When he came out of Zhang’s house, it was still early.

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Ji Wei stood at the fork in the road and hesitated.
After thinking about it, he took another road and didn’t go home.

Zhao Cripple’s house is at the entrance of the village, a long way from the West Alley.

If Ji Wei wanted to get home in time for dinner, so he had to speed up.

He walked quickly for a while and then started to trot.

Many people passed by on the road, and some of them pointed at his back.

“Why is he running? He almost hit someone!”

“Look at the figure, he looks like the bully from West Street.”

“It’s none of our business, it’s getting dark, let’s go!”

Ji Wei had to cross East and West Second Street, and then walk for a long time before he could see a small wooden house near the foot of the mountain.

That is Zhao Cripple’s house.

One of the reasons for staying away from the crowd was that Zhao Cripple has an odd personality and doesn’t like dealing with people.
Second, because Zhao Cripple raises sheep for a living and needs to herd sheep to graze, it was very inconvenient for him due to his legs and feet.

Before he reach Zhao Cripple’s house, he saw a man sitting in the weedy open space in front of the wooden house.
Looking at the back, it has to be Zhao Cripple no doubt.

Just what is he doing sitting there?

Ji Wei knew that besides being in the house, he only goes to the sheepfolds and rarely changed places.
It was impossible to sit on the ground outside like this.

When he was about to approach Zhao Cripple, he heard a weak bark.

Ji Wei looked around and saw nothing.

Zhao Cripple was startled by this movement and turned his head to look.
Seeing that it was Ji Wei, there was a momentary twist on that stiff and gloomy face, making it impossible to tell whether it was disgust or joy.

As he turned sideways, Ji Wei saw the little puppy playing on his lap.

Originally, it was lying on all fours towards the sky, rolling and acting like a spoiled child in front of Zhao Cripple.

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As soon as he saw Ji Wei, it got up and faced him vigilantly.

It looks small, only a little bigger than a man’s palm.

The puppy’s hair was fine and soft, the black ears flutter in the wind, the four paws are snow-white, the back was a large patch of black hair, and there was a short white-haired tail, which looks like a little white dog with a black apron.

Ji Wei was amused by the thought in his head, but when he saw Zhao Lame’s expression, he immediately restrained his laughter.

“You, what are you doing here again?”

In addition to the lame leg, Zhao Cripple has another problem.

That is, he has difficulties speaking in proper sentences.

This is one of the reasons why he hates dealing with people.

Nobody wants to be laughed at whenever he speaks.

“Looking for you.” Ji Wei walked forward with a smile, squatted beside the little puppy, and stretched out his fingers to tease it.
Make the little puppy show his teeth and claws, and bite him with a mouth that has not even grown teeth yet.

“When did you get this dog?”

He didn’t see it since the last time he came, and it hasn’t been a few days since.

Zhao Cripple held the puppy in one hand, stretched out his other hand, and tried to prop himself up from the ground.
But his legs and feet were bad, and he was holding the dog with one hand, so he can’t get up.

When Ji Wei saw it, he stood up and reached out to pull him.

At first, Zhao Cripple was still feeling awkward, but when he was pulled vigorously and got up, he kept quiet.

“Again, want milk?”

The words that came out of Zhao lame’s mouth always had a gloomy taste.

Anyway, most of the people who came to him came to ask for milk.

Ji Wei cleared up the soil on his hands, and followed Zhao Cripple in a leisurely manner, not afraid of Zhao Cripple at all, “Yes and no.”

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“Today, I’m here to discuss a business with you.”

Zhao Cripple replied in a muffled voice, “Wh-what business, I don’t do it.”

“You don’t do business that makes money?”

“Money, I have it.”

Ji Wei was taken aback by his words, he envy Zhao Cripple so much.

If it wasn’t for his quirky temper, he has no parents, no siblings, a wealthy account, and no worries about food and clothing.
Even if his appearance was average, he could be called a golden bachelor.
All the matchmakers would have been calling upon him.

Ji Wei didn’t speak and followed Zhao Cripple into the house.

Zhao Cripple put the puppy on the empty table, found a small bowl in the cupboard, poured a bowl of goat milk from the crock, and placed it in front of the dog.

The puppy smelled the milk, stuck out its tongue and licked it, and quickly drank the milk.

Ji Wei looked away from the puppy and looked at the wall where Zhao Cripple kept the goat’s milk crock.
Compared with the last visit, there were obviously a lot less than the twenty or so jars previously there, only ten or so left.

It can be seen that the Zhao Cripple house has been very lively recently.

“A lot of people have come here recently?” Ji Wei approached Zhao Cripple and speak to him in a way reserved for closed friends.

The last time he came here, they were a little cautious with each other at first, but Ji Wei became more open and became more familiar with Zhao Cripple.
This also made him feel as comfortable as his own home when he was at Zhao Cripple’s house.

Zhao Cripple nodded, hummed, and stared at the puppy.

“Half the crock pots were gone.”

Zhao Cripple remained silent.

Ji Wei calculated heartily, “A jar can sell at least 20 to 30 cents.
These dozen or so cans could have earned you a few hundred cents.
Brother Zhao, do you have too much money?”

Zhao Cripple took a long time to say, “I’m hungry, it’s time to eat.”

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Though he said so, he didn’t look like he was going to get up to cook.

Ji Wei sat aside, waited for a while, and came to his senses.

Did he mean to ask him to cook dinner?

