Who isnt eating for the sake of food.


At this time, the fairy cat was squatting on Fu Xiaos shoulder.

After leaving the Fu family banquet scene that looked like a farce, Fu Xiao didnt want to go back. When something like this happens, it wont take long for a word to reach old master Fus reach.

And he doesnt want to face old master Fu now.

Fu Xiao walked out of the Fu familys manor with the little kitty on his shoulder. 

The Fu family manor was built on the mountain and occupied the top of the mountain, but this piece of high-grade residential development area invested by the Fu family was still next to other villa groups.

Walking on the green road in the residential area, the night wind was blowing, and the breeze blew through Su Zenings nose, with a little scent of gardenias. The little kittys with a sense of sense couldnt help sneezing.

Su Zening sniffed.

At this moment, a familiar cat meow came from the side of the road.

He suddenly had a bad premonition, and Su Zenings back froze.

This is——

A few kitties on the side of the road nimbly emerged from the bushes. There was the orange cat who temporarily increased the price, followed by Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei. The fat belly of the orange cat almost touches the ground, but surprisingly, although its short legs were buried in the flesh, it still remained flexible. 

Su Zening quickly hid behind Fu Xiao. He was on the verge of bankruptcy and prayed silently that these creditors would never see him.

But who would have thought that the short but sly-eyed silly Bai Tian asked loudly: “Little white cat, are you coming out to play too?”

Its over!

The other two cats looked over in unison. 

Su Zening bravely walked out from behind Fu Xiaos feet.

The orange cat looked up and saw Su Zening, and it walked over shamelessly: “Little white cat, remember, I have two small dried fish tomorrow.”

It still has the nerve to say that?

Su Zening wanted to cry without tears, he stretched out his white front paw and pointed at the orange cat: “But you didnt stop Fu Wei at all!” 

How can it shamelessly ask for two dried fish.

I will give one and a half at most, I will not give you more than that!

The orange cat squatted on the ground leisurely, licking its paws, as if calmly quibbling: “But you only asked me to stop that human, and I did, ah.”

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The orange cat stood up, and its tail was upright: “Little white cat, to be the boss, your temperament has to be a little bigger ah, so its settled. My owner is calling me, Im going home.”


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How could this orange cat have an owner!? 

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Ktfc kts vbfr la ralii fja tlr bkc mja obbv!

Pc atf vlrajcmf, j ulgi lc j rmtbbi eclobgw rtbeafv, “Zlwl, ktfgf jgf sbe?”

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A girl wearing a school uniform about seventeen or eighteen years old with a ponytail trotted over and saw the orange cat on the ground. She breathed a sigh of relief, panting and hugged the orange cat in her arms: “Mimi, why did you run out again.”

The orange cat shamelessly squinted and rubbed against the girls arms: “Meow——”

Im off to cheat—— no, Im going to earn small dried fish.

Too late, he had already heard it. 

Su Zenings mind was full of just one sentence—— he was deceived by a cat.

By a cat——


These words were brimming with mockery and were smashed on Su Zenings head layer upon layer. 

The fluffy tail of the white kitten, which was raised up high, fell down in frustration.

Fu Xiao saw the incredulity of life in the blue eyes of Little Sugar Cake under his feet. Feeling happy and amused, he carried Little Sugar Cake into his arms. Aggrieved, Little Sugar Cake buried its furry head in Fu Xiaos arms.

Fu Xiao stroked its back, and his cold voice had a hint of imperceptible tenderness: “Whats wrong with the little thing again?”

“Meow, meow, meow, meow——” The kitten in his arms called meow, meow, meow, accusingly. 

The girl in the school uniform didnt dare to talk to Fu Xiao because of Fu Xiaos imposing aura, but it was rude to leave without saying anything. So when the girl saw Fu Xiaos friendly look towards the white cat in his arms, she gathered up her courage and whispered: “Are you Mimis friends?”



Little Candy Cake replied with grief and indignation. 

He has no such friends, nor such a little brother.

Fu Xiao touched Little Sugar Cake soothingly. He looked at the orange cat on the ground that appeared in his yard on time every morning recently, and nodded hesitantly.

This orange cat should be Little Sugar Cakes friend.

