “Little white cat, you are here. I thought you would not come.”

Silly Bai Tians breed was a Munchkin Cat, no matter how those two short legs hop, they cant get on the top of the cat food. 

Xiao Hei couldnt stand it any longer, with Silly Bai Tian in its mouth, it jumped agility on the cat food.

Su Zening asked curiously: “What are you doing here, ah? Its very strange. ah.”

Silly Bai Tian looked at Su Zening with a sweet smile, and bent its tail: “Little white cat, its nothing serious, la.”

“Hey——what do you think?” In the middle of the group of cats, a fierce adult cow cat奶牛猫- /Nǎiniú māo/ 

is usually referred to as black and white flowers. Its called that because it looks like a cow. Cow cats are ordinary domestic cats (Chinese pastoral cat species), all of which belong to hybrid blood.

ref link! [/tn ]squatted on the highest place, and proudly said to the cats: “If no cat comes out to challenge me, I will be your boss.”

Xiao Hei was not convinced: “Why do you want to be our boss, you are not a cat from here.”

The cow cat shamelessly licked its paws and said: “Because you cant beat me, meow.”

Xiao Hei scratched its claws in anger. It glanced around, the cats here were either old or young, and the only fitting adult cat here; Xiao Hes eyes fell on the orange cat Uncle, who was paralyzed, lying on the ground like a pancake, licking its fur as if nothing had happened. 

Ai! Better to rely on yourself!


The portion bag of the small dried fish was opened——

The fragrant aroma of the small dried fish drifted around, and the surrounding cats could not help but look over. 

Su Zening happily took a small dried fish and shared it mindlessly to Silly Bai Tian.

Then a shadow blocked the light of the street lamp in front of Su Zening.

Su Zening raised his head, the fierce cow cat was standing in front of him

The little white cat smiled sweetly, his blue mixed with gold eyes was delicate and beautiful: “Is there a problem?” 

Seeing this strikingly similar scene, the golden eyes of Xiao Hei suddenly widened, and it yelled at the cow cat in panic: “Dont——”

However, it didnt help.

The cow cat smiled evilly, stretched out its paws. It held down the small dried fish and said condescendingly: “Hey, the small dried fish must be eaten by me first, little baldy newcomer.”

Xiao Hei covered it forehead desperately—— 

Early the next morning, Fu Xiao was awakened by a meowing noise at the door.

And the Little Sugar Cake that lay beside him everyday was gone.

Fu Xiao frowned. 

But at this moment, the always calm butler suddenly knocked on the door in a panic and said: “Young master, something strange happened at the door. Come and have a look.”

Fu Xiao felt even more strange.

What could make the butler look like this?

Fu Xiao followed the butler to the door, and pushed open the door, then he was also stunned. 

In the neatly groomed yard, on the trees, on the wooden benches, on the swings, and on the lawn, there were cats squatting everywhere. When they saw them, they only twisted their heads to look at them and continued to lick their fur in high spirits.

And their Little Candy Cake was like a big boss, squatting impatiently on the highest table in the yard, looking down at the other cats.

And if hes not mistaken——

Those cats were lining up to get their fur licked by Little Sugar Cake. 

The leader was a fierce-looking, muscular-looking cow cat several times bigger than Little Sugar Cake. It jumped on the table reluctantly, and the petite Little Sugar Cake was not even half of its height.

But Little Sugar Cake just glanced over casually.

The cow cats body trembled involuntarily, and bowed its head honestly.

Then Little Sugar Cake licked it with satisfaction. 

Fu Xiao had heard that in the cat community, the high-status cats licked the low-status cats.

His Little Sugar Cake?

At this moment, Little Sugar Cake found Fu Xiao.

The white little kittys eyes lit up all of a sudden and ran to Fu Xiaos feet. It kept rubbing against Fu Xiao, making a sweet whiny purring sound. 

Dozens of pairs of cat eyes stared at him.

Fu Xiao picked up Little Sugar Cake without changing his face, and scratched Little Sugar Cakes chin.

He didnt know if it was an illusion, but he always felt that the eyes of those cats looking at them were full of shock.

Little Sugar Cake was happily acting coquettishly in Fu Xiaos arms. It looked soft and cute, and then the white little kitty meowed proudly: “Meow meow-ao——” 

Poop shoveling official, yesterday, they were so addicted to my cuteness that they must make me their boss, oh. Im so great!

The cats who understand what the little white cat is saying:  …

The cow cat, who suffered the most humiliation in its cat life last night, closed its eyes in despair——

God, ah! What kind of cat did it get beaten up by! 

Fu Xiao looked down at his little white cat——

Petite and cute, with beautiful blue eyes just like jewels.

Then he looked at the group of cats around him and fell into silence.

He suspected that Little Sugar Cake was bullying other cats, but he had no proof. 

The author has something to say:

Congratulations! Little Sugar Cake has become the boss of this area!

Sunnyshies: Am I the only one who was disappointed? Dont worry the revelation scene was much more beautiful and funny.

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