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Fu Xiao did a great job!

Little Sugar Cake proudly lifted his fluffy little tail.

Outside the door, Fu Mingming walked in and saw the yard full of cats. She stopped abruptly and rubbed her eyes in disbelief. She then stepped back outside the yard and looked at the house number outside the yard. After making sure that she didnt get it wrong, she walked in again.

More than twenty cats in the yard looked at her coldly and continued to lick each others fur. 

Fu Mingming gave full play to her keen instincts as an anchor, abandoned her pride of being a game anchor, and immediately took out her mobile phone to live broadcast for a long time——

Sure enough, she got a bunch of “ahhhhhhhhhh” screams.

The butler then said with a smile: “Miss Mingming is here, ah.”

Fu Mingming looked at the yard full of cats in shock: “Whats going on?”

Butler: “Theyre all young master Little Sugar Cakes friends visiting. It wont be long before they leave.”

Fu Mingming:  …

She looked at the white dumpling at the door, and looked at the more than 20 cats, looking uncertain.

Little Sugar Cake may have more friends than she does! 

Fu Mingming had something to do today. She hesitated for a moment, then asked the butler: “Have you found the person who sang that night?”

The butler looked serious and shook his head: “Not yet.”

In fact, it was as if someone just popped up out of thin air in Fu Family, there is absolutely no way to check.

The security structure of the Fu family was tight on the outside but loose on the inside. There are many cameras and patrol personnel around the manor, but there is nothing in the villa. 

Fu Xiao is also a person who attaches great importance to privacy, so only a few entrances and exits of the entire villa have cameras. The surveillance has been searched over and over again, but that night, at that time, no one came in or out at all.

Fu Mingming sighed. Until now, there were still a lot of people squatting in her live broadcast room. Its good because it increases her popularity, but there are also a lot more conflicts in her live broadcast room.

She was simply going bald.

Fu Mingming lowered her head in frustration, but soon got over it. So many people were looking for that young man, and they can always find him. It will be chaotic for a while at most, but it will naturally calm down when the wind blows past her. 

She then casually asked the butler: “Wheres my cousin?”

Butler: “In the study.”

When Fu Mingming heard this, she didnt ask any more questions, because her cousin would not let anyone in the study casually, especially when he was in the office. With the very few exceptions, she had to wait outside for the king of heaven to come out.

Ccv ja atlr alwf.

The small moveable door at the heavy wooden door of the study was gently arched open, and a little fluffy head poked in. The snow-white dumpling then nimbly passed through the moveable door. 

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Except for the kitchen.

Drilling into the study, Little Sugar Cake heard a familiar voice—— 

“Ah Xiao, the little grandson of the Yi family will return to China in a few days and will go to Xingchen for an internship. Remember to arrange it.” An old but powerful voice came out from the tablet.

This is Fu Xiaos grandpas voice.

Little Sugar Cake suddenly brightened. Wagging his tail, he ran to Fu Xiaos feet and tugged Fu Xiaos trouser legs with his paw.

Hurry up and hold me up. 

Fu Xiao glanced down at him with slightly dark eyes. Little Sugar Cake then hurriedly placed both his front paws on Fu Xiaos leg to hug him. Stretching his body up, he gave him an urgent meow meow. Although a deep smile flashed in Fu Xiaos eyes, as if nothing happened, averted his gaze, and wickedly pretended not to understand anything

Hmph! Do you think I cant do this?

Little Sugar Cake became more energetic, stretching out his claws in his meat pad, he then flexibly climbed onto Fu Xiaos lap in two strokes. He is no longer the little kitty who couldnt climb up.

Excitedly, he laid his front paws on the desk, glanced at Fu Xiao proudly. Little Sugar Cake then raised his head to look at the tablet. 

The old man in the tablet, who had just completed the operation, was much better. He looked at the kitten with half of its head on the desk, with a slight smile in his eyes: “Aiya, did Little Sugar Cake come to see Grandpa?”

Before the operation, Little Sugar Cake had a video call with Grandpa Fu. Seeing that Grandpa Fu is in good spirits and is now recovering, Little Sugar Cake tried hard to prop up its short legs, showing its head a little more from the desk, and let out a happy meow.

How are you, Fu Xiaos grandpa?

Its nice to see Fu Xiaos grandpa, but its so tiring to tip toe on his feet, ah, when will he grow taller? He cant be a dwarf all the time, ah. 

Fu Xiao seemed to be aware of his embarrassment. With one hand, he lifted him from the bottom and held him leveled with the tablet. He pulled his short legs directly to be free, and the relieved Little Sugar Cake turned back, and let out a good meow, then found a comfortable place in Fu Xiaos arms and settled down.

