gone, Fu Mingming was obviously relieved. She opened her trunk and said to the butler: “This is the cat food this time.”

Because she hasnt come here for a long time, this time, the cat food sent by the audience and the cat food that was given as a gift to Little Sugar Cake has accumulated a lot. If she didnt send it over again, her little nest would be full of this stuff. Little Sugar Cakes ears trembled, and he immediately turned around and rubbed Fu Mingmings feet with a false smile.

Fu Mingming picked up Little Sugar Cake in surprise.

In the past, it was already rare for Little Sugar Cake to let her hold it, but now it was obediently letting her hug it in her arms, and its tail was also rubbing around her hand. 

Seeing this, the butler smiled and said: “Little Sugar Cake misses Miss Mingming.”

Fu Mingming was so moved that she cried: “I also miss Little Sugar Cake.” Little Sugar Cake is a lot heavier, and it seems to be a little fatter, fleshier, and feels better when kneaded.

She held Little Sugar Cake in her arms, and couldnt help but kiss the little head of Little Sugar Cake.

Looking at Fu Mingmings enlarged face in front of him, Little Sugar Cake felt complicated, and he hesitated again and again. In the end, he refused to sell his charm for cat food. His pink meat pad held Fu Mingmings face that was close to him, and without hesitation, he turned his head to the side. 

He is a cat with a bottom line.

Fu Mingming, who was rejected, was not angry. She asked the butler: “Where is Little Sugar Cake going to audition, ah?”

The butler thought about it carefully and said: “It seems to be a movie directed by Angus.”

Fu Mingmings eyes lit up: “Is it “Like a Song” by Director Angus?” The most recent collaboration between Xingchen and Angus director is “Like a Song”. “Like a Song” is one of the famous legends of this country in the international community just like “The Lamp of Alaba“, and Yun Mais “Ocean Princess“. It tells the story of an ancient legendary singer who traveled westward. In the story, the protagonist has a cat who accompanies the protagonist all the way. Some scholars even believe that the cat is a symbol of god in the story. 

As a fan of director Angus, of course, Fu Mingming is very well aware of this.

The butler nodded: “That seems to be the name.”

Fu Mingming excitedly held the hand of the butler grandfather: “Let me take Little Sugar Cake. Im driving today, and I have nothing to do. Let me go.”

The butler grandfather was a little hesitant. These two days were originally the days when the villa was cleaned, so it will be extra busy. 

Fu Mingmings eyes were full of anticipation.

The butler grandfather saw how Little Sugar Cake was obediently staying in Fu Mingmings arms, he smiled and said: “Good.”

It is said to be an audition, but in fact, Little Sugar Cake, who hugs Angus thigh, has long been exempted from the test. 

Today is actually to take a makeup photo.

Director Angus, who is personally involved in the process, was at the shooting site of the makeup photos.

“Are you a wood?”

“Sad, do you know what sad means?” 

“Do you think Im funny?”

“No? Then why do you look like youre going to laugh or cry?”

“What, are you nervous? Shouldnt it be me who is nervous, because my reputation is about to fall on your hands.”

Director Angus, known as the tyrant of the studio, stood there, and the entire studio was eerily quiet except for his irritable voice. 

As a young actor who has always been known for his outstanding acting skills among the fresh meat, he was trembling, and he already felt that he was even breathing wrong.

At this time, Fu Mingming followed the manager to the scene.

Little Sugar Cake jumped out of Fu Mingmings arms very colorfully, and went straight to Director Angus. A pair of beautiful pupils looked straight at Director Angus.

Director Angus was surprised and happy. He hugged Little Sugar Cake and said: “Little Sugar Cake still remembers me, ah.” 

He held Little Sugar Cake in one hand, and kneaded Little Sugar Cake in the other.

But his technique of cuddling cats is really bad, and Little Sugar Cake did not feel good at all. If he always rubs a cat like this, its no wonder why cats dont like him.

But since he entered the group through the backdoor, Little Sugar Cake has very professional ethics. Not to mention rubbing around on Angus, he even faked the purring sounds that cats only make when they are happy, coaxing Angus into a sense of accomplishment.