It’s not impossible, it’s just that Miamian is still waiting for him to eat at home.
Why should he stay here to cook for him and let Mianmian wait?

Ji Wei’s rolled his eyes, and his mind became active.

Zhao Cripple was a typically dark-faced but soft-hearted person.
When he came back to his house previously, he made six pancakes for him, in exchange for the three cans of goat milk.
It could be said that he got a deal out of it.

He has never liked to trouble others, but this time he took the initiative to ask, so there must be room for negotiations.

“Okay, what do you have in your house?” Ji Wei walked around the kitchen and soon saw a lot of ingredients by the stove, a few carrots, a handful of onions, a dozen eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, and something that look similar to onions.

Zhao Cripple lives alone, he rarely goes out to buy vegetables.
He would grow some at his doorstep.
He doesn’t seem like a person who buys these things.

Ji Wei exclaimed, “Where did these come from?”

Looking at the ingredients, they were all very fresh, and some still have soil on them, so it can be seen that they are all freshly harvested.

Zhao Cripple stood behind Ji Wei, looked at the things on the stove, and said in a sullen voice: “The eggs were given by a mother Hao, and her daughter-in-law gave birth to a son but couldn’t produce milk.
The carrots belonged to the second brother Wu.
His granddaughter is weak, old sickness…”

Zhao Cripple speaks slowly and is not easy to make out his words.
It took a long time for him to explain everything on the stove.

Although Ji Wei already knew that the vegetables were exchanged for his milk, he was still a little moved when he heard Zhao Cripple say it.

It was said that Zhao Cripple that lives at the entrance of the village has a strange temper and is difficult to get along with.

But only after getting to know Zhao Cripple and getting to know him well, can you know what kind of person he is.

No wonder his goat milk always stays in the corner of his house and he was unwilling to sell it.

Ji Wei sighed: “I know you are kind and don’t want to sell the goat milk for money.
But only a small number of people come to you for the exchange of milk.
And they don’t always come.
The weather is hot now, and it should be spoiled in a few days.
Even if you’re not short of money, things shouldn’t be so wasted.”

Zhao Cripple turned around and returned to his stool.
He hugged the puppy that have finished drinking milk, and touched the smooth and soft fur on its back, without speaking.

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But Ji Wei knew that he heard him.

While sorting out and cleaning the carrots, onions, green onions, and potatoes, he talked to Zhao Cripple: “I remember that you have a lot of nannies, and their milk must be squeezed every day.
All the milk, I will have someone come to get it every evening in the future, if you want to change the milk with others, you can exchange it with them during the day, and I will buy the rest, how about it?”

Ji Wei knew that Zhao Cripple had to think about it, so he didn’t rush him.
Wash the things on hand, shred the carrots, potatoes, chopped green onions, and diced onions.
He then poured them all into a small pot, finally beat the two eggs, add water, salt, and finally flour, stir into a viscous semi-flowing liquid.
Lastly, he poured a lot of oil into the pan.

When the oil pan was hot enough, he use a spoon to put a spoonful of the vegetarian stuffing into the oil pan.
The vegetarian meatballs, fried until golden brown and cooked through, quickly floated from the pan.

The fragrant smell in the house alarmed the just-eaten puppy that was on Zhao Cripple’s slap, causing it to scream and jumping on the table.

Zhao Cripple walked to the kitchen holding the puppy in his hands.
While Ji Wei was not paying attention, he stole a steaming vegetarian meatball, handed it to the puppy’s mouth, and let it eat it.

“Don’t think I didn’t see you stealing it.”

Ji Wei’s voice came from behind him.
Zhao Cripple, who was usually expressionless, felt a little embarrassed.
He glared at the puppy who was wagging its tail several times, but the culprit was not ashamed.
After eating, it kept staring at Ji Wei’s back, sticking out his tongue and head.

When a pot of crispy vegetarian meatballs was brought to the table, Ji Wei immediately took the puppy who was about to jump into the pot and put it on the stool.

“What do you think?”

Ji Wei grabbed a vegetarian ball and threw it into his mouth.
It was very crispy as it had just come out of the pot.
Accompanied by the sweet carrots, as well as the taste of onion, egg and chopped green onion.
Whether as a meal or a snack, it doesn’t lose out compared to any main dish at all.

“I see that you still have some porridge left in the pot, pour some soy sauce and dip the vegetarian balls into the meal.” Ji Wei had put a lot of effort into his cooking.
Now that he noticed that it was a lot darker outside, he said, “I don’t have time to wait for your reply, I hope you can give me the answer when I come back next time-”

Ji Wei was in a hurry to leave, but when he got to the door, Zhao Cripper shouted and stopped him.

“Why do you want so much goat milk?”

Zhao Cripper hugged the puppy and stared at him stubbornly.

Ji Wei held the door frame and smiled slightly, “You reminded me of something by what you just said.
I will take two more jars of your goat milk.
It’s my reward for cooking for you today.
Next time when I come back, I’ll tell you what it’s used for.”

After he finished speaking, he rushed to the corner and held a jar in each of his hands.
The puppy passed by, not knowing whether it was a grudge or something, it barked several times at Ji Wei.

Ji Wei turned back, stared at it for a long time, and said with a smile: “Brother Zhao, let’s call it bellyband.
Don’t you think this little guy looks like it is wearing a black bellyband? Anyway, there is no one else here.”

After saying these words, he left Zhao Cripper, who was stunned, ran away with goat milk in his arms like a gust of wind.

Like a bandit.

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