ever, selling pancakes was only a temporary solution, and the pancake does not require special cooking skills.
When you start selling it on the street and do well, many people will follow suit soon after.
Once the first start-up fund is established, he will let go of this and do something that it’s not available in this era yet.

By that time, you don’t have to worry about money anymore.

As JIWei was working out the plan in his head, Aunty Zhou and Liu YiMian were looking at each other puzzled.

She didn’t expect what she said to have any effect.
However, she didn’t expect JiWei to have a personality change.

“Master, do you mean what you just said?” Even for someone as timid as Liu YiMian, he can’t help but step up and ask again.

“The Master always keeps his promises! Why should I lie to you?”

He rubbed his forehead, “But …”

Aunty Zhou asked loudly: “But what?”

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But if he doesn’t go collect protection fees from the neighbors, where is he going to get money to start the business?

There is always a solution to any problem.
In the evening, Jiyi found a solution.

When the original master’s mother passed away, she left behind a bracelet.
The quality was quite good because she had worn it all the time, the surface is round and smooth.
She said that this is the heirloom of the family, it was supposed to pass it on to the future daughter-in-law.
However, as she is dying, she gave it to the original master for safekeeping, He was to take it out and give it to his future wife.

The original Master had never been broke.
When he has no money, he would go on the street to ask for protection money.
Therefore he had forgotten about this bracelet.

JiWei found it inside the box but can’t help apologizing within his heart.
He wrapped the bracelet with a silk cloth.
The next morning, he went straight to the only pawnshop downtown.
However, as he plans to redeem it at a later date, the price is quite low.
He only managed to get two pieces of silver.
If he didn’t redeem it with three pieces of silver in a year, the bracelet will belong to the pawnshop.

When JiWei returned from downtown, the first thing he did was to look for the carpenter Li located around the alley.
He plans to ask him to make him a cart so that he could start his business on the street.

However, as he approaches carpenter Li’s home, carpenter Li, with a foot on the stool sawing wood, pulled a long face and shouted: “What are you doing here!”

No one would blame carpenter Li for his behavior As he lives in the alley near the original master’s house, he would pass by here every time he goes home.
Not only were many ugly words being said to him, but his home was also trespassed and taken advantage of.

Carpenter Li was a man who does physical work.
So he was also physically strong.
He has never been afraid of the original Master.
But during one incident, the original master couldn’t get the upper hand, so he came back with a few brothers to intimidate Li.
The incident frightened his daughter and wife very deeply.
Since then, Li Mu did not dare to offend the original master, but that doesn’t stop him from giving him the look.

“Uncle Li, I am here to ask for your help.”

Li replied harshly “Who’s your uncle? I don’t dare to be one!”

JiWei knew that the original master’s reputation was bad, he did not hope to change it overnight.
At the same time, he did not want to delay the plan.
After all, after pawning the jade bracelet, there is no second jade bracelet to pawn anymore.

You must keep up with the schedule, the sooner the better.

“I’m here to ask you to help me make a trolley, the kind used by a street hawker.” JiWei was gesturing with his hands as he was afraid that carpenter Li may not understand what he wanted.
“There must be a hole at the lower side for a stove, able to cook hot food on top.
Come with wheels and able to push with your hand, do you understand what I mean?”

Carpenter Li’s price was fair, he was also an easy-going person.
Therefore his business has always been good.
Whenever someone needs anything, they would come looking for him.
Many of the carts in the streets were made by him.

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He understood what JiWei needed almost immediately.
However, he felt a little puzzled.

“Why do you want this for?” Carpenter Li asked.
On second thought, he couldn’t help but ridicule, “Are you trying to start a business?”

“Uncle, you are really smart,” JiWei said.

How could he not understand the sarcasm in carpenter Li words, if he were to rebuff him, it does help with the situation.
So he just kept quiet as if he doesn’t understand the meaning.

Carpenter Li continues his work, after a short while, “If you are planning to do proper business, I can even do it for free.
I am afraid that you might still use it to threaten others for money.
Check your conscience, did you not let down your mother who is now underground? ”

JiWei heard some movement from the outside, it was Li’s wife and daughter looking from behind the door.
robes here.
However, when they saw JiWei looking towards them, they scrambled back towards their room.
If it was not for what the original master had done to threaten them, they wouldn’t react like this.

JiWei was getting uncomfortable from carpenter Li’s stare.
He took out twenty copper plates from his waistband, placed them on the small station full of tools, “Uncle Li, this twenty pieces of money is a deposit, when the cart is done, I will pay you the reminding 100 pieces of money.
Do you think it’s enough? ”

Although there were not many copper plates here, this was the first time JiWei pay for something.

Carpenter Li couldn’t help but look at the money again, and the heart was a little puzzled.
“Are you serious?”

Jiji sincerely looked at him.
“Uncle Li, I want to start a proper life.”

After waiting for a long time, Li Mukes still did not speak.

Just when JiWei thought that carpenter Li would reject him and was planning to move out, Li finally opened his mouth.

“I will do it, take your money with you.
Don’t come into my house again, we do not welcome you here.” Carpenter Li didn’t look up again, treating JiWei as though he was not there.

Carpenter Li didn’t care whether was he turning over a new leaf or just wanted to lead a proper life.
He just doesn’t want him to come to disturb him anymore.
For this purpose alone, he was even willing to do the cart for free.

JiWei left the money there, he understood why carpenter Li Mu did not welcome him.
After saying thank you, he left the place, went to look for a blacksmith that was two streets away.

Because the two streets were far from each other, although the blacksmith did hear about what JiWei had done, he doesn’t care as long as he was being paid.
Therefore, the purchase went through smoothly.
He was to come to collect the stove for the making of pancake on the next day.

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