ake appeared. 

All kinds of mother fans called Little Sugar Cake their son frantically.

This made Fu Mingming deeply feel that she was an expired anchor.

Thinking of what she promised to the lord viewers, Fu Mingming coughed embarrassedly. She looked at the innocent Little Sugar Cake, and deeply felt that she was not a thing.

Even so, she still tentatively picked up a small cat skirt, then squatted down to lock eyes with Little Sugar Cake: “Want to try?” 

Su Zening: …

Does he look like a crossdresser?

The white little kitty shook its fluffy tail in disdain, and turned its head and was about to leave. 

“All the money you earn will be used to buy cat food for you.”

The white kitten immediately turned back and squatted beside Fu Mingming: “Meow meow——”

You say, which one should I wear?

When Fu Xiao got home, what he saw was Little Sugar Cake wearing a pink skirt with a bow, and on his head was a pink and white lace hat. It was squatting on the sofa playing with the tablet. 

And his cousin, Fu Mingming, a famous lady educated by the Fu family, was lying on the ground like an idiot, indulging in obsession as she used her mobile phone to take pictures of Little Sugar Cake from various tricky angles.

Fu Xiao:  …

Little Sugar Cake raised its head and spotted Fu Xiao, its blue eyes shone brightly. It jumped off the sofa, then stepped on Fu Mingmings body without hesitation, and ran to Fu Xiaos feet, it climbed to Fu Xiaos body and rubbed against him, acting like a spoiled child.

Poop shoveling official, after changing so many outfits today, Im so tired, oh! 

It was completely different from the perfunctory and indifferent attitude it has towards Fu Mingming, who was just trying to make a living.

The live broadcast in Fu Mingmings phone was still open.

Just now, the scene where Little Sugar Cake and Fu Xiao were being intimate was seen by the audience in the live broadcast——

[Is that the owner of Little Sugar Cake?] 

[Little Sugar Cake just looked so coquettish, really envious.]

[I didnt think anything at first. In comparison, I think Little Sugar Cake is just perfunctory to us]

[Right! Its not your illusion, above. Its the kind that you will throw away after you use it up.]

[Cold money transaction. Smile.jpg] 

[Condemn it! Expose it! Im going to post it on Weibo!]

However, before they finished speaking, the live broadcast was shut down by the panicked Fu Mingming. She didnt dare to make trouble in front of her always serious cousin.

The lord viewers, who suddenly had a black screen: Hehe, spicy chicken anchor!

Fu Mingming nervously looked at her cousin. Seeing that her cousins gaze fell on Little Sugar Cakes small skirt, she quickly explained: “Dressing Little Sugar Cake is just for fun, Ill take it off right away.” 

One has to say that Fu Mingming has a good taste. There was a bow on the pink lace skirt, which was just under the kittens neck, making the kitty extra cute. The pink and white hat on the top of the cats head was worn crooked and slanted, quite a lady ’s style in the past generation, together with Little Sugar Cakes blue eyes, it looks arrogant and soft.

Fu Xiao thoughtfully looked down at the phone in Fu Mingmings hand.

Fu Mingming hastily and awkwardly hid her phone behind her and said: “I set up a Weibo for Little Sugar Cake before, so I just took some photos and posted them as welfare.” Under the propaganda of her and the cat slave fan base, it was already a gathering place for cat suckers.

Fu Mingming felt that her explanations were superfluous. Her cousin, although barely, was still considered in the same generation as her, but he didnt use any social media software. He lived a life like an ascetic monk from the last century, so how could he understand the pleasure of gathering a crowd to suck cats. She looked nervously at Fu Xiao—— 

Her cousin is the most serious and upright. Playing with his cat like this will definitely lead her to be scolded, but dont cancel the promised Switzerland ski trip in rage.

This was what she asked her cousin for a long time before he agreed!

Fu Xiao untied the little skirt for Little Sugar Cake: “Send me all the photos.”

Fu Mingming: ?? 

Thats all?

Fu Mingming hurriedly said: “Good, good!”

Fu Xiao threw the little skirt aside and was about to leave with Little Sugar Cake in his arms, but he stopped after a few steps.

Fu Mingming felt that her heart was about to jump out of her throat, and she knew that her cousin would not let her go so easily—— 

Wuwuwu, her trip to Switzerland.

Fu Xiao coughed lightly, and touched Little Sugar Cake uncomfortably, and said: “Account number, password.”

Fu Mingming was dumbfounded: “What?”

Fu Xiaos voice was a little impatient: “Little Sugar Cakes Weibo.” 

That night, a group of cute photos of Little Sugar Cake wearing a pink dress were published on Weibo.

Little Sugar Cakes mother fans were so overwhelmed by cuteness that they couldnt help themselves. They all ran to Fu Mingmings Weibo to ask for food.

Fu Mingming was baffled. 

She hasnt had time to post anything yet, ah.

Which little spicy chicken stole her account!

The author has something to say:

Fu Mingming your Switzerland Ski trip is long overdue, kekeke!! 

Thank you to the little angels who voted for me or irrigated with nutrients~

Sunnyshies: Cant wait to see Fu Xiao start Little Sugar Cakes blog!

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