The Growth Path of the First Generation Tyrant Cat, Little Sugar Cake


“Is this the cat that the old man left for you to keep?” The voice of the unfamiliar young man came out from behind the bushes.

Who is this?

Su Zening raised his head curiously.

The young man was wearing a royal blue polo shirt, he walked over and stopped beside Fu Xiao, wanting to touch Su Zening. 

Su Zenings fur immediately exploded, then he jumped onto Fu Xiaos shoulder.

Who is this, ah?

Casually wanting to touch this cat! How rude.

Su Zening still maintained his image of a cold cat in front of an outsider.

Fu Xiao touched Su Zening soothingly, and asked with a faint voice: “Why are you here?”

All these years, Fu Wei has been studying abroad and has not returned to the country for many years. The brotherhood between them does not exist, and since childhood, the two of them didnt even speak a few words.

Fu Xiaos tone was flat, and there was not a hint of suspicion. He should have known that Fu Wei was back.

Is he Fu Wei?  

Su Zening was petrified.

Fu Wei came back, now the story has begun, ah.

Apart from brushing up Fu Xiaos intimacy, he hasnt started doing anything yet.

Su Zening looked at his blue progress bar with a guilty conscience, but seeing that it unknowingly already rose to 10, only then did he feel relieved. His almond eyes wrinkled, and he seriously recalled the plot. 

The main storyline of the book placed Fu Xiao on the opposite side of the happy couple, Fu Wei and Feng Jiaming.

Unlike Fu Xiao, Fu Weis mother, Kong Aitong, was the true love that made Father Fu abandon his wife and child. It can be said that Fu Wei and Fu Xiao were two extremes since they were children. When Fu Xiao was suffering from violence and abuse of his mother everyday, with a cold and violent grandfather, Fu Wei was the baby of his parents. He grew up happy and carefree, and he was not even aware of the existence of Fu Xiao at some point.

His first eighteen years of life could be described as smooth sailing. However, when he was eighteen years old, his mother, Kong Aitong, was diagnosed with cancer. But when Kong Aitong needed support the most, Father Fu found a new love. Under the double blow of body and mind, Kong Aitong quickly lost her fighting spirit and passed away in less than six months.

And the same year after the Chinese New year, Father Fu married that woman into the family. 

The young Fu Wei made a big fuss and he had a lot of trouble with Father Fu. And in order to force Fu Wei to bow down his head, Father Fu cut off Fu Weis source of income for a while, and the rich child, who only tasted the warmth of human feelings, overnight experienced the fickleness of human nature.

Fortunately, Fu Wei was also more competitive to be admitted to the top business school in country A. When he was at a loss for money, a mysterious man L financed him with a sum of money. After receiving the money, Fu Wei left the Fu family and did not return home because of his world until the beginning of the story.

As the protagonist of the story, Fu Wei has a certain halo. He returned to the country this time as a rich second generation scumbag on the surface, who had run into a wall outside and went home in despair. But in fact, with the help of the mysterious man L, Fu Wei has become Ian, an independent investor in the entertainment industry that has become famous in North America in recent years.

The mysterious man L did not appear till the end of the story, and no one knows who L was. 

At the beginning of the story, Fu Wei, who looked condescending, and Feng Jiaming, who was aloof, hated each other. Originally, Feng Jiaming only thought of Fu Xiao as an ignorant and incompetent rich second generation, but by chance, she discovered that Fu Wei was rich in knowledge and had a high-level of music appreciation. Gradually, the two have a secret love affair; they are attracted to each other and finally fall in love.

This wasnt originally a bad thing.

But the bad thing was that Feng Jiaming and Fu Xiao were already preparing to be engaged at that time.

Feng Jiamings betrayal, coupled with the car accident, completely destroyed the little warmth left in Fu Xiaos heart. The hollowed out Fu Xiao completely blackened, abandoning his bottom line and touched the business that shouldnt be touched, and used this to return Xingcheng to the top. During this period, he was unscrupulous, and his hands were even contaminated with some lives, and he finally went to a dead end. 

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His top priority was between Feng Jiaming and Fu Wei.

Su Zening thought very simply. Feng Jiaming has a choice, it wasnt that Fu Xiao didnt give her a choice. After that ten-year contract, Feng Jiaming can leave at any time, and right now, it was less than half a year before Feng Jiamings ten-year contract.

In the original story, Feng Jiaming and Fu Wei had misunderstood each other for the past six months because of all kinds of dog blood. Therefore, Feng Jiaming did not break the contract. 

Feng Jiaming even got an international music hall of fame trophy during this half year period with the help of Fu Xiao, and was crowned as the Queen of Songs in her generation.

