r piece.

But this time, she took a small bite at a time.
When the biscuits were eaten, the crumbs in the palm were poured into her mouth.

After eating it all, she said, “Look at me, it’s really embarrassing.”

“Xiaoji, why didn’t you sell it on the street earlier if you have this skill.” Aunty Niu licked her lower lip, looking rather fondly, “When are you going to sell it, I will definitely buy some for my Er Gou to taste.

Er Gou is the nickname of Aunty Niu’s son.

Ji Wei smiled and said, “No hurry.”

He has this plan in mind, but the cost of making biscuits is slightly higher, so he has to think about it.

Aunty Niu was embarrassed by Liu Yimian’s look, she turned around and pointed at the gate of the courtyard and said, “There are still a lot of people out at the gate.
What are you all doing? Show yourself!”

When her voice fell, other women hiding by the door appeared in twos and threes.
They heard the conversation clearly outside, and they kept praising Jiwei’s skill as they came in.

Ji Wei was also not stingy.
If he wants to do dessert business in the future, he must open up the market and make people accept it.
Taking the opportunity now, let them try more, and they will promote it more, it was also to build momentum for him, isn’t this free advertising.

So he was very generous with them.

The yard was originally not too big, with seven or eight women crowding, chattering lively, it actually attracted everyone who passed by.

A plate of baked cookies was only about thirty pieces.

It was simply not enough for such a group of people, and they were quickly eaten up.

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In addition, Ji Weijie’s nasty name was well known.
Those who got his favor were not at ease.
They tried their best to praise his craftsmanship, almost blowing him all the way to the sky.

After everyone had dissipated, Liu Yimian ran to the gate of the courtyard and fastened the door to prevent anyone else from coming.

“Brother Ji, you are going to be famous.” Liu Yimian was a little excited.
From the moment he stepped into Ji’s house, Ji Wei only had a bad reputation.

Now that the situation has suddenly improved, how can he not be happy?

Ji Wei was very calm, “This is nothing? You are too happy too early.”

After all the butter and cheese biscuits were baked and dried, Ji Wei took a piece of oiled paper that was usually used for pancakes.
He spread it out on the table, folded the biscuits into a square layer by layer, and finally wrapped the oiled paper on top.
Tie a thin red rope.

It looks just like the one bought in the store outside, and it looked very delicate.

“Brother Ji, are you going to give this as a gift?” Liu Yimian’s eyes widened, inexplicably disappointed.

“You can have the rest of the biscuits.
If you want to eat it in the future, let me know and I will make it for you.
Do you still remember those bricks before this, right?”

Liu Yimian nodded.

“After all, I got it from Zhang’s family.
It’s only right to show our appreciation.” Ji Wei held up the oil paper bag in his hand.
“The Zhang family is a big family in the town, and it is necessary to have a good relationship with them.”

Liu Yimian was immediately ashamed of himself and said: “Brother Ji, go ahead, it will be late in a while.
I will cook dinner and wait for you to come back.”

Ji Wei waved goodbye to Liu Yimian, and hummed a tune all the way to West Second Lane.

Although the Zhang family was a big family in the town and was very close to the Ji family, the two have never been in contact with each other.
In addition to knowing that the Zhang family’s business was doing very well, Ji Wei knows very little about the Zhang family.

In front of Zhang’s house, the door was closed.

Ji Wei clicked the copper ring, and after a while, he heard footsteps coming from behind the door.

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“Who is it?”

“Ji Wei in Xiaxi Lane, come to visit Mr.

The door creaked open, showing a face that was still young.
Seeing Ji Wei, he was disgusted, “What are you doing here? The Zhang family doesn’t welcome you!”

Ji Wei was not annoyed, and his attitude was still gentle, “I’m here to thank Mr.

The young man who was watching the door was about to close the door.
Ji Wei was faster than him.
He ducked and stood in the crack of the door, holding the door to prevent him from closing it.

“You rascal! This is the Zhang family, what do you think you are doing? Our master has a relationship with the county magistrate.
If you are rude, we will put you in jail!” The young servant threatened in a vicious voice.

Ji Wei ignored him, and frowned slightly, “Since you are here to open the door, you should pass it on for me, instead of making rude remarks.”

The little servant felt guilty for a while when he heard the words, and wanted to say something more.

A loud shout suddenly came from behind: “I told you to open the door, what are you doing there!”

Ji Wei’s used his shoulders and the servant was pushed back a few steps, Ji Wei naturally just entered Zhang’s house.

The housekeeper Zhang Quan came over and saw Ji Wei, his face changed suddenly, “Why did you allow him to come in!”

The little servant cried and said, “Housekeeper, I didn’t let him in, it was the bully who forcibly broke down the door, I-I can’t stop him—”

After saying that, he dodged behind the housekeeper and looked at Ji Wei timidly.

“I am Ji Wei, I am here to meet Mr.
Zhang, to thank him for the gift he gave me earlier, please help me pass on the message.
Thank you.” Ji Wei folded his fists and bowed, and gave a salute.

Zhang Quan didn’t like Ji Wei, but as a housekeeper, he knew the etiquette.

Immediately, with a cold face, he asked the young servant to watch over Ji Wei and left quickly to inform Mr Zhang.

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