“Mianmian, drain the water in the pot and pour some oil into it.
We shall have fried dumplings later.”


    “Fried dumplings? What are they?”


    Wood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea, out of which the most expensive is oil.


    Rapeseed oil costs fifteen cents a tael, and just three or four taels of oil will cost fifty or sixty cents, and you have to use it sparsely even during cooking to save money.
To eat dumplings during the Chinese New Year, they are either boiled or steamed.
Frying the dumplings that require the use of oil, is a way of eating that they have never heard of before.


    Liu Yimian’s face changed after hearing Ji Weiyi’s explanation, “Brother Ji, how much oil do we need for this?”


    Ji Wei pondered for a moment, and finally said helplessly: “As long as it’s delicious, it’s okay to indulge once in a while, and it’s impossible to eat dumplings often at home, it takes too much effort.”


    It makes sense, Liu Yimian stopped asking.


    The dumplings for frying were fish-shaped looking, which were more complicated than ordinary dumplings.
One was to look good, and the other was to be able to cook quickly.


    After Liu Yimian heated the oil pan, Ji Wei put the wrapped thirty or so fish-shaped dumplings into the pan one by one.
The frying pan crackled, and the thick aroma of chives and the enticing pork aroma spread throughout the kitchen when the hot oil was frying through the skin.


    The slender fish-shaped dumplings were cooked very quickly.
When the skin on the side was colored, Ji Wei took the fried dumplings out of the pot and placed them sideways on the square porcelain plate just bought from the street today, revealing the bottom of the fried golden dumplings.
Against the pale blue porcelain color, there was a different kind of beauty.


     In addition to the beauty of the food itself, the selection of tableware also requires a lot of attention.
Great care should be used to enhance the harmonious combination of appearance and color.


    As a pastry chef, Ji Wei regards it as a code.


    The remaining hot oil in the pan was not wasted in the end, Ji Wei cooked a pot of sweet and sour tomato and egg soup with it.
Then he put the steamer on the rack and steam the dumplings in the pot.


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    While waiting for the steamed dumplings, the two sat in the courtyard and ate the fried dumplings.


    The dumplings were charred and crisp on the outside, hot gravy burst in the mouth when you bite into it and gave out the rich aroma of leeks.
The two large plates of fried dumplings were quickly finished by the two of them.
Coupled with the hot and sour soup, it instantly relieved the greasy taste brought by the fried dumplings.


    Liu Yimian rubbed his bloated stomach while sitting on his small stool.
His eyes were squinted, his two small legs were straight, and his small appearance looked very satisfied and comfortable.


    When Ji Wei saw this, he laughed, “I remember someone said that he has a small appetite, why didn’t I see it?”


    When Liu Yimian heard this, his face immediately blushed.
He quickly retracted his feet, put his hands on his knees, sat down, and said, “Brother Ji’s cooking skill is so good, I, I couldn’t help but eat a lot more”


    “It’s alright, you’re at a growing up stage, it’s better to eat more.
Clean up the table, and we’ll go to Aunt Zhou’s house to deliver the dumplings.” Ji Wei got up and stretched out, the dumplings that had been steaming on the stove for a quarter of an hour were cooked by now.  Compare to the crispy and delicious fried dumplings, steamed dumplings are fresh and fragrant, and the taste are also very different.


    The two of them held a bamboo cage each, they went to the surrounding houses and divided most of the steamed dumplings before going to Aunt Zhou’s house.


    At this time, it was around 6 pm, Zhao Dalong, who had been working outside for a day, was back from Zhang’s house, sitting at the dining table and waiting for the food to be served.


    Zhao Hu pointed to the red and beautiful plate of hawthorn and said, “Dad, try this.
Brother Li gave it to me at the market today.”


    Brother Li was a hunter and often goes deep into the mountains.
Unlike Zhao Hu, he ran deeper into the mountains than most people, so sometimes he encounters a lot of good things.


    Zhao Dalong picked one at random, his teeth were soured by the hawthorn, and his square face was wrinkled into a ball, “You bastard, the hawthorn should be prepared by your mother first before they are served.
How can we eat it raw directly?”


    Zhao Hu smiled happily, but did not refute.


    Zhao Dalong leaned against the wall and sighed, “The carpenters have come to install the doors and windows these few days, it’s about to be completed soon and the house will be ready to live in in a few days.
You should come and take a look, the house is really stylish, our small broken house can’t compare.”


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    “Uncle Zhao’s house can’t be compared with Zhang’s house, but it’s still better than my house.” Ji Wei came in from outside the house with a smile.


    Zhao Hu immediately called for his mother “My mother is in the kitchen.”


    Ji Wei shook his head, “It’s okay that Aunt Zhou is not here.
These are the dumplings that have just been made.
I’ve brought some for you to try.”


    After distributing to the neighbors, there was still half a cage left, about thirty or forty dumplings.


    It’s still hot.


    “Come and taste it while it’s hot.”


    Ji Wei put the steamer on the table, instructed Zhao Hu to get the plate, and urged Zhao Dalong to eat.


    Zhao Dalong couldn’t resist it, so he ate a piece.
He didn’t expect that there was meat in it.
It was very fresh and juicy.
You could still feel the aftertaste after swallowing it.


    As soon as Zhao Hu took out the plate, Ji Wei put all the rest of the dumplings on it.


    Zhao Dalong frowned and said that it was too much, Ji Wei smiled and said, “Uncle Zhao, thanks to you, I saved the money for buying bricks.
These dumplings are not just for you, but I also want to thank Aunt Zhou for taking care of my family Mianmian on weekdays.
Even if you reject it, you can’t reject it for Aunt Zhou.”


    Zhao Dalong was choked by what Ji Wei had said and stopped eating.


    “Yo, Mianmian, Ji Wei, why are you here?”


    Aunt Zhou, who was holding a plate in one hand, saw the two of them, and immediately walked over with a smile on her face.


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