After the car accident, the two were caught by Fu Xiao, and Feng Jiaming had to confess to Fu Xiao, hoping to get Fu Xiaos fulfillment.

But Su Zening felt that Feng Jiaming could only reach the peak of her career because of Fu Xiao. And since all the benefits have been exhausted, she then thought about leaving. How can there be such a good thing?

Furthermore, if Feng Jiaming was really grateful for what Fu Xiao has done over the years, she would not choose Fu Wei. 

The relationship between Fu Wei and Fu Xiao, doesnt she know?

Therefore, Su Zening will do his best to separate Feng Jiaming and Fu Wei. Although Su Zening felt that Feng Jiaming was not suitable for Fu Xiao, if this was what Fu Xiao wanted, he would definitely try his best to help the big pig ’s hoofget her. 

Taking ten thousand steps back, if he really cant stop Feng Jiaming and Fu Wei, he must let the big pigs hoof find out their affair earlier and stop the loss as soon as possible.

And now Fu Wei has just returned to China, according to the progress of the story, the two should still be at the point where they hate each other.

Thinking of this, Su Zening looked even more stinky at Fu Wei in front of him. He arched his body in Fu Xiaos arms, and turned his butt towards Fu Wei. 

Fu Wei, who originally wanted to touch Su Zening, retracted his hand resentfully.

Fu Xiaos slender fingers stroke Su Zenings furry back without speaking, as if Fu Wei didnt exist.

Fu Wei couldnt help but evoke a sarcastic smile at first: “Dad wants to throw a banquet for me, you know?”

Fu Xiao touched Little Sugar Cakes chin that had been rubbing against his arms: “Isnt this a good thing? After all, you havent come back for so many years.” 

“Its not like you dont know whats going on with me.” Fu Wei sneered. Since he was a child, he could not squeeze into the social circle that their family was in. The reason was simple, because his mother was not allowed to be on public view.

Moreover, Master Fu, who was in charge of the Fu Family, doesnt like him. Coupled with the big mountain behind Fu Xiaos mother, the Song Family, the discerning people in this circle will never have a deep friendship with him, so hosting a banquet for him was simply a joke.

Fu Wei sneered: “I am hosting the banquet in name, but in fact, he wants to formally introduce that woman into the circle.”

That woman was the starlet who forced Fu Wei to leave the country. 

Fu Xiao moved for a while, and ridicule flashed in his eyes: “Let him be.” If his nominal father, Fu Yunxi, had been bold enough to rebel against Master Fu, who had been pressing on his head for decades, and marry the starlet, he would have had to look at him differently.

But that starlet was not so simple. She has a very rich past.

If Fu Yunxi, who has been chasing true love all his life, knows that he finally chooses such a thing, will he die of anger then?

Fu Weis voice was full of anger: “He wants to propose to that woman with the eternal heart he had when he married your mother, dont you care?” 

The marriage of the Fu family and the Song family can be said to be the wedding of the century. Master Fu went out of his way to specially bid for a royal emerald diamond ring, eternal heart, from the European auction house at a sky-high price, indicating that this ring can only be reserved for the mistress of the Fu family.

When Fu Xiaos mother left, she was so angry that she didnt even take the ring with her. However, Master Fu specially sent this ring over, which means that there will always be only one mistress of the Fu Family. Therefore, his mother was very embarrassed for a while and was ridiculed by many people behind her back.

Later, after the accident of Fu Xiaos mother, the ring came back with Fu Xiao, but it also did not return to his mother.

And at this time, their father was going to give that ring of significance to that woman. This was something his mother has never gotten, and Fu Wei cant accept it at all. He thought that Fu Xiao would be as angry as himself. 

But Fu Xiao just nodded coldly and said: “Is that all?”

Fu Wei looked at Fu Xiao in disbelief——

Didnt Fu Xiao grow up with his mother? This is his attitude when his mothers things are going to be robbed by others?

He thought he and Fu Xiao were the same, on the same side, and only Fu Xiao understood his current pain. 

But this is Fu Xiaos attitude? Is he this heartless?

Thinking of the gossip he heard outside these years, Fu Wei suddenly figured it out. He felt cold in his heart and sneered: “Thats right, you are now the high and mighty prince of Xingchen.. People have to pay the price to get what they want. Since you are thinking about Xingcheng, you still have to endure this. But pleasing this person like this without any shame? When youre dreaming of your mother at night, can you still pass the test of your own conscience?”

Fu Xiaos face sank.

However, he didnt have time to do anything, when Su Zening in his arms, could not bear it anymore. The white little kitty screamed and jumped from Fu Xiao to Fu Weis head with amazing bouncing power. 