On the other side of the tablet, old master Fu saw the whole picture of Little Sugar Cake and gave a satisfied snort: “Little Sugar Cake has grown up and gained weight.”

Little Sugar Cakes smile stiffened.

He didnt gain weight! 

It must be the camera that shows he is fat, it must be.

Fu Xiao hooked his lips and scratched Little Sugar Cakes chin: “Little Sugar Cake is just right.” It was fleshy and soft in the hand.

Old master Fu laughed but didnt speak, as if waiting for Fu Xiao to take the initiative to say something.

However, Fu Xiao lowered his head and just touched Little Sugar Cake leisurely. Old master Fu has always never gone to the Buddhist temple for no reason. The youngest son of the Yi family going to the company for an internship was just a trivial thing, and the old master didnt need to take the initiative to make this video call. 

Both ends of the video fell silent for a moment, and an eerie atmosphere spread through the study.

The unsuspecting Little Sugar Cake just went playing with its tail.

Finally, old master Fu sighed and spoke first: “Your fathers business——”

Fu Xiaos eyes were indifferent: “He chose it himself, didnt he?” 

Both that woman and that banquet.

No one ever forced him.

Old master Fu then said angrily: “Your father cant figure out this matter. He is so old. Whats the point of getting married? You still think the Fu family is not lively enough?” As usual, old master Fu scolded Fu Yunxi for a while.

Fu Xiao listened casually. He was used to hearing these words for a long time, and his heart was not moved. 

In his life, old master Fu only has one child, Fu Yunxi. The ambitious old master Fu has devoted all his energy to build a great mountain and river for his descendants. He didnt have time to take care of his family. Until finally, he found out that his only son had grown crooked, indecisive, and had difficulty gaining great success.

Old master Fu didn ’t regard this son. Fu Xiao grew up with old master Fu, and he didnt know how many times he saw old master Fu scolded Fu Yunxi.

He was already familiar with this routine. No matter what Fu Yinxi did, old master Fu would do nothing but scold him, and he never received any substantial punishment.

Although its called scolding, its really condoning. 

So he never changed.

No matter how old master Fu rebuke heaven and earth, turning his hands over to make clouds, and covering his hands to make rain in the business world, he is just a helpless and guilty father in front of Fu Yunxi.

Sure enough, after old master Fu scolded Fu Yunxi from the beginning to end, his voice changed: “Ah Xiao, I know you dont have a good relationship with your father, but he is still your father after all. He hasnt done anything wrong to you in the end——” 

It was already expected, Fu Xiaos heart was still calm, and he interrupted directly: “I didnt do anything at the banquet.”

Old master Fus voice froze, he then sighed, and shook his head helplessly. The old mans old eyes still had a little bit of eagle-like sharpness in his youth, and he said with certainty towards Fu Xiao: “But Ah Xiao, you must have a way to stop it, right?”

Little Sugar Cakes blue eyes looked up at Fu Xiao.

Sure enough, Fu Xiao already knew what would happen at the banquet, didnt he? 

The degree of change in the plot changed on the night Bai Yangxin came, which means that it wasnt yesterdays farce that broke Bai Yangxings luxury dream, it was doomed from that night. He doesnt believe that it has nothing to do with Fu Xiao.

He remembered that Fu Xiao had specially instructed him not to go to the banquet yesterday, so he must know something.

Fu Xiao didnt refute, he just looked at old master Fu, he then smiled and said: “Why should I stop it?”

Didnt he come this far in order to keep these people and things he hates away from him? 

The atmosphere became awkward.

There, old master Fu seemed to want to say something.

Little Sugar Cake then made a decisive decision. He cut off the video communication with one paw, and the tablet turned into a black screen.

He simply praised his wit. 

It didnt take long for Little Sugar Cake to feel a line of sight watching him from behind.

He froze all over, and as if nothing had happened, he tapped the tablet with his paws again.

Then he thought again.

Why is he feeling guilty? 

Does a cat need a reason to close the communication?

Sitting on the tablet confidently, Little Sugar Cake looked up at Fu Xiao, and let out a meow-ao loudly——


Your cat cant turn off your communication? 

Is your communication important, or is your cat important?

Fu Xiao looked at Little Sugar Cake meaningfully.

Little Sugar Cake especially squatted on the table with both his head and chest raised, but his heart was uneasy.

Fu Xiao laughed softly, he then picked up Little Sugar Cake, and threw the tablet aside carelessly. He looked at Little Sugar Cake thoughtfully, and asked a devilish question—— 

“When your grandfather returns from his treatment, will you follow me, or will you follow your grandfather?”

Little Sugar Cake: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The author has something to say:

Di, your sent proposition is already online. 

Sunnyshies: Fu Xiao was the one who sent those photos to Fu Wei the night the blue bar changed.

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