Little Sugar Cakes Vaccination


In the middle of the luxurious villa hall, there was a half-person-high pink princess tent. Various bulingbuling crystal ornaments were hung outside the tent. It looks luxurious and beautiful, and it was in unexpected harmony with the surrounding classical palace-style decoration.

There were faint familiar footsteps outside the door.

Then a small milky white furball was resting with his eyes closed, and when his eyes twitched, he opened his smart eyes, then jumped out of the cat litter.

The door was opened by the servant, and was followed by a man in a well-tailored black suit loosened his bow tie. He then casually handed his suit jacket to the servant waiting by the door, and looked in one direction as usual. 

Accompanied with the ding ding sound of a little bell, the milky white furry dumpling rushed towards him like a cannonball as usual, and climbed into his arms skillfully along his trousers.

Fu Xiao was used to holding the milky white dumpling in his arms, and scratched the little white cats chin.

As expected, the little white cat let out a sweet and greasy purring sound.

Su Zening also shamelessly rubbed Fu Xiaos face with his furry little head. He doesnt know why, although Fu Xiaos steps were very light, Su Zening could recognize it every time.

The black-haired mans expression was calm and restrained, while his slender fingers scratched the head of the little white cat, he said lightly, “Why are you so clingy, cant leave even someone at a moment, its so troublesome to raise.”

Su Zening grunted and meow meow in rebuttal.

Liar! Thats not what your biubiu rising intimacy value says.

The butler said with a smile: “Little Sugar Cake doesnt just let anyone hold it at home, right, Little Sugar Cake?” The old mans gentle voice, almost like dripping water, made the servants next to him wonder if this was still the usual strict, almost demanding butler. 

Su Zening raised his head and whimpered proudly.

Thats right, he doesnt just let people hug him.

It takes at least three dried small fish to do it!

Although there was no change in Fu Xiaos expression, he gave off a significantly softer feeling. 

The butler praised again: “Little Sugar Cake is waiting for you to go home everyday at the door.”

Fu Xiaos expression still looked indifferent, he casually looked at Little Sugar cake with a hint of light in his gray eyes. As if he really didnt care, he asked: “Really?”

Su Zening looked at the rising buibui intimacy value in the progress bar.

Su Zening cat: … 

Duplicitous big stinky socks!

Su Zening has been here with Fu Xiao for some days now. The small house next to the villa that was tidied up for him was mysteriously never tidied up. The miscellaneous things sent by Su Zenings three SUVs were all scattered throughout the entire corner of this villa, and no one would go to Fu Xiao to ask this matter again.

Even Su Zening, the little kitty, realized that he had already taken root in Fu Xiaos house and successfully completed the first step of his plan——

Stay by Fu Xiaos side! 

Thinking that his hard work and cuteness had finally come to fruition these days, the little white cat finally felt comforted.

The first step was completed, and the next step was to wait for the story to begin.

The little white cat was secretly calculating in his heart. In order to change Fu Xiaos fate, the first thing he needed to do was to avoid his blackening, ah.

“Is this Little Sugar Cake? Its a very lively long-haired lion cat. Yi, it even has a mandarin duck eye.” At this time, the person next to him chuckled and interrupted the little white cats thoughts.

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Who is this, ah?

Su Zening turned his head, and meow meow at Fu Xiao suspiciously, his almond-shaped cat pupils were full of curiosity. 

The man noticed the kittys small head turning between him and Fu Xiao, and couldnt help but praise the little kittys humane behavior: “What a smart little kitty.” He then opened the medical box and took out a pair of milky white rubber gloves.

As soon Su Zening saw that pair of rubber gloves, he had a bad premonition. In the past, he dealt with doctors every day in the hospital, and the doctors all wore this kind of gloves. Does that mean that the man in front of him was a doctor?

Su Zenings eyes suddenly widened, and when he noticed something was wrong, he quietly prepared to slip away from Fu Xiaos arms.

But it was too late. Fu Xiao, who realized his intentions, held his neck with one hand and his hind paws with the other, and handed him to the man: “Doctor Wu, please help check Little Sugar Cake for me.” 

