TV with Little Sugar Cake at home every day, and has no plan for herself at all.

But then, he raised an eyebrow. He remembered that there was a TV program that several TV stations under Xingcheng wanted, so he might as well give it to that station, just so he could adjust the time of the TV program broadcast. 

As he secretly made a decision, Fu Xiao walked over.

Little Sugar Cake seems to ignore him completely, and its pair of blue eyes seemed to be glued to the TV.

Fu Mingming shivered and trembled under Fu Xiaos gaze and said: “Cousin, you are back.” She didnt know why she felt that his cousin was a little scary to her now.

Fu Xiao sat down on the sofa, and calmly said: “Cousin called me sometime ago. He wants you to have a plan for your future.” Fu Mingmings family, except Fu Mingming, are all developing abroad. 

Only Fu Mingming was unwilling to go abroad, so she stayed in the country and asked Fu Xiao to take care of her on their behalf.

Fu Mingming scowled miserably and said: “Okay.” In fact, her dad never agreed with her being an anchor. Their generation always felt that an anchor was not a proper profession, and they always wanted to force her to study abroad. There was even a time when she and her father had an unpleasant quarrel. At the present, its hard for both of them to keep a tacit agreement and not to mention this. When their relationship got better, her dad started to talk about it again, her intention to watch TV was now gone.

Fu Xiao continued: “Tell me your life plan the next time we meet.”

Fu Mingming nodded obediently on the surface, but she secretly made up her mind that she would not come to her cousins place this month! 

Fu Mingming, who had lost all interest, was about to leave.

As she was leaving, Fu Xiao, who was sitting on the sofa, took Little Sugar Cake in his arms, and then said to Fu Mingming with a deep meaning: “Although my cousin has an old-fashioned personality, he cares more about you. As long as you can clarify your life plan, Cousin may not disagree.”

Fu Mingmings footsteps stopped, is his cousin supporting her?

She remembered that the first time she asked her cousin, it was she who made her attitude clear, and after a big fight with her dad, who froze all her cards in a fit of rage, she had no choice but to find her cousin, whom she met only a few times. 

Although her cousin didnt say anything, he took her in for a few days, then a few days later, he also asked butler grandpa to give herself a live broadcast account under Xingchen.

Fu Mingmings eyes lit up, she really likes this anchor industry, maybe she should think about how she will go in the future?

Little Sugar Cake lay in Fu Xiaos arms and flicked his tail. As for when Fu Mingming left, he didnt find out at all.

There was only one thing in his tiny head—— 

Rong Hang is so handsome!!

How could there be such a perfect man as Rong Hang! Only a little worse than Fu Xiao.

After dinner, Fu Xiao went out for a walk with Little Sugar Cake.

He doesnt know why, although the wound on Little Sugar Cakes foot has healed, it still cant go down to the ground, and usually could only walk limping with its three pitiful three feet. 

Little Sugar Cake has a lively temperament and likes to go outside the most, so Fu Xiao will take Little Sugar Cake for a walk after dinner during this time.

On the grass, Little Sugar Cake excitedly pounced at the butterfly with his paws.

The white kitten naively pounced at the beautiful butterfly, and Fu Xiao couldnt help but smile.

Meow meow meow—— 

The delicate and tender kittens meow caught Fu Xiaos attention.

He looked down and saw a few newborn kittens tremblingly rubbing under his feet, and their mother, the raccoon cat, who often came to the yard to eat cat food, only looked up at him and continued to lower its head and licked its fur.

Since Fu Xiao rescued the calico kitten that night, Fu Xiao obviously felt that the cats attitude towards him was much better.

Sometimes when he was walking on the road, a cat would stop to say hello to him and rubbed under his feet. 

But there were still few that would get so close like this.

Fu Xiao has never been very popular with pets before, only Little Sugar Cake was an exception. He hasnt even been close to any other kitty, except for Little Sugar Cake.

The kitten under his feet curiously stretched out its paws and stepped on his leather shoes.

Among the kittens, a pure white kitten was extra lively. It stretched out its paws curiously, and patted his trouser leg, inexplicably reminding him of the time when Little Sugar Cake first came to him, it wasnt much bigger than this cat as well. 

He turned his head and saw Little Sugar Cake happily playing in the grass, so he squatted down with some inexplicably guilty conscience and picked up the kitten and held it in the palm of his hand. The kitten didnt hide, it looked up at him and rubbed its tail against his palm.

Fu Xiao stretched out his hand to tease the kitten, then put the kitten back on the ground, heaving a sigh of relief, then turned around to look.

In the grass in the distance, Little Sugar Cake was squatting motionless towards him, its blue almond eyes stared at him intently, as if to issue a torture from the soul.

Those eyes seemed to be looking at a heartless man with no conscience. 

Fu Xiao was inexplicably guilty, and quickly walked over.

But the white kitty just turned away expressionlessly, facing him with its butt.

Big smelly socks really have a cat outside, ah!

Dont think he cant smell those other cats that pop up on his pant legs every now and then? 

Hmph! Big pigs hoof!

Sunnyshies: Haha, if someone was curious and confused about the cousin title of Fu Mingming and her father, then great! Lets talk about it! I didnt put a tl note here on purpose, because from the very start (the moment Fu Mingming was introduced in ch 2), I forgot about it.

Yeah, I forgot to mention it before. Fu Mingming was Fu Xiaos cousins daughter, as Fu Xiao called him– 表哥 – /biǎo gē/older male cousin via female line– in this chapter.

— The butler introduced Fu Mingming as Fu Xiaos 表侄女 – /biǎo zhí nǚ/ daughter of a male cousin via female line. And when I translated it, it was actually “cousin niece”…Fu Mingming called Fu Xiao 表叔 – /biǎo shū/ meaning son of grandfathers sister / son of grandmothers brother or sister / fathers younger male cousin– which was translated as uncle cousin. 

I was actually confused about the uncle cousin and cousin niece and didnt know what that was. In our country we have first cousins (children of my parents brother and sister) and second cousins (my parents cousins children), so I went ahead and just put a cousin there in general. I actually intentionally didnt put tl notes there,cause I thought it wasnt really important, now that Fu Xiao called Fu Mingmings parent, his cousin, it became a problem! Actually, Ive searched it before, and the result I saw was the first cousin once removed which made it more complicated. Kr novels like to use these words very much so I know it, but I dont actually understand what it means…more like its too long and too complicated to remember what those words mean.

So, do you guys know other simple words than that? I plan to change what Fu Mingming called Fu Xiao, but I dunno what to put. What do you guys think? Help help!!

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