After Little Sugar Cake was done, Angus felt a lot better. He said to the little fresh meat that looks like wood: “You come down first, let Little Sugar Cake come first.” 

The little fresh meat sighed with relief and ran down like his butt was on fire.

As a cat, Little Sugar Cake doesnt need to have makeup. He will just carry a small comb in his mouth every night and let Fu Xiao brush him. So the condition of his fur is really good, and even the make-up artist, who was brushing him, envies it: “Little Sugar Cakes fur is so nice, its so thick. If only I also had thick hair.”

After combing, Little Sugar Cake stood right in front of the camera, waving his tail carelessly.

Fu Mingming was not worried at all. She often took pictures of Little Sugar Cake, and she knew Little Sugar Cakes sense of camera is very strong. 

How to say it——

Probably no matter what kind of state it was before taking pictures, Little Sugar Cake can immediately adjust to the perfect photo state.





Little Sugar Cake raised his head, then he tilted his head and gradually his ears moved slightly, and his blue mixed with gold watery almost cat pupils looked at the camera.


“Looking good.”

“A few more.”

Angus was very satisfied with the photos. He turned his head towards the little fresh meat, hating the iron for not becoming steel, and said: “Even the cat is better than you, what? Did you bring out all your acting skills on the day of the audition?” 

The little fresh meat who was about to cry:  …

The clicking sound keeps ringing, and every time the kitten in front of the camera can adjust its state to the best.

The photographer gets more and more vigorous and poses more and more strangely.

In the last photo, the photographer has almost had his entire person attached to the ground, and even the camera hated that it cant just go directly at Little Sugar Cakes face. 

Little Sugar Cake, who has excellent psychological quality, has no trouble in his heart.


After the photo was taken, the photographer excitedly patted his thigh.

This photo is the absolute pinnacle. 

The people who saw the projection on the screen couldnt help but open their mouths.

In the photo, it is the pupil of a cat.

The cat pupil was enlarged to the extreme, and the photo was filled with extremely layered blue and pale gold, with mysterious and deep colors. At first glance, people cant help but be attracted by that one eye. That eye seems to be filled with the entire universe, but also seems to have nothing. 

Like a god overlooking the world, merciful but indifferent.

And the owner of these eyes.

Little Sugar Cake yawned and patted his mouth with his paws, and he couldnt help liking his paws by the way, and rolled on the ground.

So tired, oh! 

Money is hard to come by!

Director Angus said excitedly: “This photo must be made into a poster.”

Immediately, he said to the little fresh meat in disgust: “What are you doing standing there? Why dont you learn from it soon? How did you manage to take so many photos where not even one can be used. Are you trying to piss me off by doing this?”

The little fresh meat wanted to cry without tears and looked at Little Sugar Cake. 

How does this teach him, ah.

The author has something to say:

A little angel asked about the sub-CP. There will only be a pair of relatively sub-CP in the main text.

Xiao Hei x Silly Bai Tian. 

But I dont think these two will have any emotional drama except for licking and licking.

Sunnyshies:\(^o^)/Done editing, my “cousin” mistakes. Ch 2, ch 3, ch 10, ch 15, ch 22, ch 23, ch 26– I replaced “cousin” with biao shu. I shouldve have done this since the beginning, sigh~ and I guess it actually sound really good…

Also, when I was reading “6 Cats Rush to Raise Me“, I realized something. Because the ml is also a lion cat– but the tl in (foxholic) directly tled it as maine coon, a cat that looks like a lion. Actually, when I first tled this series, I almost use maine coon in lion cat as well, but the maine coon and the lion cat in baidu is really different.

This is a main coon, its a large domesticated cat breed. While this is the lion cat I saw in baidu. And actually saw in baidu that it has a latin name of Chausie, but this is a chausie. Weird right…so I used lion cat in the end… 

Haha…I just want to share it…I was confused by it for a long time, so some readers might also be confused. BTW, I recommend 6 cats, its a cute story.

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