Late at night, the kitty gathering.

Little Sugar Cake worked hard to drag the small dried fish over. The cats in the back were lining up in an orderly manner, and the kitties, who already got the small dried fish, gathered together happily in twos and threes to share unexpected delicacies. 

Little Sugar Cake proudly looked at the group of cats in front of him.

Obviously he is also a cat, but looking at the cats in front of him, eating with peace of mind, he had this inexplicable feeling of comfort like an old father. Its all thanks to his hard work for selling meng.

Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei squatted beside Little Sugar Cake. After Silly Bai Tian reluctantly finished eating its own small dried fish, he thought about it, then titled its head and said to Little Sugar Cake: “Little white cat, I caught a fool, oh. He gave me a lot of delicious food.” 

A fool?

Little Sugar Cake: …

Silly Bai Tian can always surprise him.

If you can find a reliable owner, its not a bad thing, but now——

After thinking about it, Little Sugar Cake jumped to the highest stone nearby. He raised his little tail, and lifted his head: “Meow-wu——”

Everyone, come and listen to me!

There were more than 20 cats at the bottom doing their own thing, without even raising their heads.

So angry, oh! 

Little Sugar Cake lowered his head in frustration, but quickly regained his spirits: “Everyone listen to me. Recently, a kitten has disappeared nearby. Everyone must pay attention to safety, try to be in pairs, and do not act alone.”

The kitties looked at each other.

Most cats live alone, and only a few cats stick to each other every day.

Of course, the pair of freaks, Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei, are exceptions. 

There are no male cats that are almost adults who are still getting together every day.

The cow cat said impatiently while eating dried fish: “How annoying. I dont want to be with other cats.”

The white little kitty walked forward gracefully. It was twice as big as himself, with muscles all over its body, but he asked sweetly and politely: “Could you say it again?”

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The cats immediately stood together in pairs and divided into teams.

Little Sugar Cake: … 

After the matter was settled, Little Sugar Cake was relieved. When the kitty gathering was about to disband, Little Sugar Cakes pink nose sniffed. His expression became solemn, because he felt a faint smell of blood in the air.

Little Sugar Cake turned his head, the smell of blood came from the bushes next to him.

He carefully peeled away the bushes to check, and finally he found a dying calico cat in the corner of the bushes, it was covered in blood stains and was unconscious. Only the childs faintly heaving belly proved that it was alive.

A group of cats gathered around. 

This cat doesnt belong to their cat group, but it was clearly a kitten, and it was only half the size of Little Sugar Cake.

Xiao Hei said angrily: “Who did this?”

The cow cat sneered: “Isnt it those damn humans.” It has been in many cat colonies and has seen a lot of kittens abused by humans. This kitten was obviously abused by a human.

Fat Orange thought for a while and said: “Not all humans are like that.” Its owners were very good towards the pregnant racoon cat. It then went up and licked the kittens wound, but the kitten didnt move, which made it worried: “If it goes on like this, it will die.” 

“Give it to me.” Little Sugar Cake stood up and said, “Ill save it.”

The cats looked at the little white cat in amazement. Although this little white cat had defeated the cow cat and became their boss, it was not bad. But from the bottom of their hearts, they didnt really take this soft and fragrant little white cat living in a honeypot as the boss.

After all, the little white cat is not yet an adult. To say that it was only playing with this stray cats on the whim was really not necessary, but they dont know when it may not want to be with the stray cats anymore, and want to go back home and be a pet cat comfortably.

But now—— 

The raccoon cat was moved and asked the little white cat: “What are you going to do?”

In the middle of the night, Fu Xiao, who was sleeping, could feel that something soft was patting his face.

Without thinking about it, Fu Xiao opened his eyes helplessly. Who else is there beside Little Sugar Cake? 

On the edge of the bed, Little Sugar Cake was squatting beside his pillow, and was patting his face with its paw.

Fu Xiao stretched out his hand and wanted to put Little Sugar Cake in his arms to sleep, but Little Sugar Cake broke free from his arms. The white kitty then carefully grabbed his collar and tried desperately to take him outside.

Fu Xiao was a little puzzled, Little Sugar Cake was going to take him out?

Although Little Sugar Cake is naughty, its not a cat who knows the priorities. So is there something going on outside? 

Fu Xiao saw that there was a trace of blood on the snow-white fur on the tip of Little Sugar Cakes tail. His pupils shrank and he quickly hugged Little Sugar Cake. He was only relieved when he confirmed that Little Sugar Cake was not injured.

