e just strolled leisurely.

Then there was a sudden cat meowing came from the bushes in the distance.

Su Zening went over and saw three cats confronting each other over a small dried fish.

A ferocious big cat with 三 pattern stepped on the small dried fish, and fiercely said to the two sub-adult kittens in the opposite: “I dont care if you found the small dried fish. If I discover it, it is mine. In human terms, this is a protection fee, you know!”

The little black cat arched his back and retorted: “Hmph, you havent protected us, so how dare you collect protection fee from us.”

The orange short-legged kitten next to him, which was smaller than him, has a silly sweet characteristic of cat breed, and innocently said to the little black cat: “Just give it to him and we can go eat crunchy cat food, its delicious, meow.”

The little black cat scratched his claws anxiously, and growled at the short -legged kitten: “How many times have I told you, you have been thrown away by humans and there is no more cat food. Without dried small fish, we are going to starve. Starving, do you know that?!” 

The silly fool froze and weakly said for a moment: “It doesnt matter if I starve with brother Xiao Hei. I dont want brother Xiao Hei to get hurt.”

The little black cat was stunned for a moment, then uncomfortable turned his head aside and said: “Im not going to get hurt.”

Su Zening watched and couldnt help but stunned. In broad daylight, there was actually a cat who wanted to charge protection fees. 

The three cats over there also found Su Zening.

The big cat with 三 pattern said patiently: “Wheres that little fatty from, get out of the way.”

Little fatty!!!

Su Zening felt that his soul had been hit hard. 

Was he really a little fatty?

The silly fool hurriedly arched Su Zening behind with good intention, bravely protecting the little white cat even smaller than him, then said: “Little white cat, are you new here? You have to be careful of San Hua,it is the most fierce cat in our area. We recently lost several kittens here, and I heard they were all killed by San Hua.”

He doesnt need to be reminded by this silly fool, Su Zening has also noticed a scratched on this big cat with 三 pattern, and its left ear was only halve. At first glance, it was  a kind of wild cat with a very rich combat experience.

The ferocious San Hua proudly held the small dried fish in his mouth and was gallantly preparing to leave, completely ignoring the three kittens, which he didnt put in his eyes at all. 

Xiao Hei looked at the Silly fool who had been hungry for a day. He gritted his teeth and was about to block San Huas way.

Unexpectedly, the little white cat who had just appeared was ahead of him and sweetly said to San Hua: “You cant take their food away, its so unreasonable.”

His voice was soft and cute, with no sense of intimidation at all.

The little white cats fur was fluffy and puffed up, and his body smelled good too, and his eyes were like gems. It could be seen at first glance that this cat was raised by humans. 

Who knows which family this silly fool ran out from.

Will San Hua reason with them?

The world of stray cats was not the same as the world of these pampered and spoiled little rascals.

Sure enough, the cat, San Hua, narrowed his eyes and said, “You can only reason with fist. If you dont get out of the way obediently, dont blame this meow for being rude.” He didnt put this kind of juvenile kitten in his eyes at all. 

The silly fool said anxiously: “Little white cat, come back quickly. San Hua will kill you.”

The little kitty lowered his head, and his expression couldnt be seen clearly, then he said innocently: “Are you saying that whoever has the bigger fist was reasonable?”

“Of course.” The vicious big cat approached step by step.

The kitten with its head down looked weak, pitiful and helpless, in contrast to San Hua. 

The big cat with 三 pattern arched its back and sneered, then it raised its claw to teach this ignorant kitten a lesson.

Xiao Hei rushed over anxiously: “Be careful——”

A few minutes later—— 

Su Zening stepped on San Huas face with one paw, and titled his head, while licking his other paw and said sweetly: “Remember, oh. It was you who said that whoever has the bigger fist was reasonable, ah, and it was not me who wanted to fight.”

He was one lovable little kitty.

San Huas suffering cant be described. In all his years in the cat world, he had never met a kitten with so much strength, ever!

The body of this kitten has a strange power. 

But Sang Hua was still stubborn: “[email protected]——”

Su Zening once again put force on the sole of his feet, but his big almond eyes still remained innocent.

When a cat stands under eaves, he has to lower his head. San Hua swallowed his words abruptly and changed his mind: “D4mn, I asked for it myself, you are right!”

Tomorrow, it will be San Hua, who will be the strong and courageous one again. 

Xiao Hei looked dumbfounded.

Are all little kitties so awesome these days?

Silly fool didnt think too much, but his eyes were full of stars of admiration: “Little white cat is so powerful.”

Then, a familiar footsteps sounded from the bushes. 

Su Zenings pointed ears trembled, it was Fu Xiaos footsteps.

He looked at the big cat with 三 pattern under his feet in panic——

G0ddxmn it!

He absolutely cant let Fu Xiao see him now, this was not cute and soft at all! 

The bushes were pulled away.

And it was already too late.

When the three cats present did not react, the original majestic kitten and arrogant little kitty suddenly collapsed to the ground with his four paws. He rolled pompously several times in a row, with a hypocritical howl in his mouth, until he rolled to the feet of the man who had just appeared by the bushes, only then did he stop abruptly. He stood up weakly with his shaking legs, and his gem-like eyes were filled with watery light. As if he suffered some great grievance, he called out to he man: “Meow-wu——”

Someone was bullying your little kitty! 

The three cats who understood what the kitten said:  …

The depressed and dejected San Hua: Fvck, how shameful.

Fu Xiao:  …

If he saw it right, the one who stepped on the other cats face was his Little Sugar Cake. 

Su Zening took Fu Xiaos trouser with his mouth and pulled him to San Hua to complain: “Meow meow——”

It was him who bullied me!

After he finished speaking, he looked at San Hua calmly and threateningly, with a look that meant if you dont do it, you would be finished.

San Hua got up from the ground in humiliation, and reluctantly growled at Su Zening a few times, very perfunctory. 

What evil has he done! After being beaten up like this, he still has to help the other party to act!

Su Zening was completely satisfied, and he was full of coquettishness towards Fu Xiao.


He was a “poor, weak, and helpless” little kitty, oh.

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