Dr. Wu nodded and moved gently, preparing to hold Little Sugar Cake.


He doesnt want to go to the doctor!

Su Zening, who has been in the hospital since he was a child, has an instinctive fear of doctors. He was very grateful for the care he received from his doctors and siblings, but these gratitude cant erase the pain caused by those treatments. 

Bone marrow puncture, throat intubation, severe side effects from antibiotic drugs, he even underwent two open-heart surgeries in three months. The feeling of pain in every corner of his body was too much.

In his memories, doctor means pain, and this memory was engraved in his bones.

Su Zening hugged Fu Xiaos hand like a drowning person hugging the remaining driftwood, and refused to let go of him in fear.

Fu Xiao thought that Little Sugar Cake was just acting like a spoiled child as before, and was about to helplessly pull the kittens paws from his wrist, but he found that Little Sugar Cake was shaking uncontrollably as if terrified. 

Little Sugar Cakes meow-wu meow-wu were so low and weak that they were almost unnoticeable, but listening carefully, there was a deep fear inside it.

But other than not wanting to leave him, Little Sugar Cake barely made any resistance. Even if it was so scared, its claws were still closed, and it was still the soft meat pad that was holding his wrist.

The little kitty was like saying, although I am very scared, I will try my best to cooperate with you. I dont want to do this, but Im really scared now, you must stay with me ah.

This docile behavior was heartbreaking. 

Fu Xiaos brows were slightly wrinkled, his eyes darkened, and he took Little Sugar Cake back into his arms, and said in a soothing voice: “Its alright, its alright.” He stroked his fingers along the back of Little Sugar Cake.

Little Sugar Cakes usual lively almond eyes now looked stunned.

But the temperature of his fingers comforted Su Zening very well.

Su Zening finally responded from his fears, he rested his front paws on Fu Xiaos shoulder, like a wronged child, leaning his small head against Fu Xiaos chin, wailing in a low voice aggrievedly. 

Fu Xiao rested his chin on Su Zenings head as if he understood, and hugged Little Sugar Cake tightly and said as a feeling distressed: “Dont be afraid, Im always here.”

Dr. Wu stared dumbfounded at what was happening in one person and one cat in front of him, feeling complicated.

Although he was a veterinarian, every pet who visited his clinic regularly disliked him.

But he didnt do anything this time! Dr. Wu, who was inexplicably aggrieved spoke: “Mr. Fu——”

Fu Xiao held Little Sugar Cake and slowly eased him in his palm, he then pointed his finger on the small bell on the little white cats neck and said: “Dr. Wu is here to give you a positioning chip. After you have the positioning chip, you dont need to wear the bell. Dont you hate bells?”

These days, Little Sugar Cake always cant help but scratch the small bell around his neck. He consulted Dr. Wu specifically, kittens were not recommended to wear necklaces. On the one hand, because kittens were particularly active, jumping up and down could easily hook the necklace, leading to suffocation, on the other hand, the sound of the bell will also cause distress to the kitten. Little Sugar Cake has a very keen hearing and was particularly sensitive to the sound of bells. He always scratches the bell with his paws. 

Then again, the locator in the bell, Fu Xiao couldnt help but worry. What if the bell dropped? Or what if it was deliberately taken away by someone? Then where would he go to find Little Sugar Cake?

As if he was afraid that Little Sugar Cake wouldnt understand, Fu Xiao took the necklace off patiently, then pointed to Dr. Wu, and then put the necklace on Little Sugar Cake again.

Dr. Wu added silently: “Mr. Fu, Little Sugar Cakes vaccine is also going to be given, ah.”

Su Zenings pointed ears stood up and listened to the conversation between the two. With Fu Xiaos comfort, his inner fear gradually dissipated. Looking down at his little fluffy paws, Su Zening let out a lonely meow. 

He was no longer the Su Zening who had to take a lot of medicine and take a lot of injections everyday.

He was not an unreasonable kitten, he also knows that vaccinations, microchip and whatnot were for his own good. And he really hated the sound of bells, ah. That sound was really harsh to kittens, it was so annoying that he does not want to move. He didnt expect Fu Xiao to discover it.