Before Fu Wei could react, he felt a blackness in front of his eyes and panicked: “What the heck? Eh, dont hit me on the head!”

The white little kitty squatted on Fu Wei ’s head, then it grabbed Fu Weis hair with its two hind paws, and opened its front paws left and right, then delivered a high-speed cat punch to Fu Weis head everywhere without mercy, while its mouth was angrily screaming meow meow!

“Meow meow meow——”

Fu Wei, are you mentally retarded?

Why did the big pigs hoof grow up with his mother? Isnt it because of your mother? Dont you know it yourself?

Whats wrong with that starlet? When the Fu Family and the Song Family got married, the two board members agreed that only the common descendants of Fu and Song would enjoy the inheritance right? 

“Meow meow meow-wu——”

Dont act like you take Fu Xiao as your elder brother. If you really want to be his brother, just with your name Fu Wei, the wordWei‘, dont you know what it means?

Your existence, your name is the biggest irony to the big pigs hoof.

After being a mommy and daddys baby for so many years, now you know how to feel aggrieved? What does that have to do with the big pigs hoof? 

How dare you come and quarrel with the big pigs hood? Can you pass the test of your conscience?

Su Zening stood on top of Fu Weis head very skillfully, and with his strange power, Fu Wei had no way to get him off, and was unilaterally beaten by Su Zening.

After a few dozen punches, Su Zening finally felt that he was out of breath and deftly jumped from Fu Weis head to Fu Xiaos arms, then proudly lifted his little head.

Did you see it? This is what they called raising a cat for a thousand days and using a cat for a while. 

His smug almond eyes met Fu Xiaos deep and thoughtful eyes.

Oh no!

Su Zenings back felt cold.

Did he reveal something just now? 

Thus, Su Zening lay in Fu Xiaos arms with a guilty conscience, rubbing Fu Xiaos chin sweetly and pleasingly, the innocently licking his paws and whimpering coquettish, looking like a well-behaved little kitty.

At this time, the staff on duty at the manor next to them heard the commotion and ran over. They were very panicked when they saw the red marks on the second young masters face.

Nevertheless, Fu Wei covered his face and pointed to Little Sugar Cake in the young masters arms: “This cat is crazy, it keeps scratching me.”

The staff then hesitantly said: “Little Sugar Cake never scratches people.” Everyone in the villa knows that Little Sugar Cake was very measured when playing with people, it never bite or scratch people. 

Fu Wei laughed angrily and said: “Do you think I would lie to you? So why dont you just hurry up and grab this cat.”

The staff did not move, but instead looked up at Fu Xiao. The beautiful little white cat in Fu Xiaos arms was as obedient as a little princess and kept rubbing against Fu Xiaos face, no different from usual.

Fu Xiao shook his head slightly.

The staff breathed a sigh of relief and stepped aside. 

They commented, Little Sugar Cake was such a good and clingy cat, how could it beat people.

Su Zenings beating was still very measured. He didnt stretch out his claws, so Fu Weis face just looked red on the surface. After the staff stepped back, Fu Wei finally calmed down. He then looked at the staff standing behind Fu Xiao, and understood they would not listen to him, and sadness overflowed from his heart: “I cant even be the master of a cat in the Fu family anymore?”

Was this still his home?

Fu Xiao, who was about to leave, paused and turned to look at Fu Wei with deep eyes: “In fact, you really cant be the master of Little Sugar Cake. According to the old mans will, the heir to this manor is Little Sugar Cake. If Little Sugar Cake is not willing, you cant even enter the door of this place in the future.” 

Su Zening was shocked.

What? The heir to this manor was him?

It turned out that he was already such a rich little kitty before he knew it.

But Su Zening soon understood, what kind of inheritance rights can he have as a little kitty? Grandpa Fu probably wanted to leave this manor to Fu Xiao because he was afraid that there would be an accident in this treatment, but he was afraid that Fu Xiao would not be willing, so he made a compromise and left it to himself. 

No wonder Grandpa Fu had to stuff himself into Fu Xiao.

But he always felt that Grandpa Fu was always very guilty about Fu Xiao. Was there any knot between them that cant be untied?

The kitten, who was dizzy from this news, flopped softly on Fu Xiaos body. Fu Xiao then patted his fleshy belly lightly: “Naughty.”

Just going for a walk and doing so much. 

“Meow meow meow——” The little kitty retorted.

He wasnt naughty.

Su Zening rolled in Fu Xiaos arms, then he pressed his little pink meat pad against Fu Xiaos chin, and solemnly meowed——

Big pigs hoof, no one in this world can bully you except me. 

Obviously, his big pigs hoof was a gentle person who would untie the bell for this little kitty, ah.

But why doesnt everyone like him?

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