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    Baozi Xishi couldn’t stand the beating anymore and fell on the bed crookedly.
Holding her right cheek and crying, “I didn’t, I didn’t! It’s him, it’s that bastard from Ji’s family who smears my name! Brother Qing! You have to believe me!”


    Standing beside her bed was a burly and tall man with a strong build.
He stood there like a wall.
But his facial features were ferocious, the corners of his mouth were turned down, and his two small eyes were slightly narrowed.
When he stares at people, he looks like a hungry wolf.
He looks at Baozi Xi Shi shivering and curled up in a corner.


    Liu Qing howled, strode forward, grabbed BaoZi Xishi’s long hair, and tugged it fiercely.
Baozi Xishi, who was in great pain, was pale and covered in a cold sweat, but she didn’t dare to look directly at the man.


    “He mentioned that I am impotent in the street? Was I not able to satisfy you, a little slut, so you have to find another man, right?” Liu Qing opened his mouth with a smirk, let go of her long hair, and pinched Baozi Xishi’s chin.
With just a little strength, it turned red immediately.


    Baozi Xishi choked and said: “Brother Qing, I have been with you all these years, you should know that I do not have other men.
You should also know that whenever Ji Wei is not happy with you, he would find ways to vent his anger on me.
It must be that he was beaten by you earlier on and had to stay in bed for a long time.
That day, he vented his anger on me and said those words.
I am innocent, you have to believe me…”


    Liu Qing gasped but did not speak.
After Baozi Xishi finished speaking, he patted Baozi Xishi’s cheek with one hand, and said with a grin: “The Ji dares to step on my territories, the next time I see him, I will make sure he doesn’t even think about getting out of bed for at least three months!”


    Baozi Xishi was overjoyed, thinking that this matter would be over.
However, what she didn’t expect to hear was a tearing sound, and her chest felt cold.
Liu Qing had torn her shirt off and pressed her on the bed with one hand.


    “The Jis’ is one matter, the other matter is the jokes among my brothers.
Xiufen, have I been so kind to you all these years that you think I can be bullied?” Squinting his eyes, before Baozi Xishi could speak, he slapped her other intact face with another slap.


    Soon, both Baozi Xishi’s cheeks were swollen, but that was the least of her worries.
What matters most was that she saw Liu Qing climb onto the bed.


    This is not love-making, it’s clearly torture!


    “Brother Qing, Brother Qing, please forgive me, I won’t dare do it next time…” She shook her head in fright and kept shrinking backward.
But the bed was just this big, where else could she shrink toward?


    Soon, Liu Qing’s heavy body pressed down on her, and there was the sound of cloth tearing in the room.

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    A tear slipped from the corner of Baozi Xishi’s eyes, and it wasn’t until she felt the sudden pain inside her body that her mindless eyes gradually showed a look of resentment.




    Ji Wei, who was squatting on the ground to measure, sneezed.
Liu Yimian, who was helping out, looked at him worriedly, “Brother Ji, could it be heatstroke?”


    The sun was shining hard, he had been running around and working hard the whole day without taking a break.
In case of heatstroke—


    Liu Yimian placed a stone on the drawing, got up, and said, “I’ll go and cook some green bean soup.
I’ll use well water to cool it down.
You can drink it after you’ve completed your work.”


    Ji Wei just wanted to say that he didn’t have a heat stroke, there was no need for trouble.
However, Liu Yimian had already run into the house, squatted in front of the stove, and started a fire.


    Ever since Ji Wei brought back The Analects of Confucius and the Book of Songs a few days ago for him to read, he noticed that the way Liu Yimian looked at him had changed.
If it was said that there was still a bit of fear and cowardice before, nowadays, there was only gratitude.
He had the appearance of willing to do anything for Ji Wei.
Every time he sees it, Ji Wei couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.


    What a sin, he is still a young kid.
He should be home pampered by his family and studying in middle school.
But now he needs to carry water and chop wood and endure these inhuman tortures?


    He just wanted to be nice to Liu Yimian, and to make up for the many injuries the original owner had done to this young man, but he didn’t want him to regard him as a benefactor and write off the past.


    Ji Wei shook his head, feeling a little pity in his heart.


    But soon he gathered his thoughts, measured the distance, and used stones to draw straight lines on the flat ground.
Next, he stirs the boiled glutinous rice juice and lime, pours a layer of cement onto the flat ground, waits for it to dry, and then laid the green bricks layer by layer.


    At a height of about two feet from the ground, Ji Wei used the wooden squares that were split from the beams brought back from Zhang’s house to build a shelf.
He then laid the boards, bricks, and cement in turn.

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    Finally, an arched shape roof was built with clay, sand, and straw.
A one-foot-square opening was created in the middle.
It took nearly four hours to complete the bakery.


    Ji Wei, who was tired and sweating, slumped on the ground.
Staring at the newly built bread kiln in front of him, thinking in his heart that this was the most fulfilling thing he had done in his 31 years. 


