Crystal Love” years ago. The male leads father and the female leads mother remarried, which dissatisfied the male lead and made things difficult for his little white rabbit step sister in every possible way. Finally, after a series of bloody plots, the story ends as they get married.

At the very beginning, when Little Sugar Cake first saw it, he looked at it very contemptuously——

What the hell is this scene?

Why did the female lead fall into the water and ask the male lead, who was far away from the house, to save her? 

Is there really no problem with the male lead jumping directly into the pool from the second floor?

But one episode later.

Theres only——

The male lead is so handsome! The female lead is so cute! 

How their love has so many twists and turns.

Little Sugar Cake watched the screen with an auntys smile all over his face.

One person and one cat stared at the TV series intently, they didnt even notice Fu Xiao walking down.

Fu Xiao didnt pay that much attention, and he walked straight up towards the two. A tall shadow then blocked the TV in front of the two. 

The TV series is reaching a critical moment——

The female lead is bullied by other people in the office.

Fu Mingming looked at the screen that was almost blocked by his cousin. Although her heart was anxious, she didnt be rash because of her cousins imposing aura, and just anxiously asked: “Cousin, is something wrong?”

She doesnt know if the overbearing male lead has arrived in time ah. 

However, a furry paw poked out from the side.

Little Sugar Cake did what Fu Mingming dared not do, it meow meow as it stretched out its paws and pushed Fu Xiao aside impatiently.

Everyone was shocked!

Fu Xiao raised his eyebrows. 

Fu Mingming shivered and thought, Little Sugar Cake was probably the first person who dared to push her cousin, no, cat.

After the push, Little Sugar Cake also felt old behind his back, and his outstretched paws froze.

Its his fault for being too involved in watching the TV series, ah.

But the overbearing male lead is really responsible and handsome, ah. 

Little Sugar Cake stood up obediently, he stretched his head out and rubbed on Fu Xiaos leg like a spoiled child. There was a delicate meowing sound in his mouth, trying to cover up the fact that he just pushed Fu Xiao away as a prelude to acting like a spoiled child.

Fu Xiao shook his head and hugged Little Sugar Cake in his arms, and went to the sofa.

Little Sugar Cakes blue eyes immediately looked at the screen, but the ending song of the series has already been played, and todays share has already been broadcast. Little Sugar Cake and Fu Mingming then bowed their heads in disappointment at the same time.

Fu Mingming soon recalled what she was here for today. She hung up a pleasing smile and asked her cousin politely: “That, cousin, I heard that there is a banquet in Xingchen tonight, and Director Angus will go too.” Director Angus is her idol! 

She always felt that during this period of time, her cousin had softened a lot. He was smiling more, and his eyes were not as cold as before, and there was a trace of warmth.

In fact, she admired her cousin the most in the Fu family. When her cousin returned to Fu house from his grandfathers Song;s house, no one was optimistic about him at all. Those who knew the inside story said that Patriarch Fu already abandoned him.

But her cousin climbed back from hell step by step by himself, which convinced the people of the Fu family.

So she has admired her cousin since she was a child, but it was undeniable that she was also a little afraid of him. In the past, she definitely wouldn;t dare to speak like this to her cousin, but now she finds that her cousin was not as cold, so she has the guts to say so. 

Fu Mingming said it very euphemistically, but she knew that her cousin would definitely understand what she meant.

Sure enough, her cousin thought about it, then said: “Go if you want.”

Little Sugar Cake had his ears perked up, so when he heard of this, he immediately stood up——

What Angus Directors Banquet? Is that the one Feng Jiaming is going to? 

He is going too!

As for how to go——



In the evening, Fu Mingming, who had already prepared her makeup and hair, wore a dark blue gradient dress with her dull blue-green hair. It didn;t feel abrupt, but rather, it was a bit fashionable.

Feng Jiaming was wearing a long white dress, her hair was pinned with diamond pins, and she stood elegantly and nobly on the other side.

And Fu Xiao, who was wearing a black suit, looked at his feet helplessly.

Under his feet, the white cat held Fu Xiaos legs with four claws, and its fluffy tail was also wrapped around him, like a dog skin plaster, which could not be torn off. 

As soon as someone tried to pull the kitty away, the kitty would immediately let out a pig-killing howl.

We are a similar set, so I would just not let go. What are you going to do with my scoundrel face?

If you have the ability, you can reason with the cat, ah!

Sunnyshies:  Unedited!! Ill edit it later!!!

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