From now on, you are a cat person


Su Zening was dead.

Su Zening, who suffered from congenital immune deficiency since he was a child, has never been anywhere except the hospital. Without his immune system, the outside world was fatal to him. Since he was a child, he has lived in a specially made glass ward that was isolated from the outside world.

Do not touch the outside world or be touched.

In his memory, there are no joyous amusement parks, lively classrooms, and playmates of the same age. There were only endless injections, and endless medication, and the forced smiles of his parents. 

Being able to live strong to the age of nineteen was already considered a medical miracle even by his attending doctors.


Su Zening came alive again.

As he died, there was a strange white-bearded grandfather in his consciousness, who told him that he could go to a new world, and in that world, he could become an existence under one person and above ten thousands people, and there was inexhaustible wealth.

All of this just for a small favor from him.

He asked Su Zening if he was willing or not. 

Of course he was willing, who wouldnt want this kind of pie dropping from the sky?

He wanted to live. If he didnt had such a strong will to live, then he wouldnt have lived until nineteen.

Whats more, Su Zening has also watched many TV series and read novels in the hospital. The white-bearded grandfather said that he will have the proper treatment of the protagonist, the son of destiny, ah.

After reaching a consensus with the grandfather, Su Zening regained consciousness and reopened his eyes with joy, then he froze—— 

Wait, things seem a bit wrong?

He became a cat?!!

This is the agreement of being an existence under one person and above ten thousand people, and also possessing endless wealth?


Old Grandpa, is your conscience hurting?

The two-month-old kitten was suddenly pinched by the back of his neck, and the white fluffy ball stiffened and shrinks his four pink paws, meowing in panic.

Finally, he was carried into a large palm.

The gray-bearded old man looked at the white kitten with a smile and said: “Grandpa is going abroad for medical treatment, so Little Sugar Cake can only ask his brother to take care of him for a while.” 

The memory of the kitten quickly flooded into Su Zenings mind. He was the Little Sugar Cake in the old mans mouth.

This old man was the owner of the kitten.

A month ago, the old man picked up a kitten abandoned by its mother cat while walking outside the nursing home and brought it back to raise. However, the old mans body needs to receive treatment abroad for a period of time. Crossing the kitten to the border is too troublesome, in addition the kitten is too young to withstand the torment. So the old man entrusted the care of the kitten to his grandson.

Four paws fell into the palm of the so-called brother, and the white little kitty firmly hugged his only support. 

Su Zening quickly adapted to his identity as a little kitty, and his dog legs held the hand tightly with his paws, and he wont let go of his hand even if he dies.

What a joke, he is a fake cat. He did not lit up the little kittys unique ability to fall, and he will certainly die without that skill.

Falling from a half-human height, he will lose half of his life, okay? 

After clinging to the mans wrist in spite of his image, the kitten finally lifted his heterochromatic almond cat pupils and looked at his owner for the next while.

Then Su Zening was stunned. In front of him, the person holding him was his target in this world—— Fu Xiao. 

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So the white kitten tilted his furry head with a guilty conscience, probing his left paw like a lucky cat, and tentatively called out: “Meow?”

This should be considered cute, right? 

Su Zening was a little uneasy in his heart. He had never kept a pet, but he heard some patients swear that cats greeted them in this way.

Fu Xiao looked at the little white cats eyes and was a little surprised. It turned out to be a rare pupils; there was a circle of irregular golden rings in a background of blue, which was as magnificent as a gem.

His white fluffy long fur looks like a cloud in the sky, and his pink nose was as beautiful as his gemstone colored cat pupils. Even though he was not interested in pets, he has to praise that this kitten was really cute.

The man in the neat custom suit looked away, but did not throw away the uninvited guest who was in his palm. 

Su Zening breathed a sigh of relief and began to recall what the white-bearded grandpa said.

According to what the white-bearded grandpa said, he was now in a book world.

Fu Xiao was the biggest villain in this book. As the son of Father Fu, and the heir of the Fu Family, a media aristocratic family in A Country, and with his talent in finance, he should be able to live his life as the son of heaven.

But after giving birth to Fu Xiao, Mother Fu, who originally thought that she and father Fu were truly in love, discovered that Father Fu had an old love in his heart, and that he just married her because of his fathers coercion. After Fu Xiao was born, he consciously fulfilled his responsibility as Father Fu, and began to break up with his old love. 

Mother Fu, who was pampered to the heavens, couldnt accept it after knowing it. There was a lot of trouble in the Fu family, and her sensitive spirit broke down after a long time with Father Fu.

In the end, the two divorced, and Fu Xiao was taken away by his mother who refused to admit defeat. But no one thought that this was just the beginning of the tragedy. Mother Fu had a mental breakdown and abused the little Fu Xiao as a punching bag for a long time. The grandfather, who doted on her daughter, even tacitly allowed everything, and even helped Mother Fu to cover it up.

Little Fu Xiao often doesnt have a piece of good flesh all over his body. The servants were all human beings, and they all know how to read their masters face, so Fu Xiao, as a child, already knew how to read the emotional changes of others.

