r>This word is so well written…”


    But Liu Yimian’s mood did not improve after hearing this.

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    A Qiuming is illiterate, why is he still perfunctory——


    Liu Yimian fell silent, pursed his lips, turned his face away, and refused to look at A Qiu.


    “Mianmian, are you really ignoring me?” A Qiu was a little aggrieved and tugged at the corner of Liu Yimian’s clothes.


    He knew that Liu Yi was a soft-hearted person.


    Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Liu Yimian to relax, “Aqiu, it doesn’t matter what you say so long you don’t say anything bad about Brother Ji, or I’ll ignore you in the future.”


    A Qiu nodded and answered sincerely.


    Then he sat on the edge, quietly watching Liu Yimian practice calligraphy, and praised him from time to time, the atmosphere was very harmonious.


    Seeing that it was almost noon, Liu Yimian hadn’t raised his head from the Book of Poetry, A Qiu was a little worried for him, as he pushed him, he accidentally knocked the book from his hand to the ground.


    “I’m sorry, Mianmian, I didn’t mean to.”


    Estimated the time, it was almost noon.


    Liu Yimian closed the Book, tidy up all the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone, and put them in the cabinet, without occupying the table.


    He walked over to A Qiu and said with a bit of alienation: “A Qiu, stay for lunch.”


    If it was before, Liu Yimian would hold A Qiu’s arm and invite him with a cheerful smile on his face.
But today he was more polite than friendly, but the two of them didn’t care much.


    A Qiu didn’t take it seriously and reached out to hold his arm as usual.
But Liu Yimian had already walked out of the door, and said as he walked, “Brother Ji will be back in a while, you can meet him.”


    Liu Yimian thought to himself, if Aqiu saw Brother Ji, he would believe what he said.


    It’s okay to misunderstand him, but it’s not good to misunderstand Brother Ji.


    Liu Yimian walked as he thought about it, and his steps became faster and faster.

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    A Qiu followed behind, beckoning to stop him: “Mianmian, I can’t stay here to eat.
If I’m back too late, I’m afraid the husband will get angry—”


    “Brother Ji will definitely buy pork today.
There is still a rib at home.
Or else, I will stew it first.”


    Liu Yimian was talking to himself with A Qiu following behind him.
A surprised A Qiu asked, “You have such good food at home? It seems that Ji Wei’s business is doing well.”


    His food at home can’t even compare to Liu Yimians’, A Qiu couldn’t help but start to feel envious.


    A Qiu followed behind Liu Yimian, he originally wanting to say that he would not stay for lunch.
But after thinking about it, he changed his mind, wanting to see if what Liu Yimian said was true.


    The two walked through the yard, the bread kiln was easy to see as it was on the side of the house.
The big structure was square and covered a large area.
It was only a few steps away from the well.


    “Mianmian, what is that?”


    Liu Yimian didn’t look back, “That’s the bread kiln that Brother Ji built yesterday, and the roasted pork belly from it was crispy and fragrant.”




    A Qiu was dubious.


    Liu Yimian went to the well and took out the rib that was in the well.
Walked up to A Qiu and explained the bread kiln to him.
Pointing to the hole in the middle of the dome-shaped earthen bag, he said, “Put your food in from here, set the fire below, and you can eat it in just two-quarters of an hour.”


    A bread kiln was not something that will normally appear in this era and A Qiu has naturally never seen it.
He held on to Liu Yimian and asked many strange questions, but Liu Yimian wasn’t able to answer them, so he asked him to wait for Ji Wei to come back.


    When he washed the ribs and cut them into pieces, and marinated them in the pot with the sliced ​​green onions and ginger slices, Ji Wei, who had sold all the pancakes, came back from West Street with a cart.


    As soon as he arrived at the door, he habitually shouted: “Mianmian, I’m back!”


    Liu Yimian, who was in the room, immediately dropped the rag, poured out a bowl of cold water from the crock, and brought it to Ji Wei, “Brother Ji, your water.”


    Ji Weiyi finished the drink, handed the empty bowl to Liu Yimian, reached out, and rubbed his head, “Did you read and write well in the morning?”


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    “I recited a poem “Zijin” and came across two pages of words.”


    “Okay,” Ji Wei took out a jar from the cart, “this is a reward for you.”


    “What is this?”


    Liu Yimian took the jar, it was heavy, he shook it gently, there was a feeling of something flowing inside it.


    “You can open it.” Ji Wei pushed the cart to a recess on the side of the house, it fitted nicely in it.
He then bent down and took out another two identical jars from below.


    By this time, Liu Yimian had unfastened the lid, and when he saw the milky white liquid inside, he immediately shouted.


    “Milk!” Liu Yimian raised the pot excitedly, “Brother Ji, where did you get it?”


    “Do you know Zhao lame?”


    Liu Yimian nodded, of course, he had heard of Zhao Lame, everybody in town knows him.
A bachelor who is over 30 years old, his legs and feet were broken when he fell into a trap when he went up the mountain.
He also has a stubborn temper.
He raised a large number of sheep, most of them were sold to the city, and the money was definitely good.
But he preferred to live in a broken house and refused to move.
It’s puzzling.


    “I went to him today to buy some goat milk.
When I was there, I thought that he would not sell it.
As soon as I opened my mouth, guess what he said?”


    Liu Yimian shook her head in confusion.


    Ji Wei laughed, “He said that I am famous now for selling the pancakes.
Since I am here at his place, he asked me to make a few for him to try.
If he is satisfied, I can take as much milk as I want.”




    “Why would I lie to you? The jar in your hand is for you.
Only by drinking milk every day can you grow taller.
Look how thin you are now.”


    Liu Yimian was stunned, “Every day?”


    “Yes, I will do what I say.”


    Ji Wei whistled proudly, holding a crockpot in one hand, and just as he turned around, he was startled by A Qiu, who had been at the door for a long time,

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