It was just a light injection, it wont hurt very much, Su Zening silently encouraged himself.

He stood up, shook his head and jumped from Fu Xiaos palm to the cushion that Dr. Wu had placed in advance. He squatted on it and raised his head, then meow meow at the two of them. 

Dr. Wu breathed a sigh of relief. Of course, he really didnt think that Little Sugar Cake understood Mr. Fus words. He just had a stress reaction in front of himself, who was a stranger. Little kitties were timid creatures, and they would return to normal under the comfort of their owners.

He loaded the microchip into the syringe. This was the most recent microchip, it was only a few millimeters, and you wont feel anything under subcutaneous injection. However, it can tract the location of pets in real time. It has not been popularized for civilian use, and was mostly used in the military field. Naturally, the price was also very good-looking.

The milky white little kitty jumped off the cushion again, then grabbed Fu Xiaos pants and pulled him next to the cushion.

The little white cat squatted in front of the cushion and stretched out its front paws towards Fu Xiao and patted the cushion. 

Fu Xiao:  …

Fu Xiao tentatively put his hand up.

The little white cat meowed happily, and then laid its head on Fu Xiaos hand.

The little white hairball was still a little nervous, his body trembled slightly, and his jewel-like eyes looked at Fu Xiao pitifully, then he rested his pink nose on Fu Xiaos hand, his breathing brought out a hot and humid breath. 

With a little hesitation, Fu Xiao reached out his hand, like coaxing a child, he covered Little Sugar Cakes eyes, “Dont be afraid.”

Dr. Wu was really worthy of being a skilled veterinarian. Before Little Sugar Cake could even react, the two injections were already finished.

Fu Xiao heaved a sigh of relief and thanked Dr. Wu.

Dr. Wu secretly touched Little Sugar Cake two times, and waved his hand happily and said: “Its okay, Little Sugar Cake is very cute, ah. Yi, Little Sugar Cakes tummy.” Dr. Wu suddenly paused, and he frowned as he looked at the round, bulging belly of Little Sugar Cake. 

“Whats wrong?” Fu Xiaos heart tightened.

After the injection, Su Zening who was weakly lying flat, letting him touch, also nervously raised his head and stared at Dr. Wu with his jewel-like eyes.

Whats wrong with him?

Was it possible that he was sick again? 

Dr. Wu seriously touched and pressed, then found that his stomach was soft, not as hard as he thought. Dr. Wu, who realized that he had guessed wrong, coughed awkwardly: “Little Sugar Cake ate a little too much, ah. Such a small belly you have, ah.”

Then there was an awkward silence.

Su Zening covered his white belly in shame, he turned over and meow meow at Fu Xiao.

Whats going on? 

Whats wrong with this cat eating more?

And his fur was so long, it was false fat, false fat, you know?

Fu Xiao heaved a sigh of relief at first, then he reacted a moment later, and asked the butler: “Whats going on? I remember that someone specially calculated each of Little Sugar Cakes meals.”

How can it have a small stomach? 

The butler considered his words and responded stiffly: “There may be times when I cant resist feeding a small snack. But I swear its once a day at most.”

The words have just fallen.

The little maid next to him who was in charge of taking care of Little Sugar Cake also said weakly: “I might have secretly fed some too, only a little really.”

Really dont blame her. 

You must know that the chef makes two plates of dried fish almost every day, she just couldnt help but secretly take some.

And Little Sugar Cake was really adorable, soft and cute. You can touch with a small dried fish, and three to hug.

She just couldnt hold on for a while.

By the way, why did the chef suddenly start making small dried fish? The stinky old man specially invited by the kitchen from Michelin didnt bother to make such a small snack before. 

Suddenly realizing something, the little maids eyes snapped open. She raised her head to look at her colleagues. Sure enough, everyone avoided her eyes with a guilty conscience. She instantly figured out whose stomach those two plates of dried fish were stacked in.

Su Zening meowed innocently.

What does it matter to this cat, you feed me, of course I eat, ah.

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