he couldnt look down on anyone, but this time the mockery in Fu Xiaos tone made her proud self-esteem cant bear it any longer.

It was like this every time. Every time she stepped into this study, she felt that her dignity was being tormented. The existence of this room was a mockery of her personality and a denial of her ability. 

This place was a constant reminder to herself of what she has relied on to get to where she was today.

Maybe she shouldnt have made that deal with Fu Xiao at all ten years ago.

She had originally thought about getting to know Fu Xiao well, until she saw Fu Xiaos opponent being chased and killed by Fu Xiao again, and then jumped down from the top floor of the building in despair.

The uncle, who originally would still be smiling at her, turned into a puddle of mud in front of her eyes, and only then did she realize clearly that she and Fu Xiao were people of two worlds, and that she could never truly accept Fu Xiao. 

How could a person like Fu Xiao who was ruthless and only has interests in his eyes show kindness? Why did she come here to humiliate herself?

Feng Jiaming stood up, picked up the contract that Fu Xiao put on the desk, and was about to leave.

Fu Xiao suddenly said: “I agree to inject capital this time, but I have conditions. If the project still fails to meet expectations, the project will be mine, how about it?”

Feng Jiaming was stunned for a moment, not knowing why Fu Xiao changed his mind, but thinking about his uncles current embarrassing situation, Feng Jiaming couldnt care less, she thought that as long as there was capital injection, her uncles project would be successful, and said with joy, “Good.” 

Feng Jiaming got what she wanted and left with the contract, then she walked to the door. The butler, who had no sense of existence, then asked: “Dinner is almost ready, is Miss Feng staying for dinner?”

In the past, the butler would not have asked Feng Jiaming so ignorantly if she would stay.

It was just that todays day was really special.

Every year today, the young master Xiao would be in a bad mood, so he would ask Feng Jiaming with a glimmer of hope. 

“No need.” Feng Jiaming refused without thinking, and after refusing she found that it seemed a bit too strong, so she explained awkwardly, “I have a job tonight.”

The butler still had a decent smile on his face, but his voice became colder: “Its a pity, I specially let the kitchen prepare Miss Fengs favorite dishes. Recently, the young master always eats dinner alone. I thought that Miss Feng could stay today.”

Feng Jiaming smiled uncomfortably and said: “The job has long been set.” In fact, her work tonight is not important at all. Its insignificant, she just does not want to stay here for one more second. Feng Jiaming always felt that the butler seemed to see through everything in her eyes, and she couldnt help but feel a little guilty.

“Thats natural, work is the most important thing.” The butler said with a smile on the corner of his mouth. 

Feng Jiaming breathed a sigh of relief, she always felt that Fu Xiaos house was cold. Everyone here wore a decent smile, especially the butler, who was at a loss every time she came.

She subconsciously always refused to stay here for even a second longer.

The driver outside, who was ready to take her, was already waiting outside the door at the order of the butler.

Just as she was about to get into the car, the butler suddenly said: “Miss Feng.” 

Feng Jiaming was startled: “Whats wrong?”

“Miss Feng, L company will deliver the latest dresses in a few days. You can come and try it when you have time.” The butler said respectfully.

Families like the Fu family, have all the latest models of major brands sent over by specialized people for them to choose from.

When Feng Jiaming found out that the styles and quality that Fu family could see were far more than what she could see in shopping malls or to a partner, almost all the dresses she attended for major events were chosen from Fu family. 

After so many years, she has formed a habit, she doesnt think much about it anymore, but the thought of the upcoming awards ceremony, and the variety of people she had to deal with, she nodded with irritation in her mind.

A mocking smile flashed across the butlers eyes.

Su Zening felt that what Fu Xiao said was very reasonable. If Feng Jiamings uncle is really unsuitable for business, Fu Xiao would only hurt himself by helping him. Just like a sheep entered the world of lions with the help of a lion, but a sheep was a sheep after all, and it will be swallowed by other lions sooner or later.

But what does this have to do with this little kitty? 

He stood up from Fu Xiaos lap, and shook his head, then his small paws tried to grasp the edge of the desk. His action brought about the sound of bells, making Su Zening couldnt help but frown.

The sound is so annoying.

He scratched his neck twice with his paws but to no avail.

“Little Sugar Cake.” Fu Xiao called out this name for the first time. 

The cloud-like kitten scratched the necklace and looked up at Fu Xiao.

Poop shoveling official, what are you calling me for?

Fu Xiao made a move, he grab Little Sugar Cakes paw and press it on the cats necklace, and squeeze it in his palm: “This necklace was specially prepared for you by your grandfather, and there is a locator inside in case you get lost, so dont scratch it.”

Okay then. 

Su Zening reluctantly accepted this and coexisted with the annoying cats necklace.

Outside the door, someone has already called Little Sugar Cake again.

Someone was probably looking for him.

Su Zening wanted to jump down from Fu Xiaos knees, but unfortunately, he fell flat on his face. 

Fortunately, the ground was covered with a soft carpet, and the kitten was well fed and fleshy, and it doesnt hurt to fall.

Climbing up from the carpet, the kitten looked left and right, preparing to leave as if nothing had happened.

Fortunately, the faint increase of intimacy value comforted him. It seemed that when he was close to Fu Xiao the intimacy value would increase very quickly.

“Little Sugar Cake.” Fu Xiao suddenly said. 

Su Zening turned his head to look at Fu Xiao.

Is there a problem? Poop shoveling official.

Fu Xiao thoughtfully said: “You can understand your name.”

Su Zening tilted his head innocently and meowed, but he was betrayed by his stiff pace of leaving quickly. 

Fu Xiao shook his head amusingly.

He has never owned a cat, but Little Sugar Cake seems a little too smart?

The butler finally found the study room and was obviously relieved when he saw Little Sugar Cake. The butler held Little Sugar Cake and asked for Fu Xiaos instructions: “Where will Little Sugar Cake live, Mr. Fu?”

Fu Xiao thought about it and said: “There is a house next door to the villa, and it is still empty, right? Little Sugar Cake has so many things, so just live next door.” 

Su Zening stared at Fu Xiao in disbelief, and immediately jumped out of the butlers body. He stood on the butlers shoulder, meow, meow, meow in accusation.


I worked so hard to sell you meng for so long, so you treat me like this?

Live next door? 

What about your conscience?

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