he mistress of the Fu family, and she was displaying her strength to Bai Yangxin.”

“Whats this ah, its as if shes capable of bringing out the Eternal Heart, ah.” 

“Thats right, who owns the Eternal Heart now, Feng Jiaming or Bai Yangxin? Thats legendary grade top base emerald gemstone, Im afraid that ordinary people will not even see one side of it in their lifetime.”

Lu Mingqing felt a lightness in his arms, he did not know where the kitty in his arms had gone.

With a reluctant smile still hanging from the corner of Bai Yangxins mouth, she stepped forward and took Feng Jiamings hand affectionately: “Jiaming, you are here.” 

Feng Jiamings eyes skimmed over Fu Wei, she paused slightly, then lightly smiled and said: “Im a little late, sorry.”

The surrounding female guests gathered around, and all their eyes were on Feng Jiamings necklace.

Bai Yangxins earrings were instantly outshone.

A woman in white said with a smile: “We are all here to see the trace of the Eternal Heart, but its a good thing you didnt wear it.” 

Another woman next to her said a good thing to Bai Yangxin: “I heard that your old man Fu proposed to you with the Eternal Heart? Is that true?”

Bai Yangxin was about to say something.

When Feng Jiaming coughed lightly.

Feng Jiaming was not the least bit polite to Bai Yangxin. Bai Yangxin relied on her relationship with Fu Yunxi and took the attitude of her elders and was not even aware that she secretly and explicitly wore a lot of small shoes for her If she really married Fu Xiao in the future——

She didnt want Bai Yangxin to be still above her.

It is time to let Bai Yangxin figure out her identity.

Bai Yangxin gritted her teeth. She had already returned the Eternal Heart to Fu Xiao. In case Fu Xiao really gave it to Feng Jiaming, if she still says that she has it, then wouldnt she just slap herself in the face. She swallowed a mouthful of air, and said calmly on the surface: “This is something that belonged to Fu Xiaos mother, how can I want it. I gave it to Fu Xiao and let him give it to the girl he likes in the future.” 

After speaking, she looked at Feng Jiaming and said: “Isnt that right, Jiaming?”

The surroundings cast envious gazes towards Feng Jiaming.

Seeing the erratic gazes of these rich and powerful upper class women, and young ladies towards herself, Feng Jiaming felt a little strange in her heart. She smiled slightly, which was a default.

“Pfft. I just didnt know who said that the Eternal Heart is in the safe.” The woman in green dress snickered and unapologetically ripped open Bai Yangxins embarrassing cover up. 

Bai Yangxins face stiffened.

Surrounded by people, everyone understood what was going on, and there were whispers of laughter.

Bai Yangxin blushed.

The women around were obviously more enthusiastic towards Feng Jiaming. 

Halfway through the banquet, Feng Jiaming couldnt stand the atmosphere of the banquet and went to the rooftop to get some air.

To her surprise, there was another person on the rooftop, and that person was Fu Wei——

Feng Jiamings heart skipped a few beats, and the corner of her mouth couldnt help raising a smile, but she pressed it down again, holding her skirt, and approached slowly.

The more she got acquainted with Fu Wei, the more she felt that Fu Wei was incomprehensible. 

And he always made her heart beat.

Under the moonlight, the man was handsome and dashing. He turned to look at the woman in a long pink dress with a sullen smile on the corner of his mouth: “Do you like the necklace I gave you?”

Through the glass, the lively music of the banquet hall came.

Some people in the banquet hall have already started to dance. 

Feng Jiaming said: “Tomorrow I will have someone give it back to you.” Before Feng Jiaming was entangled by crazy fans, it was Fu Wei who helped him. She promised to do Fu Wei a favor, and Fu Wei asked her to bring this necklace to the party today.

She probably understood what it meant.

Like Fu Wei, her mother can be said to have been infuriated by the women outside, and she understands exactly how Fu Wei feels.

She also looked down on Bai Yangxin, and was happy to help. 

Its just that the necklace is too expensive

Fu Wei smiled and said in a serious manner: “Jewels should be matched with beauty.”

Feng Jiaming shook her head and was about to go back.

However, Fu Wei glanced at the banquet hall, and said with a mocking smile in his eyes: “Stay outside for a while, Im afraid it was too chaotic inside.” 

Feng Jiaming was puzzled.

The melodious music came as if nothing was happening.

But Fu Wei took a step back. He stretched out his hand like a gentleman and said to Feng Jiaming: “This beautiful lady, do I have the honor to invite you to dance together under the moonlight?”

The moonlight was bright, and the man smiled handsomely. Feng Jiamings eyebrows slowly stretch, looking at the mans hand with some hesitation—— 

Which woman doesnt like romance like this——

Feng Jiaming was just about to reach out——


Finally caught up! 

Su Zening fell from the sky and squatted on the railing of the rooftop.

With the sound of his meowing, the surrounding meow-wu, meow-wu came and went, making people feel goosebumps.

Fu Wei and Feng Jiaming looked left and right, and more than a dozen pairs of eyes that glowed in the dark were staring at them

Feng Jiaming couldnt help hiding behind Fu Wei, feeling a little panicked. 

Cats are animals that are somewhat evil.

Fu Wei looked at the cats around——

Then his eyes fell on the cat at the head of the group, and his eyes widened.

Isnt this the cat that beat him up last time? 

Feng Jiaming didnt see Little Sugar Cake, so she couldnt help but ask: “Whats the matter?”

Fu Wei didnt know where to start.

Is he going to tell Feng Jiaming that he was beaten by this fat cat?

He was also embarrassed that he couldnt beat a cat, all right? 

Su Zening looked at Fu Wei with a wicked smile and slowly approached. The white cat stepped out with a mighty aura of a beast, with a majestic presence and a piercing gaze.

Fu Weis heart tightened, it was as if he had returned to the day he was humiliated. His intuition told him that this white cat was very dangerous!

He alertly pulled Feng Jiaming backwards.

Unexpectedly, his actions stimulated the white cat. The white cat raised its head and roared angrily. Then an orange cat at Fu Weis feet immediately blocked his way. 

The white cat approached step by step.

The white cat was like a half lion cub, with its blue inorganic eyes, showing a ferocious light, and dozens of pairs of glowing eyes without any emotions stared at him greedily in the dark, mysterious and dangerous.

Fu Wei looked at the white ferocious beast and shuddered in his heart——

What kind of beast is this, ah? 


If Fu Wei could understand the cat language, he would find that the situation just now was actually like this.

When Fu Wei panicked and was preparing to leave.

The white kitten roared at the orange cat squatting between the rooftop and the banquet hall: “Hurry up and stop him!” 

Who knew that the negotiated price of the orange cat, who shamelessly licked its paws, would increase on the spot: “Add a small dried fish.”

Su Zening: !!

His heart was bleeding, and his blue cat pupils were full of anger at the temporary increase in price of the orange cat.


What can he do at this time, he can only agree, he must be the most undignified boss in history.

The dozens of pairs of greedy glowing eyes in the darkness next to them: How could this be? I (we) want to add small dried fish too!

The author has something to say:

Thank you to the little angels who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution~ 

Sunnyshies:Feng Jiaming and Fu Wei, birds that have the same feathers flock together~! And oh yeah, theres also Feng Jiaming and Bai Yangxin, with two similar spots that hate each other.

And Little Sugar Cake : Looking at the empty bag of small dried fish dejectedly.

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