e between his knee and the drawer became larger. Su Zening, who was already stretched to the limit, only had the time to let out a sharp cry before falling onto the cold marble floor. 

There were no carpets on the smooth marble floor, and the poor kitten threw gold stars on his head.

Fu Xiao frowned slightly and put Little Sugar Cake on his palm, pinching him from top to bottom. Only after confirming that Little Sugar Cake was not injured did he felt relieved.

Su Zenin arrogantly let out a meow, then jumped from Fu Xiaos palm to the desk, and turned his back with his fluffy butt to face Fu Xiao.

Its very angry. 

Fu Xiao:  …

He thought about it and went around to the other side of the desk.

Su Zening gave him a blank look, turned around, and continued to face him with his butt.

But the little white cats nimble little tail swayed up and down, left and right, as if telling the world what its owner was thinking. That little tail seems to say again, coax me, coax me, and I wont be angry anymore. 

“Little Sugar Cake.” Fu Xiao smiled even more in his eyes, and his voice increased. After thinking about it, he took out the laser pointer from the right side of the drawer that the butler had mysteriously given him not long ago, and tried to draw a circle around the little white cat.

Little Sugar Cake restrained his chubby body and did not start to move, but its small head involuntarily followed the little red dot around and started moving.

Su Zening: I have to hold back, I am still very angry.

Its not like he can be coaxed by this big stinky sock easily when he coaxes him. 

Fu Xiao wickedly stopped the little red dot to the place where Su Zening could easily reach with a little stretch of his paws.

The idiot meows expression was tangled, its jewel-like almond eyes stared at the little red dot. In the end, the kittys hunting instinct gradually gained the upper hand, and at this moment, that plain little red dot had an amazing allure in Su Zenings eyes.

Finally, Su Zening meowed at Fu Xiao.

He couldnt help it. 

The idiot meow finally abandoned itself in despair, spreading its paws and pounces towards the little red dot.

Fu Xiao snored disdainfully at this kind of boring activity the most, but at this moment, he actually found it very interesting.

Seeing the little white cat lively and happy in Fu Xiaos bedroom, Fu Xiaos mood improved inexplicably. Knowing that the kitten was having a good time, Fu Xiaos malicious laser pointer swayed to a place on the opposite wall where the kitten could never reach. 

However, the palm-sized little white cat was like a lightning, leaping onto roofs and vault over walls and ignoring gravity. He climbed almost vertically to the top of the wall and dash to the little red dot, then turning his head to show off and generally giving a proud meow of victory towards him.

Little Sugar Cakes jewel-like pupils were full of pride, and then it froze——

What did he just do? 

Did he just climb up to the ceiling in front of Fu Xiao?

Can his image as a cute cat be preserved?

Fu Xiao looked at Little Sugar Cake that almost climbed to the ceiling with his claws and fell into a deep thought. Can a normal cat climb so high?

When Little Sugar Cake over there climbed down the wall, Fu Xiao clearly saw it. When Little Sugar Cake was a few tens of centimeters off the ground he hesitated for a moment, and he hypocritically pretended that his claws were powerless and slide down from the corner of the wall. And then as if suffering from a great grievance, he pointed the wall towards himself, then meow meow a complaint. 

Fu Xiao:  ……

He shook his head helplessly. He had never seen such a delicate and pretentious little thing.

Dong, dong, dong.

At that moment, there was a regular knock at the door, which fortunately broke the awkward silence.

In previous years, Fu Xiao would not see anyone on this night, but this year, Fu Xiao seemed to feel a little different. He picked up Little Sugar Cake in a humorously good mood. Then after making sure that he was not injured, he then lightly smacked his chubby body as punishment. 

Climbing so high, what if you fall down.

He opened the bedroom door.

And the butler was at the door.

The butler was carrying a small plate of food in a delicate bone china ware. After seeing Fu Xiao open the door, he was obviously relieved. He then looked down at Little Sugar Cake that was licking his fur in Fu Xiaos arms: “Little Sugar Cake didnt eat much cat food at night, so I specially asked the kitchen to make some cat food over.” He didnt see Little Sugar Cake on the fifth floor, so he thought that Little Sugar Cake should have come to Young Masters Xiaos place. 

Its strange to say, from childhood, Young Master Xiao doesnt attract animals, but Little Sugar Cake loves to stick to their Young Master Xiao.

And although Young Master Xiao didnt say it, he clearly likes Little Sugar Cake too. Not to mention, other animals who dared to step on Young Master Xiao would have been thrown aside a long time ago, and only Little Sugar Cake was an exception.

Su Zenings eyes lit up when he heard it, and struggled to get up from Fu Xiaos arm.

Fu Xiao did not let go of Little Sugar Cake, instead he just took the plate and let Little Sugar Cake eat in his arms. 

Su Zening was eating something that looked fresh yellow, similar to a roe, and the moment it entered his mouth, the sweetness exploded in an instant.

What kind of fairy food is this yellow thing? I dont know how many times its more delicious than cat food, ah!

At this time, Su Zening only felt that he could eat another hundred plates. Later, he realized that such a small plate could actually buy a thousand of him. This made him sigh deeply, really [email protected] rich people.

The butler showed a gratified smile. When he saw the rare soft look of Fu Xiao, while holding Little Sugar Cake, his heart was moved and said: “Young Master, the person in charge of taking care of Little Sugar Cake said that Little Sugar Cake likes to play with him with a laser pointer. Has the Young Master tried to play with Little Sugar Cake with a laser pointer?” 

He gave the laser pointer to the Young Master this afternoon, he didnt know if the Young Master had already used it.

Soon after, Fu Xiao, who felt that Old Master Fu playing with cats was a loss of ambition,, uncomfortably let out a light cough. Fu Xiao, who has always been known in the business world for being sinister and cunning, said without changing his face: “No, pets cant be too spoiled. You have to teach the rules. What, youre just going to let it jump around chasing the laser pointer.”

Su Zening stopped eating, he raised his head, and meow, meow, and meow at Fu Xiao with contempt.

Big stinky socks, thats not what you looked like when you just teased me with your laser pointer. 

The butler obviously didnt understand Su Zenings complaint, and there was a flash of disappointment in his eyes, then he quickly said seriously: “The young Master is extremely right, I will immediately buy some other cat toys. Its my lack of consideration, the laser pointer is indeed not very elegant.”

Su Zening had finished the snack on the plate and stretched out in Fu Xiaos arms.

The butler saw this and said: “Do you need me to bring Little Sugar Cake back to the top floor?”

Fu Xiao held Little Sugar Cake for a while, and his slender fingers ran across the back of Little Sugar Cake. The soft and fluffy cat fur felt really good. He then said without blushing nor his heart skipping a bit: “The little thing is so pitiful. It was his first day here, he was probably scared to death. So let him stay with me today.” 

Meow meow meow???

Su Zening-cat, who was thrown by a pot, elegantly stretched out his noble pink and tender little paw, and pressed Fu Xiaos face.

Big liar!

He was not afraid at all!

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