The girl looked at Fu Xiao, who was obviously a resident here, and heaved a sigh of relief. She touched the fat Orange in her arms and pointed in one side and said: “This building is my home. Mimi sneaks out to play everyday, I cant stop it. If it comes to your house next time, please let me know, and I will take it back immediately.” 

Fu Xiao nodded, his fingertips scratched Little Sugar Cakes chin, trying to make Little Sugar Cake happy.

Hearing Fu Xiaos agreement, the girl smiled in relief, and looked at Littler Sugar Cake in Fu Xiaos arms: “Your kitten is well kept, ah. Its fur is shiny and smooth, the weight is just right. My Mimi is too fat, and I worry about its health everyday.”

The girl sighed: “I dont know why, I obviously dont give it more food, how can it be so fat.”

Seeing that the orange cat was almost as round as a pancake, Fu Xiao thought of the orange cat burying its head in cat food every morning, he raised an eyebrow and said: “Maybe it digests very well.” 

He weighed Little Sugar Cake secretly, then he pinched its belly secretly, and heaved a sigh of relief, this weight, such a feeling is just right. Fortunately, he controlled the diet of Little Sugar Cake in time, and prevented Little Sugar Cake from eating those small dried fish.

Having a vague insight into what Fu Xiao was thinking, Little Sugar Cake buried his head in Fu Xiaos arms with a guilty conscience.

The small dried fish he hid in various vases should not have been discovered yet, right?

The girl held the orange cat and politely said goodbye to Fu Xiao. The orange cat lying in her arms turned its head and said to Su Zening: “By the way, little white cat, remember to change the taste of your cat food tomorrow. Ive been eating chicken flavor for the past three days in a row, and I am getting tired of eating it.” 

Su Zening looked at this shameless orange cat and said angrily: “No——”

You will not have cat food later!

As if the orange cat had not heard it: “Just beef flavor, I think its pretty good. Ill eat that tomorrow. Remember.”

Listening to the two cats meowing, the girl couldnt help but smile: “Our two cats really have a good relationship. You can see that they are reluctant to part.” 

Su Zening: “No, we havent!”

After the girl left with the orange cat in her arms.

Silly Bai Tian looked at the back of the orange cat that was carried away with envy: “Its really good to have a owner.”

Xiao Hei disdainfully said: “Whats so great about stinking humans.” 

Silly Bai Tian said seriously: “Of course, humans are very easy to fool. As long as you deal with them casually, they will be very happy.”

Xiao Heis golden eyes were full of shock, as if it didnt know the silly Bai Tian in front of it. For Xiao Hei, who had been wandering all the time, the door to a new world seemed to be slowly opening towards it: “Cheating humans?”

Silly Bai Tian nodded and said in a sweet voice: “In order to make a living and to have something to eat, how can cheating humans be considered cheating.”

Su Zening: … 

As once a human being.

His mood is complicated, very complicated.

Silly Bai Tian flicked its tail and said goodbye to Su Zening: “Little white cat, Orange has gone home with this owner. Were leaving too.” Silly Bai Tian thought about it and said solemnly to Su Zening: “Little white cat, we are very grateful to you. If it werent for you, we would not have enough to eat everyday, and we would still be fighting with kitties in other areas to grab food.”

Xiao Hei, who was always in the sidelines, also nodded and said: “Although I will definitely become a great big cat in the future, thank you for taking care of them for me now.” 

Especially now that there are pregnant female cats in the cat group. In previous years, due to the lack of nutrition of female cats, it was impossible for all the kittens to survive, but this year, there is a high probability that all the kittens will survive.

“Its all trivial matters——” Su Zening felt embarrassed, he was also a human after all, how can he be bothered with these kittens.

Wait a minute?

Su Zening suddenly realized that something was wrong. 

En? Gone home with this owner?

Does fat Orange still have several owners?

The girl just now seemed to have said that Fat Orange was often away from home.

He then asked Silly Bai Tian in disbelief: “How many owners does fat Orange have?” 

Silly Bai Tian flicked its tail and answered casually: “Not much. Just two or three. Just trying to eat.”

Ah ah ah!

He really should have any expectations for that orange cats integrity, ah.

Its a three-surnames domestic slave!

Just as Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei are about to leave.

“Thats right.” Before they left, Silly Bai Tian suddenly remembered something and said to Su Zening: “Didnt you ask me what is the most precious gift for cats? I already asked, do you want to listen?”

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