Trapped in love Mr. Lecturer

04. The Adventure of Finding Love Part 2

Aisyah and Tika yesterday saw the type of guy in third grade C. But unfortunately, there wasn a single man who attracted Aisyahs heart. Now its time for them to searching boys in grade three D. But today the lesson is still full. So wait for some rest first.

”Eh! Later, we will continue to be adventurous in third grade D, if the lesson is full, tomorrow, ”said Tika.

”Yes, Tik, thank you for helping me, ” said Aisyah.

But it seemed like today was a full lesson, so there was no chance for the two of them to wander off.

”But it seems full Shah, just continue tomorrow, okay? I want to go home first to be picked up by my girlfriend Didi, ” said Tika.

”Ouch delicious, ” said Aisyah.

”So quickly have a girlfriend, ” said Tika.


Didis motorbike, Tikas boyfriend, came, Tika immediately came to see him.

”Im going home first, syah, see you tomorrow! ” said Tika. ”Be careful on the road, ” said Aisyah.

Aisyah just pondered, if she had a boyfriend someone would pick her up. But Aisyah is

rich mans daughter. She was picked up by her father by car. But once in a while she wants to be picked up by her boyfriends motorbike. It wasn long before her parents car arrived.


The sound of a car coming towards Aisyah.

”Aisyah! Come in, ” said Aisyahs father.

”Yes, Father, ” said Aisha. In the car Aisyah was daydreaming, she seemed to be thinking about something.

”Aisyah! What are you thinking about? ” said Aisyahs father.

”Oh its okay dad, ” said Aisyah.

”It seems that today you don like being picked up by car? ” said Aisyahs father.

”I like dad, he he he, ” said Aisyah, smiling freely.

Arriving at home Aisyah ate and then went straight to her room to do her homework. He still looked contemplative. But actually her parents knew, Aisyah wanted to be picked up by a lovers motorbike. But her parents were silent.

The next day arrived, breakfast was already on the dining table. Still Aisyah had breakfast while enjoying. Her parents smiled at her daughter but remained silent.

”Aisyah, have breakfast first, there is an omelet and chili sauce on the table so you can study hard, ” said Aisyahs mother.

”Yes mother, ” said Aisyah.

Then Aisyah left with her father by car. Her father went straight to work.


The sound of the car stopped at the school gate.

”Ill go first father, ” said Aisyah.

”Yes, ” said his father.

Aisyah goes to school and looks for her class. There was already Tika who wanted to cheat on her homework.

”Aisyah! Help me, ” said Tika.

”Ask for help so early in the morning, ” said Aisyah.

”Mathematics homework answer. Ha ha ha, ” said Tika.

”Its in my bag, everything is complete, but later promise to accompany me to find a boy, ” said Aisyah.

”Its all right, Gosh, this morning, I asked only for you guys, ” said Tika.

It just so happened that Math time was empty, an opportunity for the two of them to hang out.

”Tik, it looks like todays class hours are empty, ” said Aisyah.

”Lets withdraw to class Three D, ” said Tika.

Aisyah and Tika decided to go to third grade D, they were looking for Aisyahs dream man. Does it match Aisyahs criteria? Incidentally, in grade Three D, there was also a vacancy in the lesson. So they have more freedom to see the boys in third grade D.

”Tik, nothing seems suitable here, ” said Aisyah.

”Why? ” said Tika.

”Just like the type in Tikas previous class, ” said Aisyah.

”Yes, we will continue to third grade E, ” said Tika.

”But it seems like another Tik lesson, tomorrow, ” said Aisyah.

”Lets try class F and three G, who knows? We
e still empty class hours, ”said Tika.

”Yes, Come on, ” said Aisyah.

”Wow, third grade F and third grade G are still quiet, ” said Tika.

”Thats right, but? The two classes are the same, nothing can catch my heart, Tik, ” said Aisyah.

”Its really hard for you to find a boy, class G is the last class, right? It means that in our school there is no boy of your dreams, ” said Tika.

”Yes, the type is only intelligent in everyones brain, ” said Aisyah.

”In third grade E it seems the same as Aisyah, Ive been there, you won fit, have patience. beloved is not going anywhere. Wed better go back to class first, ” said Tika.

”Yes, Tika, ” said Aisyah. Tika and Aisyah returned to class empty-handed. Aisyah sat in her chair with an annoyed face. Because none of the boys at this school have managed to captivate her.

”Don be sad, yes, finding a mate is indeed difficult and easy, sometimes it comes alone without being searched for, my message is that you don fall for the wrong person, ” said Tika while stroking Aisyahs shoulder.

”Yes, Tika, I also hope so, ” said Aisyah.

”Sometimes love also comes unexpectedly, for example, like you meet someone Aisyah, ” said Tika.

”Oh I see, how about you and Didi? ” said Aisyah.

”If its easy for us, Meetmu has been compatible until now. We accept each other as we are, ” said Tika.

”Wow, its really easy for you to find a guy, ” said Aisyah.

”Even though Im not as beautiful as you Aisyah, obviously I lost. You are the prima donna in this school. And your taste is very high that makes it difficult. But thats your right. But if you get a guy like Didi you will also refuse, right? ” said Tika.

”Ha ha ha, thats right Tik. So what should I do, Tika? ” said Aisyah.

”Be patient and wait, your mate will not be confused with Aisyah, ” said Tika.

”Hmm, its true what you said, Tika, ” said Aisah.

”If your soul mate is not in this school, it must be somewhere else. Or maybe later he will come unexpectedly, ”said Tika.

”Yes, Tik, now I just give up, ” said Aisyah.

In the third grade A to three G there is no ideal boy Aisyah. Aisyah decided her soul mate was not here. Maybe because his taste is too high he is difficult to get a partner. But after all Aisyah is the prima donna in this school. Even became the champion of the class. Its no wonder hes picky when it comes to finding a girlfriend, but long periods of solitude keep him constantly facing burnout.

One day there was an invitation to a ceremony from the district PORSENI event. PORSENI is an abbreviation of the sports and arts week held in the district. The activity is in the form of competitions in the fields of art and sports. And only Aisyah and Tika were invited. They were invited to get a certificate of appreciation from the district. Precisely in their local district. Because three months ago Aisyah and Tika had represented their school and won first place in Mathematics and painting. The event was attended by various schools in the district to compete for the prestigious champion.

Tet! tet!

”The call was shown to Aisyah and Tika to come to the office, ”

The school call bell was shown to them, they were shocked.

”Tik, whats the matter, we were summoned to the office, do we often wander around, ” said Aisyah with a surprised face.

”Wow, I don know Aisyah, hopefully things don happen that we don want, lets just make sure first, ” said Tika.


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