The owner of the Eternal heart—— Little Sugar Cake!


Fu Wei swayed and flashed to the side across the orange cat.

Su Zening was afraid that Fu Wei would run away, and hurriedly jumped on Fu Wei.

The sudden force caused Fu Wei to lean to one side.

And on one side of him was the door out of the balcony. 

So, Su Zening lay on Fu Weis body, and one person and one cat were forced to enter the venue at the same time.

With a clunk.

Fu Wei smashed on the champagne tower. The golden champagne wet his clothes, and he looked particularly embarrassed.

The eyes of the people on the dance floor fell on them.

There was an awkward silence.

Only photos of Bai Yangxin and Fu Yunxi were played in the slideshow in the hall, and the warm music was still flowing.

The white kitty quickly climbed on Fu Weis face, and climbed to the top of Fu Weis head and squatted down, tilting its tail high for fear of having even a little bit of liquor thrown on its tail.

What should he do now?! 

He could not show his slightly greater than normal cat strength in front of so many people.

Originally, he wanted to block Fu Wei on the balcony and beat him up.

Now he can only be a low-key cat.

Su Zening flicked his fluffy tail and meowed innocently around him. 

“Little Sugar Cake.” A calm male voice came from the door, and a man in a black tailored formal suit came from the door.

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Its Fu Xiao!

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The direction Fu Xiao just left off to was herself.

If Fu Xiao wanted to lead her to dance, what should she do?

Will Fu Wei misunderstand? 

Should she refuse or agree?

Everyones eyes stopped in front of Fu Wei and Feng Jiaming following Fu Xiaos pace, then it all landed on Feng Jiaming.

Although Feng Jiaming claimed to be single, everyone had some speculation about Fu Xiaos relationship with her.

Did Fu Xiao come here to find Feng Jiaming? 

As one of the focusses of everyones attention, Fu Xiao glanced at Fu Wei and Feng Jiaming lightly. His dark eyes were like the deep night sky, he stretched out a hand, his thin lips slightly opened: “Still not coming over?”

Everyone did not dare whisper in front of Fu Xiao, instead they all looked at each other——

Sure enough, the relationship between Feng Jiaming and Fu Xiao was not that simple.

Listening to this. 

Still not coming over.


Feng Jiamings heart tightened, and her slender fingers couldnt help but clench the hem of her pink dress.

She dared not refuse this man. 

He made her go over.

Feng Jiaming took a deep look at Fu Wei, she gritted her teeth and suppressed the inexplicable emotions in her heart and extended her hand to Fu Xiao——

She would never forget the humiliation of being forced to cater to someone she didnt like.

However, in the next second, a white furball stepped on Fu Weis head mercilessly. Using Fu Weis head as a stepping stone, it jumped towards Fu Xiaos outstretched hand. 

Fu Xiao tacitly caught Little Sugar Cake. He hugged it in his arms and then bypassed Feng Jiaming and left.


Feng Jiamings hand was still in the air, and her smile was a little stiff.

Everyone: … 

Bai Yangxin hurriedly said: “This is the cat that our eldest young master raised. This delicate little thing loves to cling to our eldest young master.”

Little Sugar Cakes front paws were lying on Fu Xiaos shoulders, while its head was resting on Fu Xiaos face, as it cried aggrievedly: “Im going bankrupt!”

Of course, Fu Xiao didnt understand. Hearing this whining voice with some grievances in his ear, he patted Little Sugar Cakes fleshy body and shook his head: “Naughty——”

Little Sugar Cake was not convinced: “Meow!” 

He is not naughty!

If it wasnt for keeping Fu Xiao from wearing a green hat, he wouldnt even come, and he wouldnt need to pay for so many small dried fish.

Fu Xiao chuckled lightly, easily detecting the little things protest from the short cry of Little Sugar Cake: “I told you not to run around, but you still ran around. If its not naughty, then what is it.”

The people around watched Fu Xiao walk away before they felt like whispering. 

Finally, someone saw it sharply. The emerald gem under the collar of Little Sugar Cake was as green as it was about to drop gems, she let out a soft cry in disbelief: “Thats the Eternal Heart. Oh my god, ah!”

Following her gaze, everyone saw the white kitten with a string of an extremely magnificent cat necklace under its neck. The main gemstone of the cat necklace is the largest and top emerald gemstone on the Eternal Heart, and next to it are two velvet sapphires with colors no less than that of the emerald, and next to them are pigeon blood rubies.

These gems are rare gems that are rarely seen at auctions. It is no exaggeration to say that the price of this kind of necklace can even be worth the entire net worth of a person here.

This necklace glittering under the light of all eyes of the opposite sex, enough to make all the ladies in the dining hall go crazy. 

Anyone who can bring such a necklace at such a banquet, she will definitely be the center of attention.

The eyes of the ladies all fell on the kitten——

Its the prettiest cat in the world!

A woman swallowed her saliva and couldnt help but ask: “What breed is this cat?” 

Another lady on the side fell into silence, if she was not wrong, this cat is the most common lion cat ah!


Looking at the inhumane gemstone necklace on the cats body, she suddenly became uncertain, and she said weakly: “Its probably a rare breed that we dont know about.”

The two of them looked at the kitten. The kitten squatting on Fu Xiao curiously followed Fu Xiaos arm. It probed the table and curiously touched the pink drink in a drinking glass on the banquet hall food table. 

The kitten curiously licked its pink meat pad. The two saw a rich series of expressions of curiosity, disgust, hate, and other series of rich expressions.

The kitten looked at Fu Xiao with a guilty conscience, and found that he was looking in the other direction. Without revealing a trace, it wiped its pink meat pad on Fu Xiaos expensive suit that could almost buy all the expensive food in the dining hall.

Then flipped it over and wiped the other side as well.

The female guests who witnessed the whole process:  … 

They have this inexplicable feeling of happiness, whats going on.

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