Little Sugar Cake was still holding his clothes, so Fu Xiao thought about it and left with Little Sugar Cake.

Does the little guy want to take him somewhere?

It was late at night outside, and he followed Little Sugar Cake to a remote hillside at the manor. As soon as Fu Xiao looked up, he saw more than a dozen pairs of bright eyes staring at him in the dark. 

Fu Xiao looked around at some familiar faces.

Little Sugar Cake then stopped. He raised his head and looked at Fu Xiao expectantly, as he called, meow meow.

Next to him is a kitten with scars all over its body.

The cow cat next to him couldnt help but say: “Little white cat, is your owner reliable? He doesnt seem to be able to speak.” Not all humans are willing to save kittens they dont know. 

Xiao Hei also looked at Little Sugar Cake hesitantly, it didnt have much trust in humans.

The group of cats gradually became restless. Without the help of humans, the kitten would not survive. Originally, Fat Orange said that it could call its male owner over, but Little Sugar Cake said that the orange cats male owner was only a high school student, and he was very far away, so he might not be able to save the kitten, but his owner definitely could.

Hearing what Little Sugar Cake had said, everyone agreed to let Little Sugar Cake bring his owner here.

Little Sugar Cake flicked his tail, and looked up at everyone and said seriously: “My owner will definitely save it.” 

Little Sugar Cake looked up at Fu Xiao, he never doubted this.

Fu Xiao looked with uncertain expression on his face at the obviously abused kitten on the ground. He frowned, then picked up his phone, and after a few rings: “Dr. Wu? Im sorry to disturb you so late, can you come over? Yes, bring as many things as possible, there is a cat here thats not doing well.”

Little Sugar Cakes blue eyes stared at Fu Xiao.

He knew that Fu Xiao would not ignore it. 


Fu Xiao is such a gentle person.

After a night of chaos, the calico kitten has been taken to the pet hospital by Dr. Wu. The kittens condition is very bad, but its no longer life-threatening.

Fu Xiao rubbed his forehead and said to the butler: “Check it out.” That kitten will never look like that for no reason, and Little Sugar Cake likes to go outside to play. What if Little Sugar Cake encounters that person? 

The butler understood what he meant and nodded.

Little Sugar Cake was lying on Fu Xiaos arms, yawning.

Fu Xiao suddenly thought of a question. He looked down, and patted Little Sugar Cakes body and asked like a teacher: “Why are you outside at night?”

The snow-white cat in his arms stretched casually, tilted its head, and closed its eyes, then it remained motionless for a second, ready to fall asleep. 

Fu Xiao:  …

He turned his head and said to the butler: “The windows in the house should be sealed as soon as possible, especially the ones on the upper floors.”

Little Sugar Cake pricked up his ears and shook. Although the white kittens eyes were closed, it still twitched because of the heartache.

Fu Xiaos drastic measures are really ruthless, ah! 

Seeing this scene, Fu Xiaos eyes flashed a smile, and said to the butler: “Then open a small door for Little Sugar Cake at the gate of the villa. Remember to install surveillance in places where Little Sugar Cake often goes.”

The kitten, who had his eyes closed while eavesdropping, breathed a sigh of relief.

His little thought was completely guessed by Fu Xiao.

Thinking of everything that happened last night, Fu Xiao looked at the kitty in his arms and fell into contemplation. Little Sugar Cakes intelligence was beyond his expectations. 

This made him think of some strange legends.

Are those even possible?

Sunnyshies: Fat Orange has two owners; the female student Fu Xiao met at the Fu Family banquet scene, and the male student mentioned in this scene. XD cant wait for these two to meet face to face! That scene is hilarious!! 

Oh yeah, recommendation!! Sacrifice to the Devil. Not just this series, but I recommend almost all the authors works. Her writing style is simple and not complicated, theres some deep plotlines, but the authors novels were very straight forward and the author didnt took any detour. Thats why most of her novels were mostly 50-80 chapters. And almost all her 100+ chapters novels are all worth it! She also wrote The Big Bosses Are Not What I Expected After I Transmigrated Into A Book. And I mostly recommend this! 我被女主献给了男主(穿书)— this is very cute novel! About a rich powerful president and a painter! Im currently (but by the time your reading this, 3 days has already past, after all, so Im sure I finished reading it by then)  reading 家有小忠犬[重生] — about a loyal guard and the rebirthed fallen general. POV of the gong. The author is into yandere vibe gong and a cute innocent shou, hahaha my fav cp! But its all healthy relationship!

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