After Fu Xiao grew up, he was finally taken back by his grandfather who noticed something strange. But Fu Xiao has grown up and has an arrogant and conceited personality. He no longer believes in hypocritical things such as feelings, or so to speak, his world only has interests. 

The only exception was Feng Jiaming, the heroine of this book.

Feng Jiaming was born from a wealthy family which was in dire straits, but her dream was to become a singer, while her family wanted her to marry as soon as possible to solve the family crisis. Feng Jiaming helped Fu Xiao inadvertently when she was young. Feng Jiamings unintentional act brought great warmth to the little Fu Xiao. Since then, Fu Xiao has been watching Feng Jiaming silently, and in her most difficult times, he always appears like a savior.

Regardless of Grandpa Fus objection, Fu Xiao, who has already inherited the Fu family, helped the Feng family out of the predicament, and for this, he did not hesitate to offend the board of directors. Fu Xiao even helped Feng Jiaming pave the way for her post-singing career. And the board of directors he once offended for Feng Jiaming later ironically became a weapon to help Feng Jiaming deal with him in turn.

Its not that Fu Xiao didnt give Feng Jiaming a choice. For ten years, Fu Xiao will help Feng Jiaming solve her problems and help her realize her dreams, and after ten years, Feng Jiaming will be with him as promised. 

Within ten years, Feng Jiaming can terminate it with just a word and stop it at any time. In other words, the decision-making power for these ten years was in Feng Jiamings hands.

But Feng Jiaming did not.

Originally, according to the development of the story. Although Feng Jiaming didnt love Fu Xiao, the two of them would still spend their lives respecting each other in the end.

At the end of ten years, when she became the Queen of Songs, Feng Jiaming met her true love, Fu Wei—— Fu Xiaos half-brother. He was different from Fu Xiao. Fu Wei was a sunny and gentle person, completely different from Fu Xiao. 

After meeting Fu Wei, Feng Jiaming understood what love felt like.

If Feng Jiaming, who has never met her true love, can still deceive herself to be with Fu Xiao, but how can Feng Jiaming, who has met true love, be willing?

After some struggles, Feng Jiaming made up her mind to pursue true love and violated the agreement just so she could stay with Fu Wei. For this reason, she did not hesitate to give up her position she had been given as the Queen of Songs, her career, and everything she had to elope with Fu Wei.

However, on the evening of the elopement, Fu Xiao was retaliated against by the rival company and was in a serious car accident. Fu Xiaos face was destroyed and both his legs were amputated to protect Feng Jiaming. 

Because of her sympathy and guilt for Fu Xiao, Feng Jiaming began to struggle between leaving and not leaving.

During Fu Xiaos recovery, Feng Jiaming took care of Fu Xiao. Fu Xiao was grateful for Feng Jiamings persistence, and even thought that Feng Jiaming really liked him. When Fu Xiao finally felt a little mercy from the world for him, Fu Xiao bumped into Feng Jiaming and Fu Wei kissing.

Its like giving a little bit of poor water to a person walking in the desert, then taking it immediately, and laughing at the other partys wishful thinking. Especially the one who took it away was Fu Wei.

At the same time, due to his serious illness, Grandpa Fu had to let Fu Wei take his place in the company. The favored son of heaven became an abandoned son overnight. From the very beginning, Fu Xiao was not a kind person, so after many betrayals, he turned black. He was ruthless and quickly took back the company with cunning means, and forced Feng Jiaming to marry him. He also framed Fu Wei and forced Fu Wei to go to another country. 

But how can the villain have a good result? Fu Wei was found by his mothers clansmen abroad, and fate had it that his mother, who originally could not marry his father because of her lack of status and was forced to separate from her lover, turned out to be a lost eldest lady. After inheriting a large amount of property, Fu Wei returned to China and joined hands with Feng Jiaming, who became the insider, to retake the company and rescue Feng Jiaming.

Everyone wished the lovers a happy life, but no one mentioned that Feng Jiaming was supposed to be Fu Weis sister-in-law. And half of the Fu familys territory was shot down by Fu Xiao.

Everyone just sighs at the ruthlessness of Fu Xiao and the coldness of his nature, but who would have thought that the world has given him only wind and frost, and has never had a trace of tolerance for him, and that fate has never been fair to him?

If he was not cold and vicious to guard what he has left, what else can he have left? 

Fu Wei generously forgave Fu Xiao, who was betrayed and isolated by everyone.

But with Fu Xiaos pride, how can he allow it. In the early morning, Fu Xiao controlled the wheelchair to fall from the roof.

The original story should be that Fu Wei and Feng Jiaming lived happily together.

But it was unexpected that after Fu Xiaos death, the world began to collapse inexplicably because of Fu Xiaos strong will. As the master of this world, the white-bearded grandfather had to reverse time and let everything start over. 

The white-bearded grandfather found Su Zening and handed over the detailed plot to Su Zening, hoping that Su Zening could change Fu Xiaos fate and prevent the world from collapsing.

After thinking about all this, Su Zening decided to hug Fu Xiaos thigh without hesitation.

Just kidding, he doesnt want to died again because the world was collapsing.

Whats more, he always felt that Fu Xiao had a different meaning to him. He and Fu Xiao were somewhat similar. Fate was ruthless to them. 

He was born with a mortal congenital disease, and Fu Xiao was rejected by his relatives as soon as he was born.

Compared with the darlings of fate, they were undoubtedly the abandoned children of fate.

Even though Su Zening had reached a reconciliation with fate and accepted his life, he was always uneasy in the dead of night.

Why was it him? 

He wanted to live, Fu Xiao wanted to get Feng Jiamings love, both of them just want to take back what fate never gave them.

This time, both he and Fu Xiao have a chance to change their original destiny.

Fu Xiao frowned as he looked at the white dumpling in his palm.

It was so small and fragile, it looks like he will die if youre not careful, and its a hassle to bring him back. 

He just wanted to refuse.

The little white dumpling seemed to sense his emotions, lowered his head and rubbed his palm.

The fluffy, pink nose felt a little wet when it brushed against the palm of his hand.

His heart was inexplicably moved, and the refusal that came to his lips became: “Good.” 

After saying it, Fu Xiao was stunned for a moment, and then he thought about it, so be it, its just a matter of finding a few more people to take care of it.

The old grandpa, who looks just like Fu Xiao, suddenly smiled with a serious face. He leaned down and looked at Su Zening, “Little Sugar Cake, be obedient, and wait for grandpa to pick you up home.”

With that gentle attitude and soft-spoken look, there was not even half a shadow of that decisive and cold-hearted killings of those years.

Fu Xiao shook his head, what can such a kitten know? 

The old man was really getting more and more confused as he gets older.

Who knew, to his surprise, the little guy stood up trembling and turned his head to look at him, as if he was asking him for something.

The small white fur ball looked a bit like sugar cake.

Fu Xiaos heart moved, and put the kitten down. 

The kitten clumsily walked towards the old man as if he had the same hands and feet. He tilted his head and rubbed the old mans trousers. He raised his fluffy little head and meowed, as if to say he knew.

The childish voice, like a little adult, was very adorable.

The old man was coaxed into a beaming smile, and immediately put the clutches aside. He bent down and hugged the kitten in his arms, and said with great distress: “Good Little Sugar Cake, grandpa ’s sweetheart, grandpa is also reluctant to part with you. At home, listen to your elder brother, grandpa will be back soon.”

Fu Xiao: “…” 

Elder brother?

Very good, why didnt he know that he had a cat brother.

While holding the kitten, the old man said to the old butler next to him without forgetting his business: “Old Zhang, pack up Little Sugar Cakes things. Dont leave anything out, they are all toys that Little Sugar Cake likes, dont leave them here.”

The old butler respectfully said: “Young Master Little Sugar Cakes things were already packed up in the morning.” 

Packed up in the morning?

Fu Xiao, who understood that he was being calculated, admitted defeat: “Ill go back later, and Little Sugar Cakes stuff can just be put in my car directly and brought back.”

It just so happened that his driver was still outside.

Who knew that the old butler would push his gold rimmed glasses: “Young master, Young Master Little Sugar Cake has a lot of things, and your car may not be able to fit it all.” 

Fu Xiao moves a little.

Cant fit?

He looked down, just how much could be taken away from this little thing that was not even the size of his palm?

As if the white fur ball felt something, he turned his head and titled his head, then called out to him innocently: “Meow~” 

Fu Xiao looked at the three black SUVs neatly parked behind his car at the gate of the resort, then raised his eyebrows and looked at Mr. Fu.

This little furball has so much stuff?

Seeing that there were only three cars, Mr. Fu frowned: “Is that all? Did you take Little Sugar Cakes favorite cabin there?”

The housekeeper hurriedly explained: “The cabin has already been taken down this morning, and when it was dismantled, it will be packaged and sent to Young Master Xiao.” 

Fu Xiao, who didnt want to figure out what the cabin was, got into his car, and Mr, Fu reluctantly handed the little white cat and repeatedly instructed him: “Take care of Little Sugar Cake for me.”

Then the old mans voice seems hesitant to speak, “Go see your parents when you have time, they are also getting older.”

Fu Xiao lowered his head and stroked the little white cats back, as if he just didnt hear what the old man said.

The old mans eyes dimmed for a moment. 

Over the years, the relationship between Fu Xiao and the Fu family has not been close. Regarding his parents, he never asked more questions. Originally, Mr. Fu didnt think there was anything. As the head of the Fu family, Fu Xiao only needs to have enough ability and courage.

But now that he was older, like all old people, he began to hope that the whole family would be reunited, and that the family was at peace and happy.

But whenever he took an indirect approach, Fu Xiao was always so indifferent, which made him very helpless.

Alas, after all, its his biological parents, so how can there be any overnight grudges, anything more is in the past, ah.

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