    His unfinished journey to Western Desserts in his last life will be reopened in this bakery.
This is a brand new world.
Maybe he will become the founder of Western Desserts in this world and pass on the concept to the people here?


    As long as he thinks of this, Ji Wei can’t help but get excited.
This was his pursuit in his previous life, and it seemed destined to be his lifelong pursuit in this life.


    Ji Wei slowly fell to the ground, staring at the sky dyed red by the sunset, his chest was beating wildly, and his eardrums could clearly feel the excitement from the inside out, which made his whole body heat up.


    So good.


    Ji Wei couldn’t help but laugh.


    His laughter alarmed Liu Yimian, who was cooking in the house.
He trotted out, saw Ji Wei falling to the ground, and quickly stepped forward to help him.


    Ji Wei grabbed Liu Yimian’s palm lightly, climbed up from the ground, letting the boy pat the dust off his body, and stretched comfortably.


    “Mianmian, is there any pork belly left at home?” Ji Wei remembered that he bought three catties of rib meat and a catty of pork belly the day before yesterday, and he probably didn’t finish it.


    Liu Yimian nodded, “Do you want to fry the meat tonight?” I just bought some potatoes and peppers to fry the pork belly.
It’s sure going to be fragrant and filling.


    “Go and take it out, and I’ll make you something nice to eat.”

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    Seeing Ji Weiyi’s mysterious appearance, Liu Yimian thought of the superb craftsmanship he had shown in the past few days.
He went to the well and brought up the pork strips and green bean soup.


    He brought the cold green bean soup to Ji Wei.
The green bean soup was sprinkled with rock sugar.
It was both refreshing and cool, with a hint of sweetness.


    Ji Weiyi drank it all at once, wiped the corner of his mouth with his sleeve, and thanked the boy standing beside him contentedly.
Seeing the boy’s blushing face and a cramped look that he didn’t know where to put his hands and feet, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.


    “Mianmian, Mianmian, why are you so cute.” Ji Wei rubbed Liu Yimian’s head lovingly, pinched his cheek, and said with a little distress, “You’re a little thin, you have to make up for it.”


    Liu Yimian blushed and followed Ji Wei into the kitchen.


    Ji Wei saw that the pot on the stove had been cleaned up, and praised Liu Yimian, “But wait a minute, I don’t need this pot, let’s try the bread kiln I’ve just set up.”


    The shape of that thing was weird, even after listening to Ji Wei’s introduction, Liu Yimian still doesn’t know how to use it.
Hearing that he would use it in a while, Liu Yimian was a little excited.


    Ji Wei washed the pork belly in water, minced the peppers, and evenly wrapped the meat strips with salt.
He dug out a small bottle of honey that he had just bought, mixed it thickly with cold boiled water, and brushed a layer on the meat strips.


    In the process of marinating the pork belly, he used a bunch of dry straw to set the fire on the stove of the bread kiln.
When the temperature in the stove rose, he then placed the marinated pork belly strips on a wooden board, stuffed it into the bread kiln, and closed it.


    Thick billowing smoke came out of the chimney, Ji Wei pulled Liu Yimian back a little, folded his arms, and admired the fruits of his labor all day.
The more he looked at it, the more satisfied he felt.


    “Mianmian, are you looking forward to it?”


    At this time, Ji Weiyi’s handsome face was full of impatient, like a proud boy, waiting for Liu Yimian’s praise.

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    “Brother Ji, you are really the most talented person I have ever met.” Liu Yimian looked at Ji Wei with shyness in his heart, and his big black and white eyes were full of worship.


    He felt his heart swell and warm as if he had just finished eating and sleeping.
Even if the sky were to fall, it cannot dispel his happiness at the moment.


    Liu Yimian raised his eyebrows and said softly, “It must be delicious.”


    Ji Wei was a little embarrassed by his sight, and coughed, “It still needs a little while to cook, let’s fry some potatoes.”


       It probably came from overseas.
It is easy to grow, cheap, and full of satiety.
It is a kind of food that the common people love very much.


    After peeling it, Ji Wei cut it into uniform strips with a sharp knife, heated the pan with the ointment made from lard, threw in the dried peppers, and sautéed the ingredients, and then the potato was quickly added into the pan.
The potato was thinly cut, after adding vinegar, sugar, and salt, it was quickly cooked and placed on a plate.


    The yellow shredded potato, with the red and bright chili strips, combined with the sour fragrance, made everyone feels hungry.


    The yard in the evening was breezy and suitable for eating.
Before it was completely dark, the two moved the tables, chairs, tableware, and chopsticks to the outside of the courtyard.


    The bread kiln burned for half an hour, only sparks were left from the few pieces of wood that were not too thick, and the flame was about to go out.


    Ji Wei removed the small board that blocked the mouth, a charcoal-grilled smell mixed with the smell of roast pork burst into the air and spread quickly.


    Ji Wei used a cloth and brought out the wooden board.


    Through the dim light, they finally saw the appearance of the pork belly strips baked in the bread kiln.

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