lly, “I almost committed a big sin.”

“What are you doing here?” Zhao Dalong took a few bites of the food, staring at Ji Wei in confusion.
Next to his house lived a well-known rogue, he was naturally displeased.
Since the two elders of the Ji family passed away one after another, he has not been to Ji’s house for a long time.
If it was not for his wife who likes the brother bought by Ji’s family, the two families would have ended their relationship early.

In addition, Ji Wei lives in West Lane, and he has no relationship with the Zhang family.
His sudden appearance here caused Zhao Dalong to feel a little alarm.

As he thought of this, he slowed down his eating speed.

Ji Wei cleared his throat, “I heard that the Zhang’s is renovating the house, so I came to take a look.
My house is narrow and dark, it is hot in summer and cold in winter.
I plan to save enough money and repair it as well.”

Zhao Dalong had heard about Ji Wei from his mother-in-law lately, saying that Ji Wei seemed to have changed a lot these days, and actually started a serious business, which means he is trying to change to a good person.
He had doubts in his heart at first, but now looking at him, this kid has a clear and sincere face, which is quite different from the ruthless and arrogant person before.

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Thinking so, he couldn’t help but nodded and replied, “Yes, the two-unit in your house was built by your parents ten years ago.
After so many years, it’s time to change it.” After that, he ignored Ji Wei and just concentrate on eating.

Ji Wei didn’t plan to create any more small talks deliberately and swept the place privately with his eyes.
Just a dozen paces away in front of them, there was a well with a lot of green bricks and sand piled up beside it.
It didn’t look like it was left over from building the house.

He pointed to the pile of green bricks and asked, “Uncle Zhao, what are you using that for?”

“The old man felt that the well was too small and not grand enough, so he said he would smash it and rebuild it.
But building the house is more than enough work for us, so we didn’t bother with the well yet.”

Zhao Dalong put the tableware and chopsticks back into the food box, got up, and flexed his legs.
Seeing Ji Wei’s face full of novelty, he said casually, “If you want to see the place, I’ll take you around.” After that, he regretted it a little, but Ji Wei agreed quickly, and he didn’t want to go back to his words and lead the way.

The structure of this house presents a “目” character structure, with a small kitchen on the left, a hall in the middle, and two rooms on the right, one is a study and the other is a bedroom.
They are all connected by a small door, but the door frame is empty and the door has not been installed.

On the side of the main hall wall were several sections of rough wood, and in the middle was a bag of leftover cement and several layers of neat bricks.

Ji Wei was not sure about the use of these things and casually asked Zhao Dalong for advice.

The middle-aged man is a straightforward person, but he doesn’t know that Ji Wei has ulterior motives for it and so he is not wary.
He explained in detail: “Master Zhang is a kind person, and allows us to rest for three days before starting work again.
Next, we will hire a few carpenters to do the doors and windows, I don’t think these things are very useful.
When the time comes, I will ask to see if anyone wants to build a chicken coop or something, bring it back with him, so as not to take up space.”

Ji Weiyi listened and was happy, but he couldn’t show it on his face, pretending to be confused: “Doesn’t anyone want these?”

“Everyone lives in their house for more than ten years.
Besides, if they really going to be rebuilt, this little bit of ​​bricks and woods is definitely not enough?” Zhao Dalong walked to the corner and touched the beam that is thicker than his arm, “You see this When the time comes, it may be used as a window frame.
I guess it will do.
But if it doesn’t work, I will bring it back and use it as firewood.
This wood is good and durable.”

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Ji Wei was thinking about this green brick and cement, so he didn’t listen to Zhao Dalong very much.

Zhao Dalong talked for a long time, but he didn’t hear Ji Wei’s squeak.
Looking back, Ji Wei was squatting on the ground, still touching the pile of green bricks in his hand, with an inexplicable face, he asked: “What’s wrong with these bricks?”

Ji Wei woke up from his though, and was a little embarrassed: “Uncle Zhao, I just need to build something at home and need some bricks, see if you can…” He thought for a while, and then said, “I will pay twenty coins for the bricks and cement here, can you give it to me?”

To ask for it for free, Ji Wei felt a little uneasy.
But to pay too much for it, it hurts a bit.

Twenty coins to buy this pile of good-quality green bricks, plus half a bag of cement, adds up to fifty or sixty coins.
Ji Wei felt a little guilty for calling out this low price.

After Zhao Dalong heard it, he was silent for a long time, “So this is why you come here today, just for these?”

Ji Weiyi choked and touched his nose, “I am here just to have a look.
I happened to see that there are extra blue bricks and cement.
If Master Zhang is willing, I would like to buy them.”

“If you want it, you can take it with you, but I still have to inform Master Zhang, so let me tell him tomorrow.
Later in the afternoon, you can bring an ox cart to take all these away.
After that, the vacate main hall will be so much easy for cleaning.”

Ji Wei was overjoyed and couldn’t help but clasped his fists and bowed to Zhao Dalong.

“Thank you Uncle Zhao.”

“No, no, it’s not me if you want to thank, go thank Master Zhang when you have time.” Zhao Dalong waved his hand and muttered in his heart, how can people really change so suddently? Weird, really weird.

Ji Wei didn’t delay any further, he brought Zhao Dalong’s food box to Aunt Zhou’s house first, borrowed an ox cart from the next-door farmer, went directly to West second Lane to bring back dozens of unused green bricks, half a bag of